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  1. CowTipton

    For those who don't play out, what inspires you to keep playing?

    The same thing that got me started playing in the first place: Love of music
  2. CowTipton

    Strat guys what are your favorite dirt pedals?

    OCD v2 with the gain set to about 10:00 and the tone set to about 11:00. Cleans up nicely with the volume knob. That being said, my singles are slightly overwound so adjust to taste.
  3. CowTipton

    My letter to Reverb has been delivered...

    Etsy paid $275M for Reverb. They gotta make that money back somehow.
  4. CowTipton


    It's too pretty. Like a trophy wife. j/k looks great
  5. CowTipton

    Gibson Les Paul value

    Yea, somewhere in the 1600-2000 range is my best estimate.
  6. CowTipton I the only one who doesn’t use pedals???

    I'm the opposite, I have way too many pedal options at my feet when I plug in. Currently with 4cm: Flanger - Wah - OD - HX Stomp (with exp 1) - MC6 Mkii (with 6 switches per bank) - delay Stomp has 5 pedals loaded up and and expression pedal Amp has two-button footswitch for channel and...
  7. CowTipton

    Why do some people like cheap pedals that suck?

    I have a Mooer Elady on my board. It’s pretty affordable. Some people think it sucks, I like it.
  8. CowTipton

    Fender S-1 Switch - Possible to disassemble and clean?

    I’ve had two Strats with S-1 switches for years and both work fine, no scratchiness or issues. So it’s definitely not “all” of ‘em that are bad. Maybe just replace it. For a $20 part and 5 mins of work it’s worth doing so in my opinion.
  9. CowTipton

    Bruce Dickinson appreciation thread

    I think he's a great frontman. That being said he probably has his moments of being a douchbag like everyone else. I can't believe I'd ever side with Sharon Osborne but in this case I couldn't...
  10. CowTipton

    Wolfgang Van Halen ‘Prepared for a Wave of Hate’ When He Releases Solo Debut

    I predict this album will be big in Japan, and hot in Cleveland.
  11. CowTipton

    Song and slideshow for my son who passed away in March

    Well done. I can’t imagine how hard that is.
  12. CowTipton

    Gear Myths that hurt/help companies

    I've had one Ibanez pedal (delay) which stopped working in less than a year. I've also had one DOD pedal (also delay) which stopped working in a few months. I've had dozens of them and never had a BOSS or MXR pedal stop working. Therefore Ibanez and DOD pedals are crap and BOSS and MXR are...
  13. CowTipton

    Choosing super strat: MIJ Ibanez vs. MIJ Fender vs. MIM Charvel

    I have a MiM So Cal. It's just a perfect rock guitar but you can get some nice variety of sounds by using the volume knob and 3-way. It did get fret-sprout after the 2nd or 3rd winter. About an hour of filing them down a bit took care of that. My favorite neck on any guitar. The Floyd stays...
  14. CowTipton

    And today’s ridiculously wasteful packaging award goes to...

    I would assume it’s not wasteful at all as most of that material and packaging was re-used.
  15. CowTipton

    I received $96 refund for a $400 badly made neck from Robby Fowler Customs

    I mean, he could score some goals but I wouldn't hire him to build me a guitar. ;)
  16. CowTipton

    Is a Variax a must-have guitar?

    Yea, you need one.
  17. CowTipton

    HSS guys: how do you do it?

    Some sets are just more balanced. Also, use your volume pot if you need to.
  18. CowTipton

    Is a Variax a must-have guitar?

    "Must-have?" no, but they are pretty great.
  19. CowTipton

    Chunky neck guitars $500 or less?

    I have a PRS SE245 with a big chubber neck.
  20. CowTipton

    I give up! Ok maybe not! :-) Another Yngwie Squier shredding 13yo...Where do they come from???

    Kid has the technique down. I hope he makes new music!
  21. CowTipton

    Rate the "Big 4" Grunge bands

    1. AIC 2. Soundgarden 3. STP 4. Pearl Jam That's my big 4 "grunge."
  22. CowTipton

    Kurt Cobain’s Guitar Sells for $6 Million at Auction.

    Same for me. I'll add STP to the group as well. Core and Purple were excellent albums. Nirvana were never really my cup of tea but I did like the cover of "Man who sold the world" on that Unplugged show. $6M seems egregious but it's not my money.
  23. CowTipton

    How do you respond to "what's your lowest price"?

    Never negotiate against yourself. The price is what's listed. That's your starting point. Once you respond to a "lowest price" question, you're setting a new, lower starting point.

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