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    In order of obsessive listening and personal impact: Suede - Suede The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses Introducing... The Beatles (Vee Jay)- The Beatles Are You Experienced - The Jimi Hendrix Experience Five Leaves Left - Nick Drake Gish - The Smashing Pumpkins I bought the Beatles record in...
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    Hypocricy, horn players' on-stage monitor volume

    I used to play tenor in a bar band. The stage was like a postage stamp and there was no way I could get a monitor pointed at me. I bought a little Rolls headphone amp with a mic thru, some regular Sony earbuds I already had and a curly headphone extension cable. Worked great, and the earbuds...
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    Jeff Baxter - Rikki Don't Lose that Number

    He is really impressive. I hearby name this tribute band, "Steal Le Dan." I know a guy who sings in various tributes, and it's kind of amazing how he can do accurate sounding impressions of the various singers he covers. He's also an actor, so I think that training definitely comes into play.
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    Is there another female rock vocalist even close to Ann Wilson?

    Ann Wilson is amazing. The 80s corporate rock thing lost me, but I would pay big money to see the original Heart line up perform. Multiple dates if possible. My two top favorite women rock singers are Liz Fraser and Anna Mae Bullock.
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    Anyone ever pass/quit a band due to disagreement over "personal beliefs"?

    Hey, it ruins families, why not bands? Butting heads and ruining relationships about things that we individually have only the tiniest amount of influence over seems to be a national pastime. Actually, I know a guy who's a great musician, but is really in to the whole UFO/lizard people thing...
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    new Greta Van Fleet

    I don't think these guys are for elder rock fans who can't help but compare them to favorites from their youth. They're for people in their late teens and early 20s who like the sounds of classic rock and want some groups of their own to be excited about. I'm sure zeppelin and their ilk pissed...
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    The CD Collection

    I finally plugged my 200 disc changer back in after a number of years, and all of my carefully programmed artist and titles had gone away without power. Luckily, I found a (free) command line utility called cdrdao that allows me to copy each of my CDs, add CD-TEXT to the table of contents file...
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    CD Baby vs Tunecore...anyone?

    I only have direct experience with CD Baby from a 2004 release. They've been fine. This video did give me pause about Distrokid, so I'll definitely be researching more if I release anything else.
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    Escape the weather! The kind of output so many of those groups had takes a work ethic. Maybe being working class and sink or swim lights the fires of focus and productivity. I do prefer Coming Up songs live, without the Marshall preamp sounds and helium vocals. Though I don't really need to...
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    It's amazing the music that's come out of Manchester. There must be something in the water. I still regret not going to see the Mondays at the Hollywood Palladium in 1990 or 1991. Made the mistake of listening to a college dj complaining about their over use of a drum machine. The Insatiable...
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    My girlfriend and I met four of our friends in Manchester and saw two Heaton Park shows. We're all from California. Visited family in Dublin after Manchester and saw the Phoenix Park show. Vacations with shows to see are awesome, especially for something like the Roses reuniting. We went and...
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    Finding songs you thought you had "lost"

    My dad worked at movie theaters when I was a kid, and I swear I saw one of the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby "Road to..." movies where they sang "Istanbul (not Constantinople)" as a duet. I can't find it anywhere. I swear I didn't imagine it. It's driven me a little nuts for years.
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    I've wondered if he has hearing issues live. I was at the infamous Great American Music Hall gig, and he had ENORMOUS side fill monitors for his vocals. Leckie said he sounded amazing putting down his vocals on the first record. No trickery needed.
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    Flew to England and Ireland to see the Roses three times in 2012. Epic shows!
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    James Calvin Wilsey

    Here's the original interview that got me interested in how he made that record.
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    James Calvin Wilsey

    I read a 2019 article today about Jimmy Wilsey, and it prompted me to put on his 2008 record, "El Dorado." I remembered that I saw a youtube video 10 or so years ago where he talked about getting those...
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    Old Guys Who Still Make New Music

    Bowie did a pretty good job.
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    Please help: has anyone here gone from "truly incapable" to "passable" singer?

    I picked three songs I could comfortably sing, put them on a CD and sang them in my car during my commute over and over and over and over and over... Once I could do them without thinking, I worked with karaoke versions. Ad naseum repetition was key. Also took a few voice lessons. I read...
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    Tips for coming up with vocal melodies

    A tip I saw recently, but haven't explored yet, is to base or center your melody around the third of each chord. I try to write melody first usually, but when a friend hands you some musical ideas, it's nice to have some ways to start generating a melodic direction, or at least a starting point...
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    What is your go to band or musician tee shirt ?

    I will be wearing black band shirts until my demise. Current favorites are a Bowie '77 Japan shirt and a Suede concert T from 2019. I have many however.
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    I'm trying really hard to appreciate Billie Eilish . . .

    She certainly doesn't make grandpa music.
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    Don Felder Interview - Creepy

    I don't really care much about the Eagles other than as a soap opera, but Felder wrote a chord melody that was an undeniable hook. That song is basically a perfect collection of many hooks stacked together. All of the hooks in that song, including the vocal melody, flow from, and were suggested...
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    For the longest time, Zep’s “D’yer Mak’er” sounded so familiar, but I couldn’t place it. Until now.

    The Tide is High and Stir It Up work pretty well together too.
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    Feeling discouraged concerning playing with others.

    College bands can be really fun. Definitely worth doing.
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    The Beatles

    I searched out a quote from the Beatles Bible and subsequently found this quote: On November 28, 1981, as part of a deposition for Apple against the producers of the "Beatlemania" stage show, Lennon had stated, "I and the three other former Beatles have plans to stage a reunion concert, an...