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  1. trouw2112

    FSOT Pickups Suhr set HSS/ DuncanJB/ Duncan lil 59 tele/ Dimarzio transition/ Dimarzio protrack

    All in good to near mint condition. Long leads on everything but the SSV and I will include screws and springs, they may not be original but will function correctly. *SOLD* Duncan JB trembucker $50.00 Duncan little 59 for telecaster $55.00 Dimarzio transition bridge $50.00 Dimarzio protrack...
  2. trouw2112

    Sold Fender telecaster neck MIM

    9 of 10 condition Mexican standard neck. No fretwear to speak of and 1 indention on the top of the headstock by the low E tuner. Not very noticeable. 160.00 lower 48 only.
  3. trouw2112

    Sold Strat loaded pickguard Duncan ssl

    Mint green guard with Duncan Custom and 2 ssl-2s. All flat /modern stagger. Bridge pickup wired to bottom tone knob. 130.00 shipped to lower 48
  4. trouw2112

    Sold Tubes I don't need/ weber bias rite

    I haven't used any of these for 5 years or so. I have no way to guarantee they still work, but I would have gotten rid of them if they didn't. Still, there may be a few clunkers. So as far as I can tell we have Weber bias rite/ honestly don't remember what model it is 13 preamp tubes...
  5. trouw2112

    Sold Charvel DK24

    9 out of 10 Condition. Has player wear and a screwdriver scrape between the neck screws. Bridge pickup has been swapped to a Duncan Custom, can be swapped back if you choose. Neck pickup is a Duncan Jazz. No fretwear and nice low action and Ebony board. Good guitar, just don't reach for it...
  6. trouw2112

    Sold Fractal Audio AX-8

    Near mint condition, only home use. Original box and cables. Comes with 140 extra IRs I downloaded and 220 Suhr/Celestion IRs. The Suhrs are great for the amp in room sound. $900.00 shipped and PayPal to lower 48 only.
  7. trouw2112

    Has anyone swapped a magnet on a PRS squabbin pickup

    I have a bass 85/15 that is too dark and want to swap the magnet to get a brighter tone. I have done this on numerous other pickups without issue. I took the tape off and loosened the 4 screws on the baseplate to get a look. I was a bit confused by the wizardry going on and stopped with my...
  8. trouw2112

    Sold Loaded classic vibe Tele body Dimarzio Area

    Here we have a slightly reliced loaded pine Squier Classic vibe body. CTS pots, regular Fender 3 way switch -not the import switch and loaded with Dimarzio Area pickups. Hot tele in the bridge and regular in the neck. I have added Wilkinson compensated brass saddles as well. The input jack...
  9. trouw2112

    Sold Fender standard telecaster neck / Lowered price

    2013 Near mint Condition. No fret wear, Rosewood board. Fret edges have been smoothed out and frets polished. It's a nice neck. Has some nice figure to the board as well. Lowered to 220.00 shipped to lower 48 only. PayPal
  10. trouw2112

    Sold 02 PRS McCarty / Lowered price

    8 of 10 Condition. Has several small clear coat dings around the edges, nothing major or into wood. Shows light scratches from playing and being a glossy black guitar. Used but not abused. Weight around 8.4 lbs. Slight fret wear on GBE strings on 3-4-5 frets. Again light and doesn't affect...
  11. trouw2112

    Sold Long shot PRS ce24 for Gibson explorer

    2019 PRS USA CE-24 in black, near mint condition. Want to trade for Gibson explorer. Anyone??
  12. trouw2112

    PRS Split coil issue

    Wired up a stripped 58 with PRS push pull tone pots. Used a PRS diagram and the splits work, but the tone pot itself does nothing. It does it on both bridge and neck. I have wired this kind of thing up before with no issues. Any ideas of where to look before I tear into this?? Thanks
  13. trouw2112

    Resistor to knock high end down

    What value of resistor do I need to knock a 500k down to around 400k. Love everything about the guitar, but it is just too bright. I have tried 300k pots in the past and didn't like it. It changed the eq of the pickup. I know I can just turn the tone knob down, but would rather not. Any...
  14. trouw2112

    Gotoh 1996t on Floyd posts

    Anyone else have issues with these trems and floyd posts? I have a Suhr modern that came with a OFR and it felt cheap and very tight. Swapped it out for the Gotoh. It fits fine, but it won't return to pitch after raising bar. It's fine dunking the bar. I don't think redrilling for the...
  15. trouw2112

    Does anyone make a "taller" floyd bar

    I just purchased a Suhr with a OFR trem and the bar sits too close to the body for my liking. I am used to the Gotoh floyd where I can adjust and get it farther away from the body face. Anyone know of a bar that is longer on the side that attaches to the trem itself??
  16. trouw2112

    Sold Warmoth strat neck roasted maple

    Roasted maple neck with dark rosewood board/regular warmoth profile /6150 frets /10-16 radius/ modern construction/ Hipshot locking staggered tuners/ tusq nut. Fret and board edges have been smoothed out and has a great feel. 250.00 Paypal shipped to lower 48 only.
  17. trouw2112

    Call me a Dog

    Used to love this when it came out. Hadn't heard it in many years and stumbled across it last night. What a song and vocal. WOW
  18. trouw2112

    Need help with Ibanez Floyd replacement

    I know there are a few guys around with vast Floyd knowledge, so hopefully someone can help. I purchased a cheap RG 420 a while ago and put some work into it and it plays and sounds pretty good. Problem is the trem is junk and I would like to replace. I have searched the internet and found...
  19. trouw2112

    2013 Les Paul Standard nut replacement

    I am replacing the poorly cut nut on my Standard with a Tusq version. I have done this before on older gibsons and just knocked the nut loose and cleaned up the slot. I am getting conflicting stories on removal from you tube videos on modern gibsons. One guy just knocked it right out and 2...
  20. trouw2112

    Help Do I want to buy FRFR powered speakers or go through current rig

    Fractal newbie here, I want to buy a AX8. This will be used at lower volumes in basement only. I currently run through a Marshall jvm / 2x12 V30 cab/ M13 pedal board. If I run through this rig, minus the M13, will it sound more real sounding going through a tube power section and guitar...
  21. trouw2112

    LP style grounding problem

    I just received a LP style guitar with 2 humbuckers and a 3 way. It is noisier than hell until I touch the mounting ring for the 3way and the hum goes away. Obviously it's hard to play that way:o I looked at the wires and all solder joints look good and no bare wires are touching anything they...