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  1. theRagman

    My 1st gig in 5 months might be my last

    I thought I'd gig forever--when the band is tight and the crowd is good, nothing beats it. But, man, I'm hanging it up, too, at least as far as bands go. After twenty years of gigging, I'm out of patience with flaky band members, questionable venues, terrible sound guys, and did I mention flaky...
  2. theRagman

    Silver jubilee type amps from other builders

    Carol-Ann Revo 1 Mk 2, if you can find one.
  3. theRagman

    Level of Musicianship Rant!

    “Nobody writes songs like the good old days anymore!” [gets buried in a dozen great examples] “All this stuff is so derivative!” And so on. When the goalposts move three times in the same conversation, you have to wonder if the dialogue is being made in good faith. When I was nineteen, I...
  4. theRagman

    Bass lessons/exercises to stop playing like a guitarist?

    I second the Paul McCartney.
  5. theRagman

    Biggest Regret Purchase?

    Huh. Never had a Space, but the Rose sounds freaking flawless. As for regrets, not many—most of the weirder pedals I’ve bought have been easy enough to sell. I have learned, though, that niche boutique products are not for me. In my hands, any old off the shelf fuzz sounds about the same as...
  6. theRagman

    Clean amp and pedal guys: what sounds can't you (easily) get? Amp drive guys: what about you?

    For single note lead, I can get sounds I’m very happy with using either amp or pedal distortion. For even medium gain distorted rhythm, I’ve never found a pedal I was really happy with.
  7. theRagman

    What guitar plug-ins for clean and medium dirt?

    S-Gear. I tried demos of a bunch of the more expensive options, but I liked S-Gear best.
  8. theRagman

    Really Expensive Pickups - Worth it?

    I think the point of diminishing returns is pretty low for pickups these days. For example, I’ve used SD Alnico II Pros, Fralin Pure PAFs, and Hauessel A2 Vintage pickups in the neck position of a Les Paul. The SDs get the job done just fine, and I’d have no problem using them exclusively.
  9. theRagman

    Does anyone have a PCM92 here?

    I had one, but I didn't have any experience with the others you mention. I thought it sounded great, but it had the most baffling and difficult user interface I've ever encountered. In the end, my choice came down to selling the damn thing or punting it through a window in a fit of...
  10. theRagman

    Lets talk 'Modern voiced' versus 'Open' amps

    Depends who you ask. :) I'd say a Bogner Shiva is probably considered medium gain.
  11. theRagman

    Sold Genelec 8010A pair

    They really do. I've been using them as an alternate set of speakers for a while, and they're great. Being small, there's not a ton of bass, but they're very revealing in the midrange. If your mids are all junked up, these will help you spot that. They are also amazingly loud for their size.
  12. theRagman

    Sold Genelec 8010A pair

    Pair of Genelec 8010A compact studio monitors. In great shape. Ship with power cords, but no boxes or manuals. $400 for the pair, shipped and PayPal'd in the lower 48. IMG_4246 by theRagman posted Jul 2, 2020 at 11:15 AMIMG_4247 by theRagman posted Jul 2, 2020 at 11:15 AM
  13. theRagman

    Saddest songs ever

    Cancer, by My Chemical Romance. It's short, simple, and probably overly maudlin, but a couple of the lines are real gut punches.
  14. theRagman

    Favorite guitar growing up Vs. what you like now...

    Les Pauls were my favorite when I was young. They still are. Almost any other guitar is more ergonomic and comfortable, but Les Pauls just sound *right.*
  15. theRagman

    Do you still have your first guitar?

    Nope. It was a cheap acoustic, and I used heavy strings that eventually pulled the bridge off the body. It took a bunch of the top layer of laminate that the soundboard was made of with it. It would have cost more to fix than the guitar was worth, so in the Dumpster it went. In retrospect...
  16. theRagman

    Favorite Tube Amp(s) for Recording?

    Komet 60 HD, because it can cover everything from pristine cleans to medium gain rock, and do them all amazingly well. You won't get modern metal out of one, but practically anything up to that point it'll handle and sound great. I've recorded RHCP-style funky stuff with a strat through heavyish...
  17. theRagman

    Have you ever/do you consider liquidating and simplifying?

    This is similar to my experience. When I was gigging like crazy ten years ago, I had two electric guitars, two amps, and about five pedals. And, man, I made a lot of hay out of that. Then the band blew up, I got into recording, blah blah blah, and I picked up a ton of stuff over a five- or...
  18. theRagman

    What is your favorite one space delay pedal?

    Boss DD7. Does a handful of things superbly, easy to use, nearly impossible to break.
  19. theRagman

    Favourite Boutique Les Paul Style Guitars?

    I have gone through an embarrassing number of LP variations, and the Ruokangas Duke Classic is everything I want a Les Paul to be. It doesn't look like one, but it nails the sound as well as any LP variant I've ever tried, and the playability is off the charts good. I've also played a Unicorn...
  20. theRagman

    Landed steady gig out of my musical comfort zone - how to learn

    Aside from actual practice time, make a playlist and put it on every chance you get. In the car, walking, whatever. Don’t just passively listen, though—visualize yourself playing the part you need to. I’ve been amazed at how often this approach finds the spots I think I know in a song but really...
  21. theRagman

    Sold Royer SF-12 stereo mic

    Royer SF-12 stereo mic. This thing is amazing for drum overheads! Ships in wooden box with mic clip and breakout cable. $1500, shipped and PayPal'd in the lower 48. SF-12 front by theRagman posted Jun 20, 2020 at 1:53 PMSF-12 back by theRagman posted Jun 20, 2020 at 1:53 PMSF-12 box by...
  22. theRagman

    Sold Shure SM7B

    Shure SM7B. Some light scratches/scuffs but in perfect working order. $275 shipped and PayPal'd in the lower 48. SM7B 1 by theRagman posted Jun 20, 2020 at 1:53 PMSM7B 2 by theRagman posted Jun 20, 2020 at 1:53 PMSM7B side by theRagman posted Jun 20, 2020 at 1:53 PMSM7B case by theRagman...
  23. theRagman

    Using Neodymium Speakers To Save Weight: Anybody Else Happily Do This?

    I've had Neo Creambacks in a couple of different cabs, and I think they sound great. Then again, I'm not all that picky about speakers--I like greenbacks, blackbacks, V30s, M65 Creambacks all about the same, and I can be happy using any of them. The Neo Creambacks fit right in. I don't feel like...
  24. theRagman

    Your favorite hard rock album of all time

    AFD here as well.
  25. theRagman

    Who has ditched modelers and gone to just load box and IR’s with real amps?

    I did this a few years ago, and I've been quite happy with it.

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