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  1. JNixon

    FS Menatone Workingman Blue OD

  2. JNixon

    New Celestion Hempback speaker

    G12M-50 Hempback Found this on Google while looking for speakers to compare to my Eminence Wheelhouse. Looks very interesting. If anyone has any experience with this I'd love to hear about it, but I'm guessing this has not seen the real world yet. Edit: Just found the below on YouTube
  3. JNixon

    Mojotone Slammins Mini

    I have one and it's a great cab. Been running it with a few different heads and have been trying different speakers also. It has a 3 panel back so it can be run open or semi open. Sounds great with everything I've thrown at it. Also easy to carry with the excellent side handles. It has...
  4. JNixon

    Show me your Warmoth Strats! (and other Warmoth creations)

    Not a strat but all Warmoth... Finish by Pat Wilkins
  5. JNixon

    FS Menatone Workingman Blue OD

    All pedals in excellent to like new condition. Original boxes/manuals are included. Prices include PP and Priority Mail shipping in US. Menatone Workingman's Blue overdrive - $199 Custom Tones Ethos TWE-1 - SOLD Keeley Rotosonic - SOLD Thanks.
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  13. JNixon

    Sold FS: EMG DG20 HSS w/ EMG 57 Tort Guard

    This is a EMG DG20 setup that was put in HSS tortoise shell pickguard with an EMG 57 bridge humbucker. Included all hook up wires and output jack. Original SA bridge single coil also included. $200 shipped and PP in lower 48. Thanks for looking.
  14. JNixon

    Sold Blankenship Carry On Head with 6L6s and bag

    I have posted this before and have taken it down after having second thoughts... but it's time to let it go since it is not being used. This is a Roy Blankenship Carry On model head with 6L6 power tubes. Roy told me this was a one off built for Allen Hinds and it's basically a tweed deluxe...
  15. JNixon

    Sold J Rockett Lenny - $100

    All pedals in good to excellent condition with velcro. No issues. Price includes shipping and PP in lower 48. Not looking for any trades. Thanks. J Rocket Lenny - $100 J Rockett HRM - SOLD J Rockett .45 Caliber - SOLD Neo Instruments Micro Ventilator Rotary simulator - SOLD...
  16. JNixon

    Advice on solo boost strategies

    The XTS modded GE-7 lets you fine tune your midrange and raise your level in one stomp if it's last in your chain.
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