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  1. sleepingtiger

    WTB Dimarzio DP211 Eric Johnson neck pickup REGULAR SPACING.

    I'd be putting a cover on it, so color doesn't really matter. However, minutes after I posted this, one appeared on one of my daily searches & I purchased it. I might be interested in another, particularly one with a chrome or nickel cover. Standard spacing, of course. What do you have? Tony
  2. sleepingtiger

    WTB Dimarzio DP211 Eric Johnson neck pickup REGULAR SPACING.

    If anyone has or knows of one for sale, PLEASE contact me! Thanks, Tony
  3. sleepingtiger

    I Need A Gretsch

    RIGHT NOW, Musician's Friend has the model I own, a G2627T, which I love, but it does have a Bigsby. I changed the pickups in mine & am selling the originals, as I DO want THE Gretsch tone & the Broad'Trons didn't cut it. Not bad, just not right for me. MF is selling these new for less than I...
  4. sleepingtiger

    I need a decent multi-guitar stand. For 6+ guitars

    Talk to Doug Kauer. His ARE the best! Tony
  5. sleepingtiger

    What upgrades are considered downgrades?

    All I know is I LOVE the flames on this & am proud to say I own this! Tony
  6. sleepingtiger

    Why so many F-spaced humbuckers compared to regular spaced

    Ive been searching out some particular humbuckers & there seems to be AT LEAST 3-5 times as many F-spaced as regular. Am I missing something? Tony
  7. sleepingtiger

    FS Pickups, Tuners & parts...

    I'll start with this & might add later on. As for the prices, I think they're pretty good, but feel free to contact me if you have questions, comments or offers. Add $7 for shipping & I'll absorb Paypal fees. Of course I'd prefer the gift option, but that's not allowed in posts here. I will...
  8. sleepingtiger

    PRS Quality

    When I worked at GC in the early 2000's, as much as I had decided I didn't like PRSi, because they were so popular, when we got them in(in Illinois) from Maryland, they were more often than not, IN TUNE & set-up impeccably! One day I heard a guy playing in the back of the store & the tone was...
  9. sleepingtiger

    FS Will Boggs humbuckers

    Will was a very talented winder. It's a shame that he was short changed on business sense, honest morals or both. Tony
  10. sleepingtiger

    FT PRS 408

    Hmmmm...I have to think if I have anything you'd be interested in. I like it....a LOT! Tony
  11. sleepingtiger

    FS Heartfield Talon

    Thanks for the pix! Unfortunately, there is NOT a Super Strat in my future, but there are many 80's guys here & this is kind of infrequently seen, if not rare. I would think it would be a quick sale, but as far as price is concerned, I have no idea about the value. GLWTS! Tony
  12. sleepingtiger

    FS Heartfield Talon

    How about some pics? Tony
  13. sleepingtiger

    Ernie Ball Slinky COBALT strings......

    Yeah...what he said! Tony
  14. sleepingtiger

    Kiesel Guitars = horrible customer relations !

    Sounds like Rickenbacker when I called them. Tony
  15. sleepingtiger

    Do you buy guitars that are colors you don't like?

    If I will always wish it was something else, be it color or whatever, I won't buy it. Get what you want, but patient. Tony
  16. sleepingtiger

    Newer Epiphone Push-Pull-ed the shaft right out!

    I use push/PUSH pots. I have yet to have one fail. Tony
  17. sleepingtiger

    Ebony Fretboard Cracks

    +1 for bore oil. It is MADE for ebony, as in clarinets. Tony
  18. sleepingtiger

    What is an aesthetic deal breaker for you on guitars?

    For me, black & Tobacco burst guitars. Boor-inggg!:mad: Tony
  19. sleepingtiger

    PSA: Be careful ordering from Guitar Center Used

    All you have to do is do your research & inquiries & be ready to return if necessary. I've done well with them, but once ordered 2 amps at the same time. One came better than described & I still have it. The other came packed so-so & some of the circuitry did not function & turned on & off when...
  20. sleepingtiger

    Guitar Emporium - Expensive Guitar Sales

    I've had nothing but positive here. Lately, no luch with selling outright, but have done some great trades, for BOTH parties. Truly a win/win, but I get a feel for them & do some research, before taking any risk. I have made some friends too! If my gut says no, it is no. I've not trusted my gut...
  21. sleepingtiger

    With ~$1000, which single-P90 guitar do you buy?

    PRS SE Korina One Tony
  22. sleepingtiger

    John Backlund Eastwood Flash Sale. Helluva Deal?

    My backlund is VERY well built. I just had an Alumitone put in the it! Also, on a couple of guitars, I've put middle pickups where they aren't originally. I love the bridge/middle tone! Tony
  23. sleepingtiger


    Kewl! VERY well done! Tony

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