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  1. jay42

    Paint on el-84s?

    Is the condition of the paint important, expecially in a Vox, which runs hot anyway? I've got some JJ's that have gone almost all the way from orange to white. Note: no tube tester and covid issues, so I can't use a friend's.
  2. jay42

    Martin ID -- 35

    A friend of mine has a Martin model I'm not familiar with and it has to be a 35 because of the three piece rosewood back? The body is 000, so it's either a 000-35 or OM-35? The only time I ever played it was around 1990. It has a bound neck, but not the headstock. Is it probably a 000-35...
  3. jay42

    John Fogerty -- loud singer or normal level?

    I figure some here may have worked with him. I'm always working on my head voice and I want to know if he's as loud as he sounds or if he does all that at a moderate non-blasting level? Editorially, I remember one of the more important older producers saying that God had never invented a...
  4. jay42

    Where do you buy your fuses?

    I'm finding what seem like high costs (considering) for 3AG (normal amp full size) fuses in 2, 2.5, and 3A slow blow. Littlefuse, Bussman, etc. It seems like they should be cheap, not on the order of $1 ea.
  5. jay42

    Speaker switch on Tech21 Character series?

    I'm trying to figure out the story behind that switch. Is the version 1 a box with a speaker emulation circuit and version 2 allows you to disable it, or the other way around.
  6. jay42

    Songland -- any interest?

    I'm looking for people to discuss this with and I'm not sure whether there's any interest? I've watched both seasons and I'm pretty conflicted. Sometimes it seems like these are the sort of people who are to blame for music I don't really like, however, the primaries drop occasional opinions...
  7. jay42

    keeping strap on the endpin jack

    So most of us have acoustic guitar(s) with endpin jacks. What do you do to keep the strap from falling off. I use Schaller straploks on my electrics, but there's no equivalent. Also, a lot of people use rubber washers. Are there any that diameter?
  8. jay42

    Anyone put a fixed bias mod into a 5e8-a phase inverter?

    I'm avoiding relating it to a nice guy named Paul, since he kind of hates the association... I'm finalizing layouts for a single channel low power tweed twin board and that's one of the last wit, is it noticeable, and if so, which do you prefer? [edit] It's also recommended for...
  9. jay42

    "For What It's Worth" trem

    My apologies, but the phrase is problematic when searching. Recorded in 1966, it's probably Blackface or Brownface trem? (Gibson or Ampeg?!?!) I have an EA derivative trem pedal and I can't figure out how to make it consistent in a band setting. Is the original amp trem with compression or...
  10. jay42

    Paging Andy Fuchs/associates

    I have an Overdrive Supreme 100 HRM in which has really loud background noise. The owner uses it on the clean channel, but cannot use the OD. I did submit a note on your website. I have pulled the chassis and played with 12ax7s. There's a trivial improvement...2008 amp and probably all the...
  11. jay42

    Paul McCartney piano question

    Saw him recently. Have a piano question: Does anyone know what the upright is? It's a spinet or slightly taller. He uses a ~9' Yamaha grand for Let It Be, etc, but the honky tonk stuff like Lady Madonna is an upright...hauling two pianos around the world probably doesn't hit his bottom...
  12. jay42

    In The Air Tonight vocal effect -- live?

    There's a lot of info on this. Basically, despite being 1981, the effect was reverse reverb...which is to say that they recorded the track, recorded a reverb track and reversed the reverb track for each phrase...lots of work. What works live? I've seen one recommendation for gated reverb...
  13. jay42

    Taylor V bracing -- thoughts?

    I grabbed a 914ce off the wall at NAMM and immediately realized that I wasn't going to be able to tell whether or not it did sound better or have better sustain...or hear much at all. \rant In the 80's you'd go into GC and there'd be this horrifying din of shredders and EVH fans showing off...
  14. jay42

    Telecaster neck pickup songs?

    I'm going to buy a tele and I'm trying to figure out the neck pickup dilemma. Googling, I've found demos and lots of talk, but no one explaining: here's Keith Richards playing on the humbucker on This song, vs. single coil on that song. Despite processing, I think I get a better idea. That said...
  15. jay42

    Relief rules-of-thumb on different instruments?

    I'm looking for different notions on how to view relief on different neck types. Example: When a neck has the adjustment at the heel, you know it goes the whole way from the nut. I would guess that you look at relief from the first fret to the last fret. If the truss rod is adjusted above...
  16. jay42

    Illegal wireless frequencies -- will companie repair that stuff

    I've got a dead board in a Shure wireless (Beta 87A) that is in the 662 - 698MHz range. I will be contacting them, but I'm hoping for a tip-off as to whether or not they'll help...or...cut a deal on changing the transmitter and receiver to a legal frequency. The capsule is fine.
  17. jay42

    Taylor Guitar truss rod cover holes....

    On my 710, the upper hole is inside the rout...or route. Seems wrong to me, and the few images I've found have it on the deck. 2 hole truss rod cover, fwiw. Comments?
  18. jay42

    Learning a Soundcraft MH3 -- gain vs. levels?

    I've started to learn the board at the place I play. Very specifically -- the guys who already do sound, play a lot with the Input Gain and then adjust levels (sliders and Aux Sends) after the fact. This doesn't seem right, but I'm in no position to get surly with them. Thoughts?
  19. jay42


    Potentially silly question, but has everyone converted from MagLite products to cheap LED flashlights? Any favorites?
  20. jay42

    Budget Class D amplifiers ?

    Are the Class D amplifiers you find at Parts Express actually viable for sound reinforcement? You can buy a lot of power for not much money, even with the wall-wart. I guess that they're meant for diy speaker guys and cars....not PA equipment.
  21. jay42

    Which devices (not SW) allow simultaneous amp models?

    I know some of the Software packages allow this. Do physical products like Helix, Axe, Kemper, new L6 Spider, et al, let you have two or more amp models at once?
  22. jay42

    Is there a website...sort of like

    this one is for guitar tone questions...where you can be the 40th guy to ask how they processed Peter Gabriel's voice on the blue car album or in Genesis, and no one yells at you? I was listening to the Manfred Mann version of Blinded By The Light, thinking, that flanging on the voice...
  23. jay42

    Work on acoustic bridge without removing strings from tuners?

    Is this possible? I'm pondering rubber bands. The strings are new. Either I've got a bad UST or I screwed something up when I was lowering the bridge. The high E doesn't get picked up. The other five are fine. New guitar, and I can't return it again. I'll fix it one way or t'other.
  24. jay42

    Acoustic Guitar bridge -- is wound G more problematic...

    ...than the rest of a steel string set? I'm using a Custom Light set, fwiw. 0.011 to 0.052. I was having problems with the sucker buzzing when capoed mostly...fingers at times. My RK could be more stable. My Taylor does the same thing if I'm not careful. I have capos that match the fb...
  25. jay42

    Grab & Go amp with effects

    With the ever evolving offerings from Line 6, Fender, Vox, et al, what would you buy today for a simple grab and go, do it all in one box, amp? A buddy of mine just replaced his Mustang IV with a Super Champ X2 thing and it's a bit heavy (24 lbs.) and about $500 new. This is for light jamming...