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  1. kcprogguitar

    Concert films

    But it actually IS Pink Floyd. Roger walked away. If he’s stupid enough to to turn his back on what he spent his entire adult life ,to that point, building, then that’s on him. Not the other three. Just because he got pissy in his panties is no reason for the others to abandon their life’s work...
  2. kcprogguitar

    Name a recent "young" major/successful touring band

    So you're saying that rock is playing smaller venues to smaller audiences. I'd say the scene is stronger for having a dedicated following than a few big bands and then a wasteland. I see plenty of young artists putting out LPs and touring (not that I go to them, I don't), or they were before...
  3. kcprogguitar

    Solution to Worship Music/CCM

    I don't believe there is a solution. After decades of watching and listening to church/worship music, my take is this. Originality isn't sought after, only obsequiousness. A certain segment didn't feel the music spoke to them, or the message they carried, so they managed to change the meta...
  4. kcprogguitar

    Tax Consequence of Trading Gear to a Store

    The tax is on the transaction, not the item.
  5. kcprogguitar

    Steve Howe Question: What guitars did he use one the first Asia album?

    Video showed HowE playing a strat during the Drama period
  6. kcprogguitar

    Steve Howe Question: What guitars did he use one the first Asia album?

    The Martin he used on the first tour was up for sale on Reverb a while back.
  7. kcprogguitar

    Craigslist: A musician posts a manifesto

    The same as it did 30 years ago, man. And you have to play it.
  8. kcprogguitar

    Who did you see at a small club gig that blew you away?

    TNT at the Lonestar. EJ at the Lonestar, Steve Morse two nights later at some tiny tiny dive.
  9. kcprogguitar

    Stereo Rack Power Amps

    I'm curious. Did you haul and setup that rig yourself, or did you have stage help to load, unload, etc...?
  10. kcprogguitar

    Vocals through guitar pedals?

    Go old school and do your vocals through your PAF.
  11. kcprogguitar

    A question to those who had stopped playing altogether at some point and restarted again later...

    Quit after 15 years in 1990 due to legal and romantic issues, they speak for themselves, and to launch a bonafide career and buy a house. I had 40 some guitars and a dozen amps...some of it pretty valuable by today's standards including some early 60s fenders and Marshalls and Hiwatts. Sold...
  12. kcprogguitar

    The Psychedelic Rock appreciation thread.

    You'd be busy raiding the fridge, if you know what I mean. Great band
  13. kcprogguitar

    NGD: Strandberg Boden Prog 6

    Thank you for your insights.
  14. kcprogguitar

    Brand new release from John Sykes!

    Gotta love wacky rock stars. They be funny.
  15. kcprogguitar

    NGD: Strandberg Boden Prog 6

    Kinda necro, I know. Are you still liking your Strandberg? Any regrets? Are there any challenges moving to the fanned fretboard?
  16. kcprogguitar

    Dead Daisies...Glenn Hughes...

    This guy just keeps getting better...
  17. kcprogguitar

    Acoustic guitar - finger squeaks

    Old strings don’t squeak.
  18. kcprogguitar

    Which female artist would you collaborate with? (No objectifying welcome here…)

    Alison Krause. You can't find a better musician. Period. I'll put it into context for you. In her collaboration with Robert Plant, she elevated him, instead of the other way around.
  19. kcprogguitar

    Curious if anyone here listens to hip hop?

    How about this. I’m not writing it off. I don’t like it. I’m not prejudiced. The music doesn’t speak to me, and most importantly, it’s not meant to speak to me. I don’t listen for production values. I appreciate the effort that goes into it. I don’t like anime either. Care to comment on that?
  20. kcprogguitar

    Mongolian Rock band The HU

    These guys can make a fortune scoring soundtracks.