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    Elton John - Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding vs. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

    I think Bohemian Rhapsody is more epic, and that's also supported by its popularity and usage in popular culture over the years. It's got like 96 harmony voices, a cappella at the beginning, piano, epic guitar solo, opera section, heavy rock ending concluding with line, "Nothing really matters...
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    Rehearsal Space - Too Small?

    13x19 should be fine for a three piece, although it will certainly get a bit loud in there. I've rehearsed with a 5-6 person band in the same space and it works.
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    Yes' "Fragile" album remastered?

    Thanks for posting those links. It's a very interesting read. I had been curious about Rush's albums for a long time, because I remember not liking their album sound as much after "Roll the Bones." Sure enough, the dynamic range on their albums dropped considerably after that album...
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    Steve Vai equivalent in country music?

    Come on guys, nobody has mentioned Scotty Anderson? ;) Check out his chord play at around 36 seconds in, and then he gets going at a minute in or so. Insanely fast double-stops among other things. I guess he might not be "wacky" enough?
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    Perry Farrell

    Let's look at Tom Petty's first three albums and their times for perspective: 1. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - 30:35 2. You're Gonna Get It! - 29:38 3. Damn The Torpedos - 36:38 Cut him some slack. ;)
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    Jethro Tull (Waaaaaaaay late to the Party but damn, what a band!)

    Yeah, she was quite positive about his playing in every video but the one where she reviews Bouree. In that one she was rather critical, which I found a bit peculiar because we know Ian's improv on the flute during that song is very good. She didn't seem to talk at all about that aspect to his...
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    Jethro Tull (Waaaaaaaay late to the Party but damn, what a band!)

    Yeah, that reaction video is funny. The ironic thing is that she attempts to improv in other videos, and as usual, as a classical musician she is quite horrible. So, I find it amusing when she critiqued an earlier video of Anderson playing Bouree and she said he sounded like a first year...
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    Harvard music lab test to check if you are tone deaf

    Interesting stuff. I also tried the listening test they have for whether actual singers are in tune. I was doing fine, but then they started shoving some horrendous, modulated vocals at me where both examples sounded equally terrible. At that point the novelty wore off and I closed the test.
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    Status of lawsuit from the Randy California estate/ Vs LZ

    We are all musicians here. The case was largely decided on other grounds (such as the Taurus' composition not being protectable as it was not enough of an original form of expression) but the court noted that lack of similarity as well: The claimed portion includes five descending notes of a...
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    Is a band Aerosmith in the same league with British classic rock greats?

    Well, in my humble opinion, that's a perfectly valid point. Early Aerosmith albums are probably more consistent in their sound from track to track than any Queen album. Most Queen albums showcase a variety of different musical styles, and some may appeal to people more than others. However...
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    Is a band Aerosmith in the same league with British classic rock greats?

    Let me start here - Queen had 53 singles in the top 40. Aerosmith only has had 21 in the top 40. Now, I could go on and discuss the cultural significance of Queen's music compared to Aerosmith, the movies, and how influential Queen continues to be - talk to a youngster and they will certainly...
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    Recording drums at home 17' x 14' room

    Sounds good! From my own listening experience (and opinions vary here due to different computer speakers and whatnot), the bass guitar seemed a tad hot to me, but it could be my speakers. Quick question - what bass traps are you using in the corners? I'm looking for some decent cost-efficient...
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    The first official word on Joey Kramer’s absence from Aerosmith. Update: He’s Back!

    You may be right, but I don't think that's a given. Most bands don't automatically share all of the performance income if someone isn't playing. That said, the bigger issue is obviously around the pride involved with the lifetime achievement award or whatever they are receiving.
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    Is Randy Rhoads overpraised?

    My apologies to Silent Sound, but I burst out laughing at this comment. Rhoads was all over all of the guitar magazines for years, and STILL is. His ability to construct melodic - and speedy - solos over interesting chord changes was incredible at the time he emerged on the scene.
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    Craigslist ad: "No veterans and blues-rockers"

    I'm surprised many of you on this forum seem to understand what the guys posting the ad are looking for. It told me nothing. Are they trying to play stuff and sound like Steely Dan? Are they playing "true jazz?" Are they trying to play progressive rock? What are they playing that requires...
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    I always understood Dean to be the real brains behind the outfit as he seems to be the main producer for the group. Robert always seems to defer to him in interviews when discussing the music in a technical manner. That's not to say Robert isn't a good bassist - he's great - but Dean seems to...
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    I’m in serious trouble...

    Darn. We are in the process of moving out of the city to the island, and I was going to be pretty close to their Roslyn location! It was going to be my new go-to place. It may still be, but it has increased the drive a bit! But, it may be hard not to pay an occasional visit to Matt and the...
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    Did Garcia primarily use the Mixolydian mode?

    I don't know, but I've never thought Garcia as being a "clumsy" player in the general sense. His lead lines on Slipknot/Help On The Way, for example, are very clean and quite precise. Maybe on live performances you hear more sloppiness? I'm just not sure where that opinion is coming from.
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    Experience Hendrix -Letdown

    I hope Zakk doesn't listen to that. Sheesh. In his first long solo, Zakk barely even solos in the right key, and it's even more apparent how clueless his feel is when Joe B. starts soloing. My God! I hate being critical, but the discrepancy between the playing and feel of these 2 guys (Zakk...
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    What scale am I suppose to use ?? Emin Emaj ??

    Yes, I was being a bit sloppy, I agree. I was in "shorthand" referencing that the C is the minor 7th (i.e., the 7th you'd use in a dominant D7 chord rather than a major 7 chord which was being discussed here). That said, I am a bit amused that you spent so much time on my post (I still feel...
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    What scale am I suppose to use ?? Emin Emaj ??

    Assuming normal tuning, the G# in E Mixolydian doesn't seem particularly pleasing in this progression as it wants to resolve back to G or E minor. However, without a melody, it's difficult when you just have primarily power chords. I was also reading the change as x577xxx to x477xxx, but maybe...
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    What scale am I suppose to use ?? Emin Emaj ??

    In D Myxolydian the 7th is a dominant 7th so it is C, not C#. And for the original poster, E Dorian is indeed the D Major scale with a shift in tonic focus.
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    What scale am I suppose to use ?? Emin Emaj ??

    Without knowing the melody, it's hard to tell with power chord progressions. Looking at the notes in those chords, you've got one sharp note - C# - in the inverted DMaj7 chord you are shifting into from the D5 power chord. I'd lean towards D Major, given the major 7th (C#) showing up in the...
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    Looks like the english BBC may stop playing Michael Jackson songs..

    Well, to be frank, I think it was pretty clear I was referring to these new allegations. These two men never came forward before.
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    Looks like the english BBC may stop playing Michael Jackson songs..

    That was a great read, and I think it reinforces that we need to not rush to judgment. It is amazing how many sham lawsuits MJ experienced in his lifetime, and the background on these two accusers shows they are in positions of serious financial need and may be motivated for financial reasons...

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