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  1. PierreL

    Rivera 55-112 : opinions wanted

    Hi guys. Someone is proposing a Rivera 55-112 in exchange of one of my guitars that I'm selling. I have never tried this amp, I just knwo Rivera from their rather good reputation. I already have a '82 Vibrolux and '68 Super Reverb, so what can I expect different from this amp ? I have heard some...
  2. PierreL

    "Get up and drive that funky soul" almost end of quarantine cover

    Finished on Sunday before the end of quarantine in France. It was nice to record like that, a first for us. I learned quite a bit working on it as far as getting a cool tone and trying toput a good performance on (digital) tape. And then making a video out of it.
  3. PierreL

    Fuchs Mod Ods Pa-100

    Hi all. A quick take of my Fuchs ODS PA-100. Drive channel with mid boost on. The cab is a Two Rock 2x12 with Celestion G12-65 and Eminence RWB. Guitar is a Tokai Goldstar Strat from 1984 (?), fitted with Lollar Blonde pickups, bridge pickup here. Recorded with a Zoom Q2N. Backing track courtesy...
  4. PierreL

    Bill Withers tribute : Sting and Robben Ford playing Ain’t no Sunshine

    An oldie obviously, still a nice tribute to Withers.
  5. PierreL

    A bit of talent on the same stage ... Smith, Timmons, Lettieri...

    Stumbled onto this in my Yt feed, happened fairly recently at a Mark Lettieri gig, as he was joined by Andy Timmons and Josh Smith. Some nice moments.
  6. PierreL

    Cool Robben Ford jam.. Vulfpeck related

    Nice song from Scary Pockets and Theo Katzman from Vulfpeck, famous Larry Goldings on B3, with solos from Robben Ford. Cool vibes.
  7. PierreL

    Fane Classic 12/150C info

    Hi all. I got this speaker some time ago in a 2x12 Two Rock cab. I can't find any info about it on Internet : when were they made, technical specs, are they sought after , price level etc... Here's the beast : Any help would be appreciated.
  8. PierreL

    Blonde Lollars Strat pickups for funk ?

    Hi all. I have this really nice Tokai Strat from 1983 which I love...except the pickups, which are average. I have found a set of Blonde Lollars for a good price, but I wonder if they would fit for funk, as it's my primary style, I'm thinking about the middle + neck position specifically. I have...
  9. PierreL

    Ngd ! 1982 Greco Sa1200 Super Real

    Just in today... I have sold my 1978 SA700 to get this one, it's a beauty. Had its neck broken and repaired, flawlessy imo, hence a rather interesting price... Fitted with with Dry 1982 pickups. Under fire tonight for its first rehearsal. First unplugged test let me think that this is a winner.
  10. PierreL

    Awesome playing by Josh Smith on Sultans of Swing...

    Josh killing usual. He really gets the vibe for his solo. All guys involved play great, Martin Miller of course, the drummer is really good too. A cool watch.
  11. PierreL

    Supro Jupiter or 1980 Fender Vibrolux ?

    I'm looking to replace my Fender Deluxe Reverb Custom 68, which has served me well but is a bit underpowered sometimes (for instance when I play with a big band). So I have been looking at more powerful amps for replacement (second hand, that's important for the budget I have...), and I have...
  12. PierreL

    Neo Soul/R&B guitar

    I hadn't realised it was that popular. I knew Isaiah Sharkey, great player, and also Tom Misch. There's a lot more actually. Some cool sounds in there :
  13. PierreL

    Mixing class A tubes converters with 6L6s in a 100W amp ?

    I have been toying around with the idea of mixing two class A converters, like TAD Class A converters ( ) with two 6L6s in my 100W Fuchs, to lower...
  14. PierreL

    My relic'ed Burny MIJ Les Paul... NRGD !

    Last year I stumbled on an ad on Facebook for a cheap Burny Les Paul, seemingly an early 80's model. Turned out after some research that it was a 1983 RLG-50. So I bought it, changed the pickups to some Suhr Thornbuckers, had it set up, and well that was a great guitar. But even after some time...
  15. PierreL

    Tom McGuire and the Brassholes... great funk band

    Dig their groove : On repeat play in my car, at home, at work... everywhere.
  16. PierreL

    Changing 2 (out of 4) speakers on a 1968 Fender Super Reverb ?

    Hi guys. I have a 1968 silverface, drip edge Super Reverb which sounds fine... but it's really not loud at all. I know that it should be a beast, volume wise, it just ain't. I have purchased this amp as an alternative to my Deluxe Reverb Custom 68 when this one does not cut it volume wise, when...
  17. PierreL

    New upcoming Robben Ford CD, "Purple House"

    Should be out on October 26th. Purple House, his forthcoming brand new studio album, co-produced by Casey Wasner, features nine powerhouse tracks and the album’s genesis, according to Ford, was simple and uncomplicated. “My concept for the record was to do something with a lot more emphasis on...
  18. PierreL

    New stuff from The Marcus King Band

    Thay have a new album coming out this October. Two songs previews : Sounds really promising again. The guy delivers.
  19. PierreL

    ETHOS OD : do you use the boost ?

    I use an Ethos as my main OD, really a great pedal. But I don't find the boost to be really usable : too much of a gain jump, losing most of the wonderful warmth of the OD tone, and it sounds like most of the mids are gone. I use mostly external boosts pedals then. So, is it a problem with my...
  20. PierreL

    Anyone tried an Eminence GA-SC 64 in a 68 Deluxe Reverb RI ?

    I wanted to try this speaker in my Custom 68 Deluxe Reverb (the V-Type being a great speaker however... just need to... try... something). Tried to install it today and major bummer : the holes do not match the ones from the V Type ! First time I encounter this with an aftermarket speaker. You...
  21. PierreL

    Interesting jazz prog French band : Six Ring Circus

    I just discovered them through a friend’s FB link. Makes me think of Moetar. Some quite good playing...
  22. PierreL

    Nice tribute to Michael Brecker, featuring Louis Winsberg

    I just stumbled on this recent recording, courtesy of Spotify « New Releases » list. Great selection of Michael Brecker tunes, played by an organ trio, with the amazing Louis Winsberg (Sixun, Jaleo) on guitar. Almost no sax in sight. It just shows what a great composer Brecker was.
  23. PierreL

    WGS Blackhawk 100 vs Jensen BlackBird Alnico for a D-type amp

    Hi all. I have recently acquired a lovely FUCHS PA-100 mod. I previously had a standard Fuchs ODS 50W, which I used with a Celestion G12-65. Now, this new amp being a 100 watter, I need to change my speaker to avoid blowing the G12-65. I have been looking at two alnico speakers for that, the WGS...
  24. PierreL

    Sold Kingsley Jouster with power supply

    For sale this Jouster dual channel overdrive from Kingsley. Very good condition. Price : 600$ shipped to the US/Canada. Paypal accepted.
  25. PierreL

    Sold Kingsley Minstrel V2

    Hi everyone. For sale this 2017 Kingsley Minstrel, received this month, after an 8 months wait. Great overdrive, I get the praise now... but the Ethos is still the winner for me and the music I play, and I cannot afford having two expensive overdrives on my board. It's of course as new, with...