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    Guitar you first really wanted when growing up

    A Gold Top Les Paul that was sitting in a pawn shop window. Still never had a Lester.
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    ES-335 style guitars....

    Mine's a sunburst. Wish it was red.
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    Non Fender Telecasters

    My Kirn
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    Poll: Do you perform regular maintenance on your guitars...???

    I change the strings when they need it, anything else, I have my tech do it. I study guitar playing, not how to work on it.
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    Why did you buy a PRS, and was it worth it?

    I notice a lot of really good players use them. I've never played one. Kind of scared to.
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    Not Gibson/Fender/PRS…what is your favorite guitar?

    I love old Guilds from the 70's.
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    Say you have 5K to spend on a killer 335 , what do you buy?

    I bought a used McKay and put some Gil Yaron pickups in it for under $4500. I don't think you can get closer to vintage than that.
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    Does anyone else suffer from arthritis in their hands?

    I'm 65 and can't make a fist with my left hand and my right hand has a bit of trigger finger. Doesn't affect my playing except it's hard to fingerpick sometimes, so I hybrid pick instead.
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    Jimmy Wallace Pickups

    Hey Ralph!
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    Jimmy Wallace Pickups

    Never mind. I found some Gil Yarons on Reverb. Hope they go good!
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    Jimmy Wallace Pickups

    I've been thinking about putting some Throbaks in my McKay 335. My repair guy is swearing up and down I should try these Jimmy Wallace pickups. Anybody know anything about these?
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    Entry Level Guitars that played shockingly well for price and build source.

    Whatever those import G&L's are called. Maybe Tribute? They're pretty nice.
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    Do acoustic guitars get better with age?

    I've tried out a bunch of old Martins at a big guitar show recently. I went there with $5K in my pocket. I was looking to buy the best Dreadnaught I could find. I was pretty disappointed with all the old Martins there. I played some new guitars a D14, a Thompson, and a Collings all in the $4 to...
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    What's the rarest guitar you own?

    I have several semi obscure guitars. McKay 335, Mossman Flint Hills from '77, '73 Guild Bluesbird. Purely by accident, I wound up with a stable of guitars and not one of them is a Fender, Gibson, or Martin.
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    Favorite non-Gibson Semi-hollows

    McKay Sunrise '59
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    Gear you had to get rid of due to an ex?

    My ex told me I loved my guitar more than her. The guitar is still here.
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    Do you have a guitar that is way above your playing capability ?

    Just practice. If it sounds bad, you'll know it's not the guitar.
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    If you could only have 1 acoustic guitar?

    I have a 1977 Mossman Flint Hills (like a D28). I require a dreadnaught. I took $5000 to the Dallas Guitar Show and this is what I wound up with. I tried a lot of guitars new and old. Martin, Collings, and Thompson were all in the running. I passed on a D14 that still haunts me. The new Martins...
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    Build A Rig

    I got a new Kirn Tele, I run it through a Nobels pedal and a delay into my drip edge Bassman w/a 1 12 cabinet and an attenuator. Probably got about $3K in that rig. Does everything I need anywhere I need it.
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    Which sub $1500 tele?

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    Am i the only one that doesn't like Signature Guitars, Amps etc?

    My signature guitar is a Ron Kirn.
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    How many guitars have you owned in your life?

    I've owned 10. I still have 5 of them. I don't see myself buying or selling anything from here on out.
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    High End Guitar That Fell Flat For You?

    I bought a brand new Strat in 1973 and my broke ass was stuck with that thing for years.