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  1. Bigsby

    Es 330 or Casino alternative

    I've got HB size p90s in a 1990s Epi Riviera. Sounds great, less feedback!
  2. Bigsby

    Best Guitar For Ambient

    I use my Travis Bean Artist for recording parts that need a pristine sound. It's got the roundest, bell tone of any guitar I have. I was playing it direct into my DAW the other day and didn't realize that I hadn't yet put my planned Fender amp model on it yet. It sounded amazing with absolutely...
  3. Bigsby

    Why do builders still use open 1/4" jacks?

    Does anyone know if the pure tone barrel jacks are any better? I've got a guitar that needs a new one.
  4. Bigsby

    Les Pauls and back problems

    Adjustable foot rest? Sounds like your lower back is taking the load when your leg should.
  5. Bigsby

    Mystery Humbucker

    Whatever it is, it looked old and well-used when I got it in 1992 or so.
  6. Bigsby

    Mystery Humbucker

    Is this some sort of Dimarzio from the 70s? It was the bridge pickup in a hacked up Travis Bean I bought in the early 90s. It appears to have a steel base plate (providing the mounting legs) that has been soldered and screwed onto a brass plate.
  7. Bigsby

    People who flat out lie about their gear/music background?

    17 or 18 years ago, guy at a bar told me a long and winding tale that included him having intimate relations with Princess Anne back in the 70s. He was in the bar again a couple of weeks later, this time sober, and looked at me like I was crazy when I asked about her. He had no idea what I was...
  8. Bigsby

    Long distance move - ship guitars or stick in the moving truck?

    If I had two drivers, I'd rent a truck or van, and drive two vehicles. I'd try to stay in airbnb's with large garages the whole way to keep my stuff out of parking lots and away from street parking. If I had to stay in a motel, I would load everything into it, every time. I would also have...
  9. Bigsby

    Re-stringing a Bigsby, string theory or brain surgery, which is more difficult?

    I've gotten pretty good at it, but it does take 18 or 20 minutes from start to finishing stretch and tune. I've got one of those clip things that hold the ball ends on the pin roller, but I only use it once in a while. Hold the ball end of a new string in needle nose pliers and wrap that end of...
  10. Bigsby

    Way to go D'Addario

    After they're used they could be sterilized and recycled into tiny toms and micro snares.
  11. Bigsby

    Single Pickup Guitars

    Other than tradition, is there a reason single pickup electric guitars have the pickup in either the extreme bridge, or extreme neck position? It would seem a spot in between would be more useful if you only have one pickup to use.
  12. Bigsby

    Anybody gig with an Epi Sheraton?

    I occasionally get the edge of a fret pop up a little due to the wahl clipper oil I use to clean my strings. So far, I've been able to gently tap them back into place with a ball peen hammer.
  13. Bigsby

    Anybody gig with an Epi Sheraton?

    I've got five mid-90s Korean Epi Rivieras from the Peerless factory. Love them as a customization platform as the necks and bodies are all great. I replace everything else. If you ever plan on replacing the wiring harness, check to make sure you can pass a full-sized pot through the F hole...
  14. Bigsby

    Broken headstock guitars- pass or play ?

    This broken headstock guitar seems to do OK for its owner.
  15. Bigsby

    Do you have gear secrets you won't share with us?

    I know a cheap, non-guitar gear device that will get a Reelin' in the Years/American woman sound. Discovered it when I was a kid and put my $100 Guitar Center special strat through it. Remembered it recently. Ordered one and it's on the way. Hope it sounds as cool as I remember it!
  16. Bigsby

    Shared rehearsal space, do you share your guitars?

    I've let people use my stuff when they ask for recording sessions that don't leave our studio space. VERY rare though. Some other person's sweat dulling your strings and crudding up your fretboard is bad enough, never mind the potential for damage. Fortunately, everyone who rents in our space...
  17. Bigsby

    Best Semi-Hollow Body for under $1000

    Of course! But still, rub a pencil's tip in your nut slots before stringing up, and your strings will slide smoothly unless you have burrs, edges, angles or pinch that grip in a most rude fashion.
  18. Bigsby

    Best Semi-Hollow Body for under $1000

    I always run a little pencil lead in my nut slots. Gives them some graphite lubrication.
  19. Bigsby

    New Gibson ES Style guitar ive never seen before at NAMM 2019

    It is probably from the Peerless factory. Great guitars!
  20. Bigsby

    Epiphones as gigging guitars

    I've stopped acquiring them! I just think they're ridiculously good bodies and necks for the prices they go for. They fit me anyway, I like a very specific nut setup on them, and the pickup variety makes it a useful collection. I started with a cherry red, which is still my #1 with the...
  21. Bigsby

    Epiphones as gigging guitars

    I love my five mid '90s Peerless Rivieras. All have replacement hardware and electronics. All with different pickups ('69 Gibson minihums, JB/Jazz, HB sized P90s, HB sized filtertron, '57 Classics). I don't ever wish there was something different on the headstocks.
  22. Bigsby

    Neck pickup for Les Paul that doesn't sound muddy

    I've got Vintage Vibe humbuckers in my Les Paul. The neck pickup has one coil wound hotter than the other, which gives it a bit of single coil bite. Works great. You can also swap the magnets easily in order to try different flavors. They send you extras to experiment with. I was fighting...