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  1. Triocd

    Poll: Ash tele finish: Vintage amber or natural

    I'm on the verge of finishing an ash tele body with tru oil. I can't for the life of me make a final decision on color. Vintage amber or natural. I like the vintage amber more but I'm having a tricky time dialing in the right color technique on a sample piece of ash. A little off on the base...
  2. Triocd

    FS TV Jones Powertron Soapbar, Semour Duncan SH4-JB humbucker, Dimarzio DP240 mini humbucker

    TV Jones Powertron bridge fits in a P90 route. 12 inches of lead length (uncut). Nickel screws with box, 95 shipped SD SH4-JB bridge humbucker with 11 inches of lead. Includes box with wrong label. 65 shipped. Dimarzio DP240 neck vintage minibucker. I will throw in a mounting ring I used to...
  3. Triocd

    Sold Celestion gold 12 inch 16 ohm 200 shipped

    Great condition message me for more pics thanks. 200 shipped to continental us.
  4. Triocd

    Bright-toned picks?

    My nails are more articulate and brighter than my Dunlop prime tone picks that I’ve been using a while. What is a bright pick in a medium thickness? thanks
  5. Triocd

    Is a Harvard/vibrolux much better than a 5e3 for home?

    I have a 5e3 that works pretty well in the basement. Not great but it has a great clean sound. Too loud for home but it works. Is a Harvard or tweed vibrolux much better for low volume home use? A few less watts and 10 inch speaker. Not sure if the volume taper is better too. thanks
  6. Triocd

    “Recently looked at” vintage amp but I can’t see the guts? Run away?

    Looking at a local musicmaster amp, only 450 bucks. I can try it but he won’t let me take a look at the guts to see how it looks. I might take my chances since it’s so cheap, but what are your thoughts?
  7. Triocd

    Where besides guitar mill can I select the actual unfinished body I want?

    I want to buy an unfinished ash tele body with a lot of grain lines. The only place I’ve found so far where you see the finished product is guitar mill. Are there other places I should look? Most places I don’t think you can see the actual finished product before buying. usa custom guitars used...
  8. Triocd

    2 HB, 25.5 scale, lp or semi hollow, sub $1500

    What are my options with these specs? No slim necks. Basically semi hollow body or mahogany/maple cap like a les paul with long scale length under 1500 new or used. Thanks!
  9. Triocd

    Bridge pickup wiring, please help I'm losing my mind!!!

    Gibson LP Special, originally with quick connect pickups/circuit board. I removed the circuit board a while ago and everything worked fine. I then put in a humbucker in the bridge and all worked fine. After a while I decided to put the original bridge p90 in and I can't for the life of me get it...
  10. Triocd

    P90s sound harsh not sweet

    I have a Gibson les paul special I put some sort of “super pots” in that are supposed to test 525 ohm or more because i was playing out of a darker amp and I wanted more brightness out of the neck pickup. In reality they test about 500 but after a year or so I’m realizing the guitar sounds...
  11. Triocd

    Writing melodies...use mostly chord tones or notes in the key?

    Can anyone one help with some guidance on where to start with a simple melody over a chord progression? Are there any easy places to start to get some melodies under my belt? are melodies mostly comprised of chord tones?
  12. Triocd

    Sold Marsh Rio Grande 6g3 Brown Deluxe

    Very good condition Marsh 6g3 Fender Brown Deluxe clone. Great for classic rock and ZZ Top tones. Hand built by Mike Marsh himself with good components. Leather handle. Cabinet is in very good condition with no dents, scrapes, or cuts. Normal channel, bright channel, and tremelo. This amp gets...
  13. Triocd

    Can I damage my hearing with a dimed 15-20 watt amp and ear plugs? practice room is pretty small so I’m only about 8 feet away from my amps. If I wear standard foam ear plugs, is my hearing protected? Think 5e3 and 6g3 amp volumes.
  14. Triocd

    Boss DD7 as a reverb pedal?

    Can I get a DD7 to work as a reverb pedal or am I better off getting a pedal specific for reverb? I'm borrowing a DD7 from a friend looking for a reverb sound and I can get it dialed in pretty good but I'm not sure if I would be better off getting a straight up reverb pedal. Thoughts?
  15. Triocd

    Recent guitar shipping costs?

    I shipped a couple items lately and was shocked at the actual cost. Anyone ship an electric recently? What was the cost?
  16. Triocd

    Boss RC-3 Looper help

    Hi, 2 Things with my RC-3: 1. It's kind of "loud" when I plug it into my signal. There is a lot more hum than without it. Is this normal? 2. Most importantly, if I'm playing as the only guitarist live, is there any way for me to record the verse or chorus chord progression live and play it...
  17. Triocd

    Gries 5/Allen Chihuahua...more like a champ or Princeton?

    I’m interested in both of these amps, but they are both based off of a fender champ, although I think the Allen has a bit more power. They both have bigger speakers and cabs than a champ. I’ve played both regular champs and regular Princetons, and I like Princetons way more. They sound much...
  18. Triocd

    Sinking semi hollow top?

    Lower bout of a semihollow. Is the top sinking or something to cause this paint flaking off at the edge of the binding?
  19. Triocd

    Where can I get a mahogany/maple cap tele body?

    Any ideas? All the ones I see online are all mahogany. I’d love a maple cap. finished or preferably unfinished.
  20. Triocd

    Anyone know what happened to brian wicks of wicks custom guitars?

    He built guitars for Isaac Brock of modest mouse and was based out of northern montana. Really cool guitars but his website is gone and I can’t find any trace of him on the internet. Any ideas?
  21. Triocd

    Attn: Vintage Ampeg lovers

    I just noticed the amps in this great performance of Buffalo Tom live at KEXP. You can get occasional glimpses of what appears to be a reverberocket and jet mic’d side by side. Great tone! I love these amps.
  22. Triocd

    Can you identify single coil vs humbucker on most recordings? I cant

    I love guitar and amps and spend a lot of time here, but I recently realized I usually can’t tell if a rock song is using a strat/tele or a guitar with humbuckers. There are the obvious songs that are clearly one or the other, usually a clean tone. But for the vast majority If there is some dirt...
  23. Triocd

    5e3 vs 6g3 volume

    i just got a marsh 6g3 amp. Totally awesome but pretty dang loud for home even with an attenuator (Weber mini mass). It will be perfect volume for my band if we ever start playing together. This amp is just a little too much for me In my house. Is a 5e3 much different in volume? I recall they...
  24. Triocd

    Advice on this 6g3 build please

    Can you guys please take a look at this 6g3 build and let me know if you see anything concerning? It looks like a good build to me but I'd like some second opinions. I'm buying this locally's a kit build. Thanks AAE7136A-9331-4991-860C-10000B5EF718 by Triocd posted Jul 10, 2020...
  25. Triocd

    Sold Fender Princeton Reverb Custom '68

    Nearly mint silverface custom princeton reverb '68 version. The only blemish is a tiny dent on the front side which I tried to photograph. I don't think you would even notice it but in full disclosure it is there. The amp sounds great. This is the second one I've owned. Some are prone to...