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  1. Pantone 333

    Best looking amps ever

  2. Pantone 333

    Carr Telstar

    I'm very happy for you that eventually did bond with this amp. I understand why you gravitate to 53 and lean. A LP sounds best in this configuration. However for single coil guitars like my Tele, Strat, or Rickenbacker 330, the 58 and lush is the way to go!
  3. Pantone 333

    How many hours do you practice / play at home each day?

    45 minutes to one hour.
  4. Pantone 333

    what do you want to see at NAMM 2021 tomorrow

    A pedal that accurately emulates a 12-string guitar.
  5. Pantone 333

    I have 2 holy grail amps. I need to stop thinking I need another

    Amp chase: A hunger that never dies. A Hunger that Never Dies
  6. Pantone 333

    NAD!! Dr. Z Stang Ray!

    Enjoy! It takes pedals beautifully. I used to own one. Like with other things, I now regret that I sold it.
  7. Pantone 333

    Carr Telstar

    For all you James Gang fans out there. I spent the last 60 minutes playing my Gretsch 6120 at the following setting. This nails the guitar tone in the song "The Bomber":
  8. Pantone 333

    New Amp From Carr - Super Bee

    That is a perfect example of how to really showcase an amp. Crazy amazing ... I loved the Johnny A.!
  9. Pantone 333

    Speakers are everything

    I totally agree.
  10. Pantone 333

    Carr Telstar

    I'm noticing that a great zone to be in is when the attenuator is set at 9 o'clock:)
  11. Pantone 333

    Carr Telstar

    Enjoy ... you will love it! I'm enjoying mine here in Montreal.
  12. Pantone 333

    The 2020 Annual meeting of GASoholics Anonymous - what did you buy this year?

    2020 Gretsch Custom Shop '60 6120 Chet Atkins
  13. Pantone 333

    Tone king imperial mkii help

    Have someone else play through it for a different perspective.
  14. Pantone 333

    Opinion: Fender should put 12ax7’s in their 57 Champs, not 12ay7’s

    This amp is crazy loud. The suggested Bonamassa settings are not possible in a smaller setting (like my basement). The 12AY7 certainly did not sound bad ... it just took longer to break up. It's a great sounding amp with either preamp tube.
  15. Pantone 333

    Opinion: Fender should put 12ax7’s in their 57 Champs, not 12ay7’s

    My Fender JB Twin-Amp came with a 12AX7 in v1. I wanted to try it with the 12AY7 ... I switched it right back to the 12AX7.
  16. Pantone 333

    Is the Alnico Cream versatile?

    I replaced the speakers that came with my Fender JB Twin with two Celestion Alnico Creams. They do everything. I can't see where these wouldn't work.
  17. Pantone 333

    Carr Telstar

    Was it a tight fit or was it a standard speaker swap?
  18. Pantone 333

    Show us your Big Amps!

    80 watts of craziness ... especially with two Celestion Alnico Creams. This amp is loud. Much more powerful than a 100 watt Marshall I used to have.
  19. Pantone 333

    Your Favorite Tape Echo Simulation Pedal

    Lots of great suggestions, but for me it's the Strymon Deco.
  20. Pantone 333

    New Amp From Carr - Super Bee

    Yeah seriously, what happened to this amp?
  21. Pantone 333

    New Amp From Carr - Super Bee

    It's early in the game, I'm sure they will eventually offer a head version.