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  1. kcprogguitar

    Dead Daisies...Glenn Hughes...

    This guy just keeps getting better...
  2. kcprogguitar

    Steve Howe’s Martin for sale
  3. kcprogguitar

    Midi controller repair.

    I’ve got an Impulse49 with a pitch wheel sending messages. Of course pitch is all over. After speaking with tech support, it seems I need to disconnect the ribbon. Before I begin, any words of wisdom? Thanks.
  4. kcprogguitar

    Need some help with acoustic/classical pickup choices...etc

    I've got an OM-28 that I want to put a pickup setup in. Just really want to pass a good viable signal, don't need to set levels at the guitar itself, have good outboard gear to move it along. Price really isn't an obstacle, so lets see what you suggest. Basically for studio right now, to combine...
  5. kcprogguitar

    Seven Turns

    I watched this today and realized...three of the guys have passed on. Kinda sad.
  6. kcprogguitar

    HSS wiring...again

    Converting a strat. HSS 3 way blade. That's it. Can't find a diagram to save my life. Please help. Thanks, Mark
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    Nice accordion licks....

  8. kcprogguitar

    NGD...New Grosh Day

    So I just got my new guitar delivered from a dealer in Wisconsin. Sticker on box says do not open for 24 hours, shipped from very cold area. Not sure...what say you, TGP?
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    How is it?

    If you play for a small amount, you're a hobbyist. But being poor and starving for your music makes you an artist? Asking for a friend.
  10. kcprogguitar

    French fusion

    A while back I stumbled onto a French fusion guitarist that I really liked on youtube. Anyone have an idea on who that might be? I think the video was from about a decade ago. Thanks
  11. kcprogguitar

    Swapping pickup positions in a strat.

    I’ve got a set of Fralins in a strat. 3 way switch. I do have the plate on the bridge pickup, and the treble is wired to a tone control. Still too much treble at the bridge. The pickups came labeled for position. has anyone put the designated bridge at the neck and vice versa? Results? I’m...
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    Jeff Beck tour

    has 5 dates and I’m 15th row at one of them. I have no idea why Kansas City is one of the dates. None.
  13. kcprogguitar

    Weight of tele neck

    putting my list together for a new project. What do you think ?
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    Some Degarmo for you

    I know many of you are hip to this, but I just stumbled on it. You can hear the Queensryche floating around in there. He's doing this with his daughter.
  15. kcprogguitar

    Studio keyboard stand.

    This may seem odd, so apologies in advance. I have a 49 key controller that I use in the studio. What I’d like is to keep it out of the way until I need it. I’m willing to make it myself if need be. Under the desk, sliding out, is not feasible for me. I’m thinking a articulaing arm, mounted on...
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    You know what I want?

    Another Bad Co album w Paul Rodgers before it’s too late.
  17. kcprogguitar

    Aldrich, Bonamassa, Portnoy.

    How long before they cross pollinate considering the number of projects they have going at once?
  18. kcprogguitar

    Bill Frisell-The Great Flood

    Last night in KC. Sublime.
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    Pedal board cabling resources

    Cable. Plugs. Mounting hardware, etc. Who's got it? I want it.
  20. kcprogguitar

    Boring but necessary thread. Power conditioning and UPS for the studio

    So what are you guys using in your home or semi pro studios to protect your gear from power grid outages and line noise? I'm on a residential circuit, so there's no alternative feed for me to hit. I occasionally, and it is rare, get the whine of someone close by running their saw or whatever...
  21. kcprogguitar

    Methods to send signal to three amps.

    I know some but want to hear your thoughts, please. Thanks, Mark
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    The last production from George Martin Should be epic.
  23. kcprogguitar

    Fanned frets

    Who here has or had a guitar with this kind of neck? Please share your experience!