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    AC15 vs Loud Drummer

    AC15 vs Loud Drummer No PA What say you?
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    FT Mesa Mark V 90 Head for Your???

    Hi! Up for trade is my Mesa Mark V 90 Head. Bought new 6 years ago or so. One owner, me. Maybe 20 hours on her. Never gigged, smoke free studio, now in climate controlled storage, as new as used can be. Has 6L6s, padded Mesa cover, big foot switch, foot switch bag & cable. Looking to try...
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    What’s the skinny on 3rd Power Amps? Why did you sell yours?

    I’m turned on to some of their products, but haven’t played any. When researching them here, I see so many sold in the Emporium... What are your thoughts on these amps? Who sold them and why? Thanks!
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    What Amp Does The Best Clean To “Freakout” From Pick Attack Alone?

    Picked up a 40CR that does this well. Not talking clean to distortion really, but more clean to HELP!!! just from picking dynamics. What amp does this best?
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    My first Marshall

    So I never had a Marshall. Being addicted to Fender cleans, I was always a Fender / Boogie guy. Eventually, gas got the better of me, and I found a 40CR on CL at a “can’t lose money” price. Reviews looked strong, with a great bang for the buck. In typical TGP fashion, I figured it would give me...
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    Big Neck Gold Top Build

    As I’ve grown older, normal necks cramp my hand. Great thing is, there are a million new and vintage guitars I simply can’t gas for, as I know they won’t “fit”. Bad thing is, I still gas for guitars. Needing necks abnormally thick, and not being rich, my options are limited. Years ago, I was...
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    P-90s Without Honk

    I like the idea of a fat single coil, but I’m not into the honk. Not looking for vintage sounds or a midrange push in general. What P-90s would you suggest?
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    Textured Tops?

    Who has/had a guitar with a textured, rough, or un-smooth top? Does/did it bug you? If so, would an S type forearm contour solve the issue? Asking for me.
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    What’s This Strat Mod Called?

    Hi guys! Being a neck pup lover, I wire my neck pup to the 3 position, and the mid pup to 5, (where the neck is supposed to be). This way I still get the neck/mid on position 4, but position 2 is neck/bridge. Love it! So much easier than wiring a “bridge on” switch. Anyway, this mod has...
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    Finish for Maple Fretboard Inlay

    It’s a dark rosewood fretboard w/ Gibson trapezoid inlay made of maple. (Custom) What do you think would be a good finish for the maple inlay? Thank you!
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    S-Gear @ $99 - Talk Me Out Of It

    Been looking for a good amp sim for quiet recording/practicing. I’ve read a lot of praise for S-Gear and it’s on sale for $99 until 12/22. Any reason I should pass on this? Thanks!
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    Who here...

    Who here loosens their neck bolts while it’s under string pressure, then tightens them back? Just curious.
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    1998 Fulltone Deja-Vibe White Big Box Question

    Hi guys, looking for advice. I have an 1998 Deja Vibe #953 that I’m looking to sell. It is fully functional, but the Dark/Bright switch has broken off, and I don’t have the broken tip. Still works, but no tip. I contacted Fulltone, but they don’t have the old red tipped switch, so any fix...
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    Headstock angle importance?

    I’m building an SG inspired guitar, but it will not have the SG shape or the traditional tilt back headstock. So what do you think: Wouldn’t the break angle on the nut be a part of the “SG recipe”? How important is it? Has the angle been consistent throughout the SG’s history? Is there...
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    P-90 LP Kit - Choose the Hardware & Pups

    The title sums it up. If you had a P-90 LP kit, what hardware and pups would you choose? Why? Thanks!
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    Different Frets on Same Guitar?

    As a Fender guy all my guitar life, I’m excited about building an LP for myself. I’m really digging the different feel of an LP, (bought a tribute to test and flip) the only minor issue are the upper frets feeling a bit more compressed / congested. One would think that the Modern Narrow &...
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    Hobbyist to Build Unfinished LP Husk w/ Huge Neck?

    Hi! Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I’m gassing for a LP Goldtop w/ P-90’s. Problem 1 - I have hand issues where I need a neck that’s around 1.2” thick, C shape, all the way down, w/ 1.75 nut. Problem 2 - I don’t have 3k+ for a full custom build. Lame, I know...
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    Adding a Fret Board

    Ok, I don’t expect many to relate, but here is the deal. I need a HUGE neck. My electrics are over a full inch all the way down. My fave being 1.25” (Hand made) Of course, I’ve never found an acoustic to come close to what is comfortable for me, and custom acoustics are out of my price range...
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    If Only for Headphone Play / Recording, Unit or Software?

    I don't see myself going digital for live shows, but I like the idea for headphone practice and recording. With this being the case, and with software so much cheaper, wouldn't software be the best solution? If so, which software should I look into? If not, why, and which unit should I look...
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    Distortion Pedal w/ Zero Character?

    I'm looking for a pedal that retains my amp's clean tone while making it distorted, from low to medium gain. Any suggestions? It's for a Fender-ish type amp. Thank you!
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    NGD! 2014 Les Paul Classic - Need Advice

    IMG_5958 by Longer posted Mar 4, 2019 at 5:07 AM Never been a Gibson guy, been playing Fenders since I can remember. I had an amp for sale on Craigslist, just thinning the herd, and I was offered a Les Paul as a trade. Not my thing, but it was worth more than the amp, so why not? What...
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    Who Here Never Uses the Bridge Pup?

    This may sound like sacrilege to many, but never being in a cover band, I've never tried to reproduce someone else's tone, so I've always just worked on my sound, you know? Doing this, I've always gravitated to the neck or neck + middle pups. Then once you have your amp setup for that sound...
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    Changing Power Tubes Without Re-Biasing

    Yep, I did this. Figured I'd just hear what a new quad would sound like. Might run a little hot or a little cold, but whatever, why not? Sounded great! Clearer, quieter, yada yada. 20 min in, had volume drop. Looked, had a tube glowing bright red. Before I could turn it off, amp blew it's...
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    6l6 - 2 Matched NOS Pairs vs New Matched Quad

    NOS 6l6 matched quads are going for more than I want to spend. So if that was off the table, would you rather go with new production matched quads or two matched pairs of vintage glass? Why? Thank you!
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    Nad!!! Fuchs Pa-100 Ods Mod

    NAD!!!! Ok, it was a few days ago, but I scored a Fuchs modded PA-100! Very excited by it, had to share. I do original rock, and I'm not really chasing a D-tone, but I live for big cleans as a pedal platform and I had to give this monster a try. Monster is no joke, as this amp is the biggest...