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  1. Jaddy

    Pretty Things - Parachute.... Olivia Tremor Control - Black Foliage

    Never noticed quite how similar these recordings are. Please enjoy....
  2. Jaddy


    Is that clickbait? So be it... Background - I'm 55 and have played since I was ten. Due to Covid, I've been mainly playing solo acoustic guitar stuff and I've found that my lips and mouth get tense and contorted while working on difficult passages (I've never had this problem before to any...
  3. Jaddy

    Interesting Places You’ve Played Guitar...

    I was thinking back to playing on Mount Royal, overlooking Montreal on a clear, summer night. I was alone, improvised for 2 hours and it was glorious. What different place have you played?
  4. Jaddy

    Jazz Standard records

    Hi ya' Good Folks, Weird thing happened to me recently. My neighbor, a lady in her mid 70's asked me if I could accompany her on a few jazz standards at her sisters old age home during Christmas time. Music school was over 30 years ago and I was the long haired rocker guy amongst my...
  5. Jaddy

    Floyd Rose question # 2

    In 40 years of playing I've never touched a guitar with a floating system and am thinking about buying a Les Paul Axcess model with the Floyd. Currently I play a late '70's LP Deluxe and am curious how different it feels to play a guitar with a FR. I will not block it as I want the full range...
  6. Jaddy

    Les Paul Axcess Studio with Floyd Rose

    I find myself lusting over a Les Paul Axcess with a Floyd Rose at the moment for some reason, but have never owned an instrument with a Floyd Rose. I've read a fair amount and understand that string changes and setups can be a bit challenging. What do you folks think of FL's? Too much bother...
  7. Jaddy

    What's it like to play using a B Bender?

    Been thinking about B-Benders for a while now, but I've never had to opportunity to try one. What's it like? Does it make logical sense or is it something with a big learning curve and not very intuitive? Thanks... Jaddy
  8. Jaddy

    Tonight's Gig

    Playing a benefit gig that's raising money for Alzheimer's research tonight and wanted to wish those of you (wherever you are) getting yourselves together for tonight's show all the best. Be brave, concentrate but most of all have yourselves a GREAT time. Jaddy
  9. Jaddy

    Recreating that 60's psychedelic sound with modern gear

    Good folk of TGP, At a wedding recently I was talking to a singer/songwriter fellow who told me he was currently working on an album of psychedelic inspired music. Very much in the 'Piper At the Gates Of Dawn' vein. We got to discussing techniques to do so using modern gear, while retaining...
  10. Jaddy

    Poetry or Lyrics...

    Hey good TGP folk, I truly hope today finds you all heathy and happy. Had a great discussion last night with an aging hippy over whether there's a difference between lyrics and poetry. In my mind there is, yet I couldn't pin point what that was beyond form and structure and perhaps depth...
  11. Jaddy

    Help with a chord

    Somebody please help me!! I apologize if this is in the wrong place on TGP, but what chord would you say this is: (high to low) F - Dflat - B - F Thanks so much in advance.... Jaddy
  12. Jaddy

    Cymbal suggestions

    Hi good TGP people, I hope you are all doing well. I play in a four piece 'folk/grass' band with largely acoustic instruments (though some electric as well). We have a kick drum converted from a 14 inch tom. I'd like to add a single cymbal to the mix. I'd like something that offers great...
  13. Jaddy

    Attaching snare to kick..

    Hello good people. I've recently converted a 14" tom into a beautiful kick for a largely acoustic folkgrass band. Question: How might you attach a snare directly to the shell of the kick? I envision it attached along the left hand side, not directly on top (I have attached a small hand...
  14. Jaddy

    Power Supply for Gary Hurst Tonebender?

    I recently stumbled upon a Gary Hurst Tonebender (one of these): I absolutely love what this pedal does, however as it has no power supply jack and works on 9 volt, I'd like to get a wall wart to make it a tad more convenient...