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    What PAFs can you guess will get this tone?

    I can get that sort of tone out of my 06 Faded LP Special with Pearly Gates, 50's wiring, and coil splits but I play into a crunchy 2203 so it's not quiet that squeaky clean (or sterile sounding) My '13 SG Standard with 57 Classics and modern wiring will get nice country -ish cleans but nothing...
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    Greco EG 480 LP Custom

    I had a late 70's Greco LP Custom set neck. Can't remember the model.....EG something. Really average guitar with a weird neck shape, thick poly, and horrid sounding pickups.
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    Which one is Rock N Roll's most iconic ELECTRIC guitar?

    How is Page's #1 LP not #1 ??
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    What things are you REALLY picky about on a guitar?

    Pale, chalky rosewood boards.
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    Heavy Metal (film & soundtrack)

    Saw it on release at the movies tripping on acid. It was ok.
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    What am I missing with the Beach Boys (Brian Wilson)?

    I can appreciate songs like God Only Knows and Good Vibrations, but in general I'm not a fan. Bit before my time and as much as I love a good melody/hook/harmony, I do find them a little light.
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    WHAT? At 3:24 Jimi sees something that trips him up.

    I never said he didn't. It was obvious it was mutual admiration and all I was saying was that Claptons playing in Cream was every bit as good as Hendrix.
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    WHAT? At 3:24 Jimi sees something that trips him up.

    Well except all those people who called Clapton God. Even Hendrix was in awe of Clapton and wanted to meet him.
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    WHAT? At 3:24 Jimi sees something that trips him up.

    Maybe from a performance perspective, but playing wise, Clapton was every bit as good back then.
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    This song should/ could have been a bond theme.

    Pure genius from one of the most underrated bands in rock.
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    Like a Burstbucker Pro but... (pickup selection)

    Pretty low, maybe a fraction higher than the ring. Always set the bass side lower than the treble no matter what guitar but especially a LP.
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    Like a Burstbucker Pro but... (pickup selection)

    My 02 LP Standard with BB Pro's has a huge amount of thump through a 2203 halfstack. Needs abit of volume to get there though and I hear that thump more as low mids than bottom end. That guitar has a tight, controlled bottom end and that's a big part of why it's my fave. Nothing worse than a...
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    First thing that comes to mind when you listen to this.

    How great the song is and how much I loved his country twang and vulnerability in that era. Elton, like Bowie and Jagger, were some of my fave singers of the early 70's and IMO they all went through drastic vocal changes that pretty much make them un-listenable to me by the early 80's.
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    This song should/ could have been a bond theme.

    Alice Cooper(the band) wrote a theme song for The Man With The Golden Gun in 73 but it lost out to Lulu. The AC song is a pretty good Bond inspired rock song, and while not the strongest song on the Muscle Of Love album, it's heaps better than Lulu's generic dreck.
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    Vintage Marshall Amps or the new ones?

    9/10 times I've preferred vintage. Nothing has come close to my 79 JMP 2203.
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    Vintage Marshall Amps or the new ones?

    I don't think I've seen a fake vintage Marshall. Well none that would pass even a cursory inspection. I should imagine that making a fake 68 Plexi would be alot more difficult than a fake 68 Strat.
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    I’ve rediscovered the SG

    SG's are awesome.
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    What is your favorite pick up?

    Perfect description.
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    Pet peeves about vintage guitar design?

    There's nothing I'd change on my LP's and SG
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    Anyone prefer SINGLE COIL bridge rock tones over Bridge Humbucker??

    Lots of my fave rock tones are single coil bridge but I prefer humbuckers. LP's and SG's have a midrange growl I just can't get out of a Strat or Tele
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    What is your favorite pick up?

    Well, of my 3 guitars, my fave is a 02 LP Std and it has BB Pro's. Not a highly regarded pickup by Gearheads but I'm stoked with how that guitar sounds into a crunching 2203. I mean the Pearly Gates in my LP Special and the 57 Classics in my SG Standard are smoother, clearer, and clean up...
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    SG Special (P90's) vs. SG Standard (Humbuckers)

    Not a fan of hum so prefer humbuckers. The 57's in my '13 Standard are clear an open so I don't feel the lower gain/cleans are lacking and they handle higher gain better than any single coils I've tried.
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    Eric Clapton: A Tale of Two Tones

    Strat/Soldano is nice, but I much prefer the LP/Z combo.
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    What mid 70s Marshall MV amp is this?

    Looks like my 79 2203. Incredible amp.
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    AC/DC - Live At River Plate

    Lol, how can you be a ACDC fan and not know who Bon Scott is ??

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