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    analysis Plus - instrument and speaker cable

    I've got both the Studio Pro Oval and the Yellow oval and I can definitely say that the Pro Oval is better- it's definitely clearer sounding with something extra that the Yellow oval doesn't have - the yellow oval is duller but has a big bottom end - I think the Pro oval has a tad less bottom...
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    analysis Plus - instrument and speaker cable

    they are similar - I cannot say which is better - The Alessandro sounds a bit warmer - you got to try both
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    Cross-posted: Tell me about the Evidence Siren speaker cable

    I'm using an internal wiring harness Siren II for my Vox BNX cab and it definitely made a difference to my sound - it's not easy to put into words but I can definitely say my amp sounds better . i'm using analysis plus Oval 12 speaker cables and analysis Plus Studio Pro Oval instrument cable...
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    Xotic RC Booster - ticking noise

    is there any electric fence anywhere near where you are - even 100 meters away can cause a steady ticking noise. i live in a secure cluster complex with an electric fence 60 + meters away and if I turn my amps up full i can hear a ticking - this happens with all my amps.
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    analysis Plus - instrument and speaker cable

    the yellow oval is nice but the studio pro oval is in another league
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    analysis Plus - instrument and speaker cable

    is the purple studio pro oval still good for overdriven sounds? I'm using an Alessandro English which is a very detailed amp with incredible harmonic content. I loved the yellow oval but was told the studio Pro oval is in another league so I've ordered the oval studio pro. I play semi clean...
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    Analysis Plus Guitar Cables..chime in!

    I tried some yellow oval Analysis plus yesterday from a friend and went and bought some on the spot - i got the studio pro and I can never go back to any other cable ever again!!! i was never a believer in high end cable mumbo jumbo - I'm a believer now. I was in a quiet room with my...
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    analysis Plus - instrument and speaker cable

    A friend brought some analysis plus yellow oval to my house and basically blew me away - very nice cable - anyone else used it? what type of analysis plus speaker cable works well with guitar amps?