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    Vintage SG Question

    I think I've heard that the '64's have a bigger neck? I could be wrong. I know it's true with 335's. SG's are popular right now! Getting pricey.
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    A little Olympic White action from 1964

    My favorite look for a Strat right there.
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    Where to Start

    OK Guitars has a few Strats right now. He's very reputable.
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    Mid '60s Guild Electrics, anybody into them?

    I have a 73 Bluesbird I love, also an early 80's bass which is awesome. If I was a collector it would be Guilds.
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    Original 65 deluxe reverb owner, play or preserve?

    That is a workingman's amp.
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    Think I want a tweed

    Love me some tweed. Had a '59 Bassman back in the 70's. Now I have a Germino Tweed Deluxe and a Victoria 5112. The clones are close enough for me.
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    How Much Will a Early 60s 335 Cost Me?

    I think about this a lot. If it were me, (and it may be someday) I'd like to have $20K USD before I started looking. In that price range I can get the guitar I want, rather than the one I can afford.
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    Guitars from 75

    Guilds from the 70's are great. The HB1 pickups from that era are sweet! If you wanted an acoustic a '75 Mossman would be a nice choice. Better and cheaper than Martins of that era. 70's Les Paul Customs can be good but you better be in shape.
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    Someone found an unplayed 1956 Les Paul

    Might be worth it. Yowza!
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    Guitars from 75

    I have a '73 Guild Bluesbird that's killer. I love 70's Guilds! Also Mossman acoustic guitars from that era are very nice. I think Les Paul Customs from that era are nice (but heavy). I started playing at 16 back in 1970. For the most part those were dark times for new guitars, but there were a...
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    1963 Guild Starfire

    I think the pickups on the '63 are D'Armonds. If it was me, I'd go for the '66.
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    Selling my newer gear and buying vintage.

    I don't think it matters. I have a mixture. Three of my guitars are from the 70's, which to me is kinda hard to call vintage. I don't like them any more or less than my newer guitars. Half of my amps are vintage, the others are boutique tweed clones. They are all great.
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    1968 ES335 Is it a keeper ?

    Start playing. Old 335's are better than money.
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    1960 Burst Restoration

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    Vintage Ibanez appreciation thread.

    I have a late 70's Ibanez "Champion" which is a sunburst dreadnaught. I haven't found anything that sounds better, and it plays great.
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    What are '65 ES-335s selling for these days?

    Check out if you haven't already.
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    Greatest vintage guitar 1962?

    Double bound Tele in some cool color......or a 345..I like red ones!
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    Vintage Guild Starfire models.

    I have never played any kind of Guild guitar where I didn't fall in love with the neck.
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    What piece of vintage gear are you saving or shopping for?

    I think I want a Harvard. Probably get a clone.
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    Why do I want a 70's Japanese Acoustic So Bad?

    I have a 70's Ibanez "Champion" dreadnaught that's not going anywhere. Sitka top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood bridge and fingerboard, handmade.
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    Guild Bluesbird 1973 legit ?

    I just bought a '73 from Elderly for $1400. It looks the same except mine is a lighter tint. The neck pickup on mine is really really sweet. I also love the feel of the bound rosewood fingerboard (I normally play maple Tele's). Just a great guitar. I would have paid $1700 if I'd had too. It...
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    Does a 1971 ES 335 qualify as Vintage?

    To me, Vintage refers to the time before Gibson started cutting corners.
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    74 Fender telecaster

    I wouldn't buy a 70's Tele without playing it. They were pretty hit or miss back then.