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  1. Junkhead

    Bogner 20th Shiva vs Bogner Ecstasy 3534..

    After a year with my AxeFx III + FC12 I am going back to my Bogner Shiva 20th + pedal setup. Love the sound of the Shiva 20th all around but I do have to use a Fryette PS to get it sounding great at lower volumes. Enter the 3534...I know 35 watts is still overkill for home use. But would I...
  2. Junkhead

    Replacing the factory amp foot switch with smaller aftermarket options?

    Looking to replace my Bogner 20th 3 button foot switch with something much smaller. The factory foot switch is around a foot long which seems comical to me and takes up way to much room. Are there any decent aftermarket options that work with most amps?
  3. Junkhead

    Need help finding a song I heard once.. many years ago..(Beatles or solo Ringo maybe?)

    Alright, I need help finding a song I heard once going back about 10-15 years ago. This has bugged me ever since and I have spent hours on separate occasions trying to find it based on what I remember. About the song 1. I remember it sounding like it was Ringo Starr singing. 2. I remember it...
  4. Junkhead

    Who had the better solo career | Ozzy Osbourne vs Robert Plant

    Browsing some insta and just saw a pic of Ozzy/Plant in sequence. This got me thinking of each ones career and how similar they were with their original bands, two of the biggest bands on the planet. Then going off to start their solo careers. Ozzy went on to have a very successful solo career...
  5. Junkhead

    What’s a decent classical guitar for under $750?

    I had not played a classical guitar in about 20 priors to yesterday. It was very nice, and very different than I remembered. Checked out some used ones locally. A Taylor 214CE Nylon sounded great and it was $750. I could probably get them down to around $650 I would guess. Not sure what...
  6. Junkhead

    Headphone recommendations? Wireless?! (Axe FX III)

    Never really considered headphones until a few days ago. Ideally they would be wireless, but not a deal breaker if they are not. I am willing to sacrifice quality for that feature as these will be just for practicing, with likely one of the two buds not even on my ear. Thanks!
  7. Junkhead

    Recommendations for rack heads with tolex?

    So I picked up an AxeFx III 3 weeks ago. It’s growing on me the more I use it and I can see what all the fuss is about now. I am using it through a Freyette PS2 and a Bogner 2x12. The Axe is a 3U and and the Fryette looks to be a 2U. A couple of questions... 1. Who makes some good quality...
  8. Junkhead

    Any good Axe III presets available for power amp + cab?

    Any of you using a power amp and guitar can with your axe Fx III? I am looking for some presets to download that were built specifically for this format. Thanks!
  9. Junkhead

    Any recommended guitar techs in New England USA area? (Or plek if shipped?)

    Looking to see who some of you recommend for the area. I am in NH, would be willing to drive about an hour or more. Also, does anyone do a plek on used ? Would be willing to ship to see if that holds any merit, at least worth a try.
  10. Junkhead

    Best for effects use only? Headrush vs Hx Line vs ??

    So I had both the headrush and Line 6 floor. At the time testing these out I was more concerned with amp models. It turns out they were never really my thing. The Hx won that shootout though. A few months later I got rid of the HX Floor though. I am now again curious on trying there smaller...
  11. Junkhead

    Gibson Les Paul Custom...replace machine heads with locking? Recommendations?

    Looking to replace my stock tuners on my 2007 les pail custom. Is there any locking tuners that are a direct replacement for the originals? As in..I don’t want to make any new mounting holes. - Recommendations? - Did you swap yours out for locking already, and dig it make a big difference?
  12. Junkhead

    What are some top notch distortion pedals? (replace amp and/or helix distortion) make a long story somewhat short. 1. Tube & analog effect guy strictly for 30yrs now. 2. Bought a Helix s few months ago and love it. 3. But something is missing at anything but bedroom and lower volume IMO. So this gets me thinking...What Distortion pedals out there are the cream...
  13. Junkhead

    Solderless guitar wiring...Your opinions, and parts recommendations?

    So...I have been playing for about 30 years now and have never gotten into the pickup swapping game, other than once which didn't go well due to my ****** soldering. Whatever comes with the guitar I roll with. However, I bought my first PRS last year (used) that came with EMG's. Overall I...
  14. Junkhead

    What’s going on with Peavey HP2 production?

    Why is there seemingly nothing in stock regarding Floyd models, other than one color here and there? Tailpiece models are available, but again in very limited colors and far and few.. This has been the case since their release over a year ago. If I happen to find the one I want then it has...
  15. Junkhead

    Guitar Cables - 1 cable multiple ends?

    I need to pretty pretty much replace all my guitar cables. Getting really tired of multiple cables everywhere. Already went wireless from the guitar to fx board. Are there any good guitar cables that have multiple ends? 1 cable - amp input - fx send - fx return - footswitch - ?? - ?? Any...
  16. Junkhead

    Incoming Delivery’s this week..Headrush & Helix Floor. First thing to do?

    1. Ordered a Headrush new for $800 of Amazon. 2. Scored a seemingly mint condition Helix Floor off eBay yesterday for $915 shipped :) Headrush - Wednesday Delivery Helix - Thursday Delivery I have really high hopes for the Headrush. I am all about simplicity and I love what I have seen over...
  17. Junkhead

    Can the Headrush control any of the other modelers?

    I am most likely going to be purchasing my first modeler since my last go around with the FX8 a couple years ago. Looking at the latest options out there, I am leaning towards the helix floor. However, the Headrush, to me, is almost perfect as far as the UI goes and a couple other features. I...
  18. Junkhead

    Guitar head with bass cab, or bass combo amp?

    Guitarist of 25yrs+ here who just bought a Sire Marcus Miller M7 to noodle around on. I have a couple Bogner amps, 20th anniversary shiva (85w) and a Atma (1/4/18w) Do you guys think it’s worth using any of these with the bass and just buying a bass cab to go with one? If a combo I’ll just...
  19. Junkhead

    Online collaboration? What’s the options?

    looking for a way to record and post for online collaborations. Nothing really serious. Just to mess around with between me an a couple people at work. Thanks!
  20. Junkhead

    How is the Knaggs SSC vs Gibson Les Paul conpare?

    i keep hearing great things about Knaggs and at first I was kind of like ...meh on there designs. But they have grown on me a lot the last few days and I am seriously considering picking up a SSC. So for the SSC which has the 2 piece bridge like the Gibson’s. How close will these two feel in...
  21. Junkhead

    Help me decide which EBMM Axis Koa top!

  22. Junkhead

    Arg....EBMM BFR Axis worth 4K?

    God these Koa family reserves are sweet...never had an EBMM though.
  23. Junkhead

    How would you order this pedal lineup...

    Amps used Shiva 20th Atma Pedals going on board ... Current lineup and in current order..not using the fx loops. Guitar Korg Pitch Black Barber Tone Press Pettyjohn Pettydrive Analogman SD-1(all mods) Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine phaser Boss CE-2W MXR Carbon Copy Amp Pedals not on board...
  24. Junkhead

    Need a new guitar...currently looking at these options.(luthiers recs welcome)

    Music I play... 70/80/90’s hard rock/metal. Play clean as well but I have a a couple guitars that do that well enough already so it’s not important to me. Yet a balanced sound is always important to me. Most of these are bolt on necks as well. It just doesn’t sit well with me spending 2k...
  25. Junkhead

    How did Randy Rhoads get his live wah sound?

    Huge Rhoads fan here about 25yrs now since I started playing. I have always wondered how he was able to get such a monster wah sound during his live shows. I know he used it as a filter during studio use for the most part but live not totally in the 2 or 3 times he used it briefly during the...