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  1. NB_Terry

    If ZZ Top didn't change things up and do Eliminator, how would their career continued..

    Everyone on TGP loves their old albums.. but if they if they had kept on in the same groove as El loco, how would things have gone for their career? I love ZZ, pre and post Eliminator...
  2. NB_Terry

    Ozzy interviewed on Letterman the same week Randy died.

    This video is old, but I just saw it today. He seems to be in shock.. I know Randy's death upset him for a long time..
  3. NB_Terry

    Best performance on an album, but not on their main instrument.

    Lately I've been digging into the Stones and Kiss' catalogue.. Keith, Paul Stanley, Ron Wood, all played great bass parts on their group's albums. Paul playing drums with the Beatles.. Vocals count as well, but not Keith or Ringo, etc., since they're well known vocalists.
  4. NB_Terry

    Great Deep Purple track..

    I love finding tunes that I've never heard before from the bands that I love. Ritchie and the band are amazing in this tune. I think that I prefer the Coverdale/Hughes era to the Gillan era..
  5. NB_Terry

    VH Push Comes to Shove

    Where did that guitar solo section come from? Amazing. Was it Al diMeola inspired? I don't recall another song where Eddie played in this kind of style.
  6. NB_Terry

    For those that saw VH with MA and later saw them with WVH on bass, how did the band differ?

    Which did you prefer? I had a VH fanatic friend of mine that probably saw them 12 times since 1984, said that the band was tighter with Wolfgang. I found this surprising since MA had been playing VH tunes for 30 years and was on the original recordings, etc.. How did the 2 bassists compare...
  7. NB_Terry

    Did anyone else LOVE Van Halen's music, but never saw them in concert?

    In 1984, I was just starting to play guitar and love Van Halen music. Looking at the tours they did, I could have seen them in March or April of 1984 in Buffalo or Toronto. Of course, I now wish that I had. I wasn't quite 15 yet, and both local shows were on school nights, and finding someone...
  8. NB_Terry

    Is anyone here still listening to the 80s Shrapnel releases?

    I really like the first 2 Vinnie Moore albums to this day. I find them very musical and not really about speedy guitar playing... I liked the Tony MacAlpine stuff as well, but I still think that the first VM album was the best that Shrapnel ever had.
  9. NB_Terry

    The Who song, Bargain (question)

    Is that arp synth playing along with the strumming guitar in the intro? Or guitar volume swells, or?
  10. NB_Terry

    New footage from The Who 1982

  11. NB_Terry

    What kind of audio quality did most people have access to in the 70s?

    My parents had a low quality tube receiver with turntable (with a worn out stylus and records that were never cleaned) and speakers in the 70s and 80s. Did most people have better listening experience with tape decks in their cars back then? Were the amazing sounds of the 60s and 70s records...
  12. NB_Terry

    Larry Carlton

    We talk about Kid Charlemagne, but this guitar work is just as great.
  13. NB_Terry

    Isn't Murder by Numbers such a great Police song?

    In much the same way that Different Strings by Rush is one of my favourite songs by that group, this one is one of my Favourites by The Police. Just stripped down, little production, very raw. It doesn't fit in with the great but massively produced songs on Synchronicity, but it's an...
  14. NB_Terry

    Did Ace really play the solo on "I was Made for Loving you"?

    It sounds way too clean and studio live for Ace to have done this. I love Ace's style, but that studio solo doesn't sound like him at all, and I watched a few YT vids with him onstage, and he doesn't play it the same way at all.
  15. NB_Terry

    Trivia on Cheap Trick

    Without looking it up, who did the guitar solo in this song?
  16. NB_Terry

    Has anyone started their child on bass rather than guitar?

    I have an 11 yr old child, she's a bit on the petite side. She has been taking vocal lessons for 2 years, and has sung solo onstage in a few shows.. I've started her with guitar lessons on my nylon string guitar, and she has good coordination. I'm wondering if I should get her a smaller...
  17. NB_Terry

    Are tuning pegs from old Gibsons worth anything?

    I was going through some boxes in my house and I found the original tuners from my father's early 60s Gibson LG-1. One tuner started slipping so he replaced all of them and left the old ones here. Is ebay the best place to sell? Thanks
  18. NB_Terry

    Groove Tubes GT 6V6 HD tubes

    I have some older tubes labelled as above... I recall reading or hearing years ago that these are actually 6L6 tubes... Does anyone know if they will work in an amp that requires 6L6 tubes? Thanks.
  19. NB_Terry

    Do most STP fans think that Weiland wronged the DeLeo Bros?

    Scott kept having to go into rehab, postponing tours with STP and then when he's good to go, he joins Slash?? I don't know all the history here. I just saw it's the 24th anniversary of STP on Letterman playing Big Bang Baby. Great performance.
  20. NB_Terry

    Wow, I found an 80s song with an amazing solo that I'd not heard before.

    Robbie McIntosh, sounds a bit Gary Moore-like to me. The song is very Cars-like sounding. But great tone and solo, check the outro as well. Wowzers
  21. NB_Terry

    Floyd fans; Did you enjoy PF concerts without Roger or Roger solo shows more?

    Roger Waters is touring near me this summer. Pink Floyd fans that saw the 80s and 90s shows without RW, how did they compare to recent solo Roger Waters shows? Just trying to see if the huge cash outlay is worthwhile. Edit: How did seeing RW recently compare to seeing PF when DG and RW were...
  22. NB_Terry

    Which amps on Weezer's Maladroit?

    Specifically the song American Gigolo. Rectifiers? And does the intro ever remind me of Nigel by XTC...
  23. NB_Terry

    Which was the first tour or show when EVH played keys onstage?

    I don't recall seeing any video until he was with Hagar on Live without a Net. Tks
  24. NB_Terry

    Anybody know who played the guitar on the WKRP theme?

    Some Carlton-like playing on the full version of the song. I'll be playing this and the outro as part of a comedy show in December; never thought I'd be playing this material onstage. ;-)
  25. NB_Terry

    Supertramp opinions?

    Compare them to another band... They're a bit jazzy, mostly poppy, etc.. The first record that I bought at 10 yrs old was Breakfast in America, and the band fairly quickly fizzled out. I got into Crime, and Crisis a fair bit. Until today I didn't know that Roger was their lead guitarist. He...