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    best "cheap" oscilloscope for amps&ep3 repair&maintenance ??

    eBay baby! Picked up a 60MHz dual channel analog scope for $40! FWIW, it had "issues" which were subsequently resolved/repaired.
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    Amp won't turn on

    First order of business: Check fuses. On another related note: fuses don't blow on their own accord. If you have a blown fuse, there is a reason for it.
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    BFPR - slight hum even with volume off?

    First thing I look at for hum concerns are power filter capacitors. If you have a scope, have at it.
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    Soldering Skills suck any tips?

    Touch is a big thing. As with many things, its just repetition and experience. To gain both, practice removing components from f-ed up VCRs, TVs and whatever else you don't mind destroying. I use both a solder sucker and a braid when removing components from PCBs. I base my decision on my...
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    My shop rate is $50 / hr. I charge a $25 bench fee that is applicable toward the repair. If there is an obvious fault (I.E. big burn hole in PCB, broken/poorly secured connector, etc) I often waive the bench fee. I'm in Portland, OR. Not exactly a big city, but not a small city. $40 - $60 /...
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    Safest, surefire way to drain a BF Bassman's caps

    yes. a small spark is released, your filter caps sustain un-necessary stress, and begin recharging immediately. double check the voltage potential 30 minutes after discharging your caps with a screw driver. results may surprise you and change your habits. "best" method for draining...
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    Knob on HRDx turns round and round

    There is a small set screw at the flat edge of the chicken head knob. I set the pot to zero value, then align the knob with zero and snug up the screw.
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    Have any of you cracked open a new Fender Champion 600 yet??

    I picked up a Champ 600 a few weeks ago at a local music shop. Somewhere along its life, someone swapped out the original speaker for an alnico job. This one came to me with a Sovtek 12AX7 and an EH 6V6. Normally, I despise both brands mentioned above, but in this situation, it is perfect. The...
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    Got "bit" by an amp for the first time tonight....

    low value bleed/load resistor is key to discharging caps before service and preventing premature cap failure. thank you, andy fuchs. :BluesBros
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    popping sound on my high powered twin, true bypass pedals only

    duh. i just read your repair post. Ignore the previous.
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    popping sound on my high powered twin, true bypass pedals only

    first thing to do is confirm that there is dc at the input of the amp. Here's a quick lil check: Take your favorite cable and plug it into each input. I always start at the left for consistency, but whatever works for you. Hell, you could only check the input you use, as its the only one...
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    Change preamp tubes with amp on?

    i know folks who will pull a pre-amp tube with heater voltage applied, and folks who will pull pre-amp tubes with high-voltage applied. hasn't caused a problem yet. for myself, i can see no reason why i would not switch the all power off and then start removing parts from the circuit. takes a...
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    draining caps on a 1965 bandmaster

    its a little long, but i think its worth a read. i'm a firm believer in the "use a bigger bar" approach, instead of brute force. be smart and safe when working around high voltage.:rockin
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    Stripped Blues Jr.........Plexi

    totally sweet. i really like this notion. where did you get your eyelet board?
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    popping sound on my high powered twin, true bypass pedals only

    could also be dc bleeding from the amplifier. i have seen it many times before.
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    I need Schoolin', re FilterCap Discharge & MM

    i can offer my method for electronics service: 1. locate high voltage source. on many tube amps you will find it directly after the rectifier circuit. big capacitors are usually nearby. 2. locate ground potential. often times chassis serves as ground, but not always. check yo sef before...
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    Bias Supply: This One's A Head Scratcher

    two 30uf caps, following the same polarity scheme.
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    How do i go about becoming an amp tech?

    yes. read books and college papers. sift through the EE dept of your favorite college and you'll be amazed at what you come up with. really dig. then read this book. its great: there are tons of other alternatives, but i...
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    i remember hearing about this product a bit ago. had a brief laugh and thought: "if you nail two sticks of wood together, someone will buy it!" so if i understand it correctly, this product replaces the tubes IN YOUR TUBE AMPLIFIER with a drop-in solid-state replacement package offering...