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    Which is your favorite modulation pedal?

    Gig FX Chopper and a custom made 3ms Phaseur Fleur are the two best I have played. Between them they covered a vast range.
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    Do you use a overdrive pedal at home, or just use the amp? Whats your rig?

    I really don't get the tendency towards self limiting statements like this on here. I like two amp stereo rigs that can combine for a good range of tones, and I like to flavor those core tones with a cpl different flavors of boost and fuzz. Why should I not?
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    Am I crazy for getting all my drive, even heavy stuff, from pedals into great clean amps?

    I use the all available options approach. Sometimes pedals into a clean amp, sometimes amp gain, sometimes pedals into a med gain crunchy or even high gain amp tone. Depends what I want texturally.
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    Recommend Me A Red Pedal

    If you can find a V1 BAT LSTR they are candy apple red with an orange graphic (scarab beetle) that nearly disappears under most any color light, and especially the pedal's own red LED. You have to pick it up and look closely or move it to see the graphic well. As a bonus they are an awesome V7...
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    Do you have brand loyalty or preferences when it comes to pedals?

    I have a cpl that I will not do business with based on their track records of poor customer service and general business practices. Aside from those, who ever builds what I want gets my money.
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    Describe the perfect OD pedal and why doesn't it exist?

    When did they stop making Treble Boosters?
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    Need a good Fuzz pedal recommendation

    Fair enough, I just imagined they wanted something usable for more than 1 or 2 specialty tones, and some Mk I's get pretty close in tone. They are almost the same pedal, aside from the voltage difference and a cpl components.
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    Most important/prevalent guitar effect of each decade starting in the 50's-now?

    '50s - Tremolo or reverb, but probably the 2nd. But I do love that tape echo sound and it was all over the place too. '60s - Wah not a close contender within a country mile. It was on clean tones, it was on overdriven tones, it was on fuzz tones. Rock, pop, country, early funk, though not really...
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    Les Paul + Fuzz. What's your favorite?

    With humbuckers a Tone Bender. With single coils the sky is the limit, but man do I still love Tone Benders.
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    Need a good Fuzz pedal recommendation

    Start at the beginning. Get a good Tone Bender. My recommendation would be a Ramble FX Twin Bender, or if not that a Muff with mid control and switchable clipping options like the Black Arts Pharaoh. Most Fuzz Face variants and clones all lack that cut and tend toward being flat out unusable for...
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    If you could ONLY have 3 fuzzes

    Easy... Ramble FX Twin Bender V1 Analogman Sun Face High-Gain White-Dot NKT275 V7C Big Muff Pi If we are counting octave fuzz then number three switches to a Chicago Iron Octavian +.
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    Does a Parallel wired neck pickup sound like a strat's 2 position?

    Not at all. I have a series/parallel switch on my LP's neck pickup. The pickup is pretty hot at 15kish, and to me the parallel setting sounds like a slightly overwound PAF design, and the series setting sounds roughly the same, but much hotter so a little more wooly and searing for sure. Neither...
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    If you could only have up to 5 pedals for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

    The hypothetical world your thread posits sucks. I suggest expanding your imagination. :bong:idea:Devil Not counting a buffer, or buffered pedal switcher, or a tuner, the very least I could be content with would be 7. Ramble FX Twin Bender Keeley Java Systech Harmonic Energizer or clone...
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    Fuzz Face or Tonebender and why

    While this is especially true with humbuckers, with P90 or alnico slug single coils it's really a toss up. Both sound equally awesome, just for different reasons. With humbuckers the applications where a FF circuit works are just far more limited.
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    Why use OD pedals with low watt amps ?

    Same for any Rangemaster into a Tweed Champ. If you want to know what Rock and Roll sounds like, that's about as authentic as it gets..
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    Why use OD pedals with low watt amps ?

    Also, many low watt amps, i.e. single ended class A amps running 1xEL84 or 6V6, don't hold it together and can get ratty and ragged in the highs or woofy and indistinct in the lows. Adding a pedal that trims some lows or smooths the highs may yield a much better tone.
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    Why use OD pedals with low watt amps ?

    Questions like this always baffle me. Art is about contrasts, congruence, dissonance, and resolution, why the hell would you want to paint with only one or two colors, or play with only one or two tones?
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    Pickup advice

    As someone who has done it, I can tell you I love my Gibsons far more with single coils then I did with buckers. My SG Std sports a TV Jones T-Armond and BG Pure 90, and my Les Paul sports the aforementioned Dual Tones which stay with the bridge set on the steel slug (P90) coil, and the neck on...
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    Pickup advice

    Since it seems you have your PAF tones covered with the BB Pros, and your high output humbucker tones covered with the JB, then why not go for something WAY different. Either single coils, or if all guitars MUST have humbuckers in them, then a pair of SK Dual Tone II's. I put them in my '71 Std...
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    How Can I DoomFuzz If I Don't Down-Tune?

    #1: A good thick sounding fuzz is gonna be a good thick sounding fuzz no matter if you tune to E std or drop C. #2: Mr Iommi did just fine in E with a Treble Booster. No fuzz or down tuning needed.
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    I don't "get" the Big Muff

    Where they shine is into a crunchy Marshall, or other amp with ample upper midrange kerramg. Barring that they stack awesome with Treble Boosters.
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    How did you solve your Last pedalboard NOISE PROBLEM ?

    If a pedal itself adds excessive noise no, but if the excessive noise comes from wear and tear on cabling and crappy switches/jacks from repeated stomping, then yes. If you are using extreme gain and noise as a textural effect, then most gates are counter productive to producing the desired...
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    How did you solve your Last pedalboard NOISE PROBLEM ?

    A switching system also eliminates this because you aren't stomping on the pedals.
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    How did you solve your Last pedalboard NOISE PROBLEM ?

    When I had one I built my board from the start around clean power, short wiring runs, and a switching system that was 4cm compatible with control of all my amp functions. No noise or issues from day one except the occassional rearranging of pedals as items were added/subtracted. I need to build...
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    Best noise gate for poor electricity and single coil

    This. You need clean power, not a gate.