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    Some of Pete Townshend's power chords are the best in the business but...

    If you are looking for bluesy virtuoso leeds out of Pete Townshend in the 60s/70s you are completely missing the point of what that band and he were trying accomplish, creatively. You wouldn't be the first though. His soloing got "better" as the years went by (and he ran out of grade A...
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    Silliest made-up location in a song?

    I know its not made up but the "winslow arizona" bit from Take it Easy always grates me a little for its randomness.
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    Surf- masterpiece albums!

    Ventures Live in Japan is a masterpiece
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    Brandi Carlile

    She’s very good, and have seen her numerous times live. Excellent performer, and great at crafting a show. Seems like the genuine article, and definitely has a message/vision in her art, which I respect, since so few artists out there seem to get that anymore. That said, I lost all interest in...
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    Interview with Sturgill Simpson

    Fair, but IMO the industry needs more SS's and fewer people that get out of bed to do little more than to pump up the social media following. If you're good you can say what's on your mind and still have a career. Also - he might just be trolling us all. This might be a carefully crafted...
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    What was the immediate impact of ...And Justice for All?

    Similar story for me too. When was I very young I was into the 70s Classic Rock my parents were into, the Who, Clapton etc. Then as MTV ramped up I was into the Poison/Bon Jovi/Def Leppards of the work. GnR was the first mainstream thing that I'd heard that had dark/seedy/ominous undertones...
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    Billie Eilish covers The Beatles at the Oscars

    Thankfully someone here gets it. *Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of BE, or not NOT a fan. Just not biased in any way.
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    Favorite "Non-Classic" Live Albums

    Ventures Live in Japan ‘66
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    The Who's Pete Townshend On Keith Moon And John Entwistle: 'Thank God They're Gone'

    It’s clear how many people in this thread have never read a single PT interview before. If you have a negative reaction to this you are clearly late to the party. next up: Wow, that Bob Dylan sure doesnt make a lotta sense, huh? followed by: Geez, Bruce Springsteen can pontificate over a lot...
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    Who is the next notable(or not) reunion?

    Whats the deal with Morrissey and Mike Joyce?
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    Serious Question. What is it about this place and Van Halen?

    This just’s possible to enjoy Van Halen AND Radiohead!
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    Lyrics That Send a Chill Down Your Spine

    They got 5 televisions In a house built for 3 Look up on that fake fireplace You know the bucktoothed boy's me See that wood paneled room' That's where I learned to drink See that hole in the wall' That was seagrams I think That tree was a goal post That bathroom it was a shroud That...
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    Country music docu on PBS

    Deford Bailey. The story around the birth of WSM: proof that Nashville was always CASHVILLE!
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    That feeling when you realize you haven't been practicing enough...

    Yes been there before. I have a wife, 3 young kids and a demanding day job. I realized long ago that if I am going to take attention away from those other things in my life to do music, I have to be putting something out that I feel good about, otherwise it's not a good use of my time...
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    What’s one song you’d love to play, but can’t pull it off?

    Many, but let’s just go with Hot Wired (I can play it, but not up to speed...yet) or Jerry’s Breakdown for now.
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    Reverb is getting like Craigslist

    Another case of the seller being the problem, not the platform.
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    Robert Smith why so overlooked as a top guitarist?

    I don’t understand this thread, hasn’t Robert Smith had a pretty enviable career in music? He and his band have many fans around the globe, he’s written a handful of timeless classics, and, from my vantage, has pretty much done it on his own terms. He’s not a blues/rock player. That’s who...
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    What was your last straw? (quitting band content)

    Been there I understand and relate to where you are coming from, and I could see my post as coming off as an ungrateful band member. I was a good soldier for 3years and our goals for the band just became completely misaligned.
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    What was your last straw? (quitting band content)

    No, I found a better band. But that's somewhat beside the point. I didn't mind playing a lot and I contributed in other ways. When I gave my notice, I hung around and played out 3months of gigs that had already been booked while they auditioned other guys. The band, which no one was being...
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    What was your last straw? (quitting band content)

    When the singer/bandleader decided that he would continue booking **** gigs wherever he wanted to, bitch at us all for not filling out calendars for black out dates and then repeatedly ask us if the blackout dates were “real” and whether or not he could book a gig, despite us all sitting down...
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    What is "ska?"

    How a ska thread goes 5 pages on TGP is something of a miracle. How a ska thread goes 5 pages on TGP without someone putting up some Slackers is a travesty! Vic is a severely underappreciated talent, and the band is an institution. Go see them if they come to your town. You'll enjoy the hell...
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    What is "ska?"

    It's not, but it's the type of music that the earliest ska musicians in jamaica were trying to emulate, for sure.
  23. D Is making offer through DM okay?

    There is no penalty for it. The lack of a Make Offer button in the listing however, suggests the seller might not want to hear it though. When you list, you need to opt out of that option.