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  1. NunoVanbamsteen

    FS Cornford Roadhouse 50

  2. NunoVanbamsteen

    Who is the Most "Likeable" Guitar God?

    i’ve been lucky enough to meet a couple of my heros and they were all kind, gracious and funny. Paul Gilbert Steve Vai Tony MacAlpine Mike Keneally Andy Timmons All rank up there as far as skills and ability, and they were all super cool.
  3. NunoVanbamsteen

    FS Cornford Roadhouse 50

    I have available for sale only, have to defray the cost of a recent purchase. Was sold, buyer backed out. Cornford Roadhouse 50, Brilliant amp, sounds great, looks great, still has the Made in England tag hanging from it. Built 09-09-09 Solid, gorgeous tone, 2x12s Celestion Vintage 30s...
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    Mesa Heartbreaker: Mids knob reverse?

    Mesa’s gain structure is heavily dependent on the tone stack, a great way to dial in your tone is set your tone knobs to zero, set your gain at say 10 O’Clock, then add highs, mids, and lows one at a time to see how it interacts with your sound. A lot of people have been put off by that and...
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    FS New Bogner Ecstasy 3534 Head

    Trades or consignment?
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    NRUD! Rockman content!

    They are out there. deals to be had from time to time. I saw one with 2 remote loops for 150 bucks at a music go round, but they were snatched up quickly.
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    NRUD! Rockman content!

    I’ve had about an hour with it, then had to leave to go to KC for work, I am planning on spending some quality time this weekend! SO MUCH FUN, though!
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    NRUD! Rockman content!

    New to me rack, the rare and mythical Rockman XPR!
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    Which strat did it for you?

    I've tried and owned several strats but they all but a scant few fell flat for me. They've all felt cheap, or just not well made at all. My Old Drummer's '40th anniversary Plus deluxe with a faded green to blue finish over swamp ash body was one, it had the Silver, Blue and Red Lace sensors...
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    Soldano sp77 differences

    What’s a good price for one of these?
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    WTB Mesa MK IIc+ (maybe III)

    I have a Jan '97 Mark III Simul-class Head with full/half power switch on the front. Very clean amp, sounds brilliant! Have 2 footswitches and "leather" slip cover.
  12. NunoVanbamsteen

    WTB Mesa Boogie Mark iii red, purple, or green stripe

    I have a jan 1987 purple stripe simulclass head, very clean condition, tubes have a lot of life left in them. PM me.
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    Sold Cornford Roadhouse 50 watt 2x12 Combo

    I have available for sale or trade (Bogner Ecstasy 3534 primary desire) Cornford Roadhouse 50, Brilliant amp, sounds great, looks great, still has the Made in England tag hanging from it. Built 09-09-09 Solid, gorgeous tone, 2x12s Celestion Vintage 30s. includes footswitch. Shipping will be a...
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    Your biggest waste of money , guitar mods

    Thats the very thing keeping me from trying them. When you have hype surrounding them, I wonder how much is just trying to justify the cost in your own head that “they were exp, they MUST be great!” At the end of the day, they aren’t reinventing the wheel, it’s wire and magnets in varied...
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    when/why did rack mount die?

    It's a neanderthal's mindset. I actually was told at a rehearsal that the band I was auditioning for didn't like that "Rack Sound" I was running a Mesa Triaxis into a 2:90 Power amp with a G Major controlling gating and adding delay during solos, that was it. They couldn't ever quantify what...
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    How many Fuzz pedals do you have? Fuzz Only, Not OD...

    I’m boring, I guess, I have only had a handful of fuzz pedals. I currently own 1, the Sun Face BC109 with the clock instead of the sun face logo. I just got it a month ago, and I’m very happy with it! I have owned a Morley PWF pedal (1st fuzz ever) pretty fuzzy, for sure, volume and tone knobs...
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    Divorcing... New bedroom setup.

    Umm, Just an FYI, if that's not an Eventide H9 Max, they have a discount on maxxing out your pedal! Oh, Uhh, that sucks/is great. As painful as things will be, focus on the good stuff like playing and improving and have some fun!
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    Anything on the market that nails the Rockman X100 sound? Amp, pedal, modeler, whatever...?

    I’v looked, because I had one when I was stationed abroad and it helped save my sanity. ended up losing or trading I don’t recall, but I found a couple X100s that needed some TLC and kept one, flipped one after doing the usual capacitor replacement. there are a few guys that have some...
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    If you could only have up to 5 pedals for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

    I can get a lot done with 5 pedals! So, lets assume I'm using a pure clean amp dedicated to pedals and no channel switching, tone is derived from the boxes. Crybaby Wah Xotic SP Comp Bogner Ecstasy Blue (AMAZING PEDAL) Eventide Time Factor Eventide H9 If I can't make the sounds I need with...
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    I don't understand PRS hype

    THOSE ARE GAWJUSSSS!! That Burnt Umber quilt top is my kinda top!!! You have good taste in finishes! My only kvetch with the PRS are the neck shape and the heels, I just don't gel with them at all. but they are beautiful looking!!!
  21. NunoVanbamsteen

    I don't understand PRS hype

    I love their looks, but I never got along with their playability. but I can see why someone would be gaga over them. it's ice cream, you like what you like!
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    Anyone ever pass/quit a band due to disagreement over "personal beliefs"?

    I had 2 instance where gear was actually an issue. Not that I had bad gear, in fact, I've always had great stuff. One band didn't like that "rack sound" when I was running a Mesa Triaxis and 2:90 power amp. They couldn't quantify what it was, other than "Rack sound" GTFOH! The other, I brought...
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    Anyone ever pass/quit a band due to disagreement over "personal beliefs"?

    Previously I was in a pretty popular tribute band and we found out that the singer had some legal issues, all related to child porn. I grabbed my stuff and that was it. No way am i ever putting my stamp of approval in that realm. Drummer had the same mindset. We tried to assemble the same type...