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    12 fret acoustics - why?

    I've got to go with aesthetic and sound on the twelve-fretters. I've had a few older Martins and what I have to pitch this: The larger bodied/jumbos (like the D-28S) is a bit dark and the nut, huge. I really like 12-fretters in the smaller-bodied sizes (0/00). Not only do they x-out the...
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    Who builds the best J-45 style guitar?

    Loved my Santa Cruz VS - different from the VA mentioned. Very light build, beautifully done.
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    '70s Martins, who's got one?

    I've had plenty: '79 D-35 (first 'real' guitar I washed cars for!) '79 D-12-35 '70 D-28S All were great and reliable!
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    nice acoustic for 2k

    A used Santa Cruz. The Vintage Southerners are awesome - but you should be able to find a number of D-size and 000-sizes if interested. Great company, absolutely flawless build!
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    Let's see some shots of you vintage Gibson!

    After a long search - I finally came across this one. With it came a note: Take care of Lil Quentin '46 SJ:
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    Let's see some shots of you vintage Gibson!

    Geez, Brian, you're so damn good! What a lovely trio they make.
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    Show me your 0 & 00 bodied acoustics

    Hmm. A '34 00-21 would have had different inlays (I can't tell if those are round dots or not) and an 00-18 would have been 14-frets at that point, I think (?) I wonder what it is.
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    Show me your 0 & 00 bodied acoustics

    I think that must have been custom ordered. I think the 00-40H like Geoff Muldaur's was more the - dare i say it - standard issue with all the pearl bling, no?
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    My 1952 Martin 000-21

    Love it!!!
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    Anyone have a Santa Cruz Vintage Southerner?

    I had a VS for about 4 years. My style was moving more and more toward fingerstyle and I simply wanted a small-bodied 12-fretter. NOT because the VS didn't handle fingerstyle playing well - it really did - and it took one helluva guitar to sell it. I had a buyer in the UK lined up for it for...
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    Martin 00-21 1947

    John, I'd believe that you'd have a pretty good frame of reference too. :AOK T~
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    Martin 00-21 1947

    Although there are differences between pre-War and '47....there's some good money out there ready to pony-up for the right one...
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    Martin 00-21 1947

    No issues, maybe $7K to $9K would be more precise. Martin was already done with scalloped bracing by then and I believe that they had possibly moved away red spruce/adirondack tops by then. Some could of had them but I think by that time most of them didn't. Good luck! I love those little...
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    Santa CRUZ 000 good used price??

    Absolutely! If you pass ~ forward me some info!
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    Martin D-35 or D-28

    I had a late 70's D-35 waaaaaayy back when and it was just plain dark. Later, had a D-28 from the 90's and thought it was a great guitar for songwriting with better balance. Each one's different, I suppose. Good luck!
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    Santa Cruz Vintage Artist

    The shorter-scaled Vintage Southerner is stormbringer too. Check it out!
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    Rosewood or mahogany on a "00" size guitar?

    I'm more between a vintage 00-21 v 00-18, i think. I definitely enjoy experimenting with various tunings ala Nick Drake. Davey Graham and Bert Jansch are in there too. I think both play larger dreads but that's already covered with me. Thanks to all for the replies!
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    Rosewood or mahogany on a "00" size guitar?

    I'd like to hear from some fingerstylists here especially. What wood do you prefer for tone on these smaller guitars and why? Thanks - in the market!
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    Guild M20

    A lot of Nick Drake enthusiasts talk about this little guitar 'cos Nick's pictured on an LP cover ("Bryter Later", I think) with one. For years, many people speculated that this was the guitar he used - but more have since come to figure that it was just laying around and borrowed from someone...
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    Gibson Southern Jumbo users

    +1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 on the VS.
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    Are gibson and martin really worth it?

    Wow this is hostile territory! I think that what is fair to point out is that both Martin and Gibson innovation has stood the test of time (into three centuries now) and have been and are still being employed by almost every quality maker out there, period. No one has more influential and...
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    Cost of Neck Reset

    I'm sorry that I don't know of any in LA (although there should be plenty that Martin could directly recomment as certified repairmen) but $300 is usually the go-to rate. Best of luck!
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    Santa Cruz H13?

    Yes, that's the one. It wasn't that he wanted to move away from the H13 rather than he thought the VS would more better suit his bluegrass-style of playing.
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    Santa Cruz H13?

    JV- No; it was your H13 that the gentleman was thinking of dealing on. I subsequently backed out and kept the VS as I believe it was just the right guitar for me. The H13 looked amazing!