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    The One Song That Made You Want To Play Guitar?

    Telstar and Lonely Bull by the Ventures
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    Johnny Winter Appreciation Thread

    Great pictures of Johnny!
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    Johnny Winter Appreciation Thread

    I know Johnny has a cult following but I'd like to see him get more recognition, he really influenced a lot of very good guitarists. Props to Johnny.
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    Johnny Winter Appreciation Thread

    Loved them both, just incredible musicians.
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    Johnny Winter Appreciation Thread

    I was just reading the SRV thread that he never claimed Johnny Winter as an influence or never met him. Whatever. In 1967 I started to listen and follow Johnny's career. He was my main influence even before Cream. Being a white boy surfer just starting to play myself I quickly fell in love...
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    How many of you are church players?

    I've been playing in rock music in the Church since 1979, it was not the business it is now and we caught a lot of flack. I have a band called BC Blues and we play recovery meetings, prisons and I play in the praise team. I play Two Rocks, Cat 5's, Swart, Morgan's and old fenders. Things are...