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    FS 2x Celestion Marshall G12C 16 ohms Greenback Speakers

    Sound absolutely great and are no longer made. Used in the Marshall Jimi Hendrix 1982 JH cabs a few years ago (cabs that went with the limited edition Super 100 JH amp). Compared to "regular" Greenbacks they have a bit less dope and sound a bit fuller, I do not know if they used the same cone or...
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    FS Celestion Ruby 8 ohms Speaker

    Works and sounds great, had it in my BFDR for a few days, alnico is just not my thing. $220 PP'd and shipped ConUS:
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    Sold Vintage 1979 Celestion G12-80 16 ohms Speaker Pair

    100% original, 1777 cones, glue touch-up on the dust caps, made October 19th 1979. Absolutely sound great, no issue whatsoever, I've had them for years. Traded PP'd and shipped ConUS for the pair, $120 for each speaker.
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    Sold Celestion G10 Greenback 8 ohms Speaker

    Like new, no solder on the tabs. $75 PP'd and shipped ConUS:
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    Sold Fender Deluxe Reverb Head Cab

    In good condition, has been used, it's a cab I made a few years ago and have no use for anymore. 3/4" solid pine, 1/2" birch ply front panel, aged silverface grill cloth, no hardware. $175 PP'd and shipped ConUS.
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    '64 Vox AC-30 Head

    I recently acquired this fantastic amp, non top-boost. After changing the electrolytics (original and way out of spec…) and rectifying some previous cocaine monkey repair work (wrong pot values for the 2 replacements and mega over filtering for the preamp - 50uF x2!!!), it sounds absolutely...
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    Sold Vintage 1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amplifier

    In great condition, works flawlessly and sounds even better. All original except: -converted and wired correctly (and safely) to a 3-prong AC cord, polarity switch removed -all electrolytic caps have been changed 2 years ago -one replaced signal cap and normal channel bass potentiometer...
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    Sold Way Huge Green Rhino WHE207 MKIV Overdrive $80

    Like new, with box & swag, $80 PP'd and shipped ConUS:
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    Sold Electro-Voice EV Force 12" 8ohms Speaker $115 Shipped

    In excellent working condition, from a Mesa Boogie MkIII combo. $115 PP'd and shipped ConUS. Please no trades.
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    Change tube sockets?

    '85 Mesa Boogie SOB SimulClass head, 60w, 4x 6L6, 3x 12ax7. Preamp tube sockets seem bad, some noises and cut-outs when wiggling tubes, I re-tensioned and cleaned them a couple of times already, putting tube shields on seem to help a bit with the spring. The amp also makes weird noises at...
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    Mesa Boogie

    Vintage & iconic? The early Boogies surely are, no? To my mind they were a unique amp at the time and still are. I never got into them, although some of my friends bought the first ones available in EU in the '70s and got great tones. I've become Mesa-curious lately, what say you?
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    Mid '60s Guild Electrics, anybody into them?

    I've been on a vintage Guild kick lately, I've always wondered why those guitars are not more popular in the vintage market (and more expensive), and the only explanation I can come up with is that no superstar player has been known playing a Guild as a main instrument. IMHO the build quality...
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    Sold Weber Thames 12” 8 ohms 80w Speaker

    $95 PP’d and shipped ConUS:
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    Sold 2x JBL D-131 8ohms Speakers w/ D-120 Recones

    As the title says, reconed years ago by Allan at Spiral Reconing, lived in my 2x BFDR's for about 5 years. Labelled 16ohms, but all JBL speakers were 8ohms, one speaker frames has a weld repair 100% solid, again I used and gigged those for 5 years. They will be double boxed and packed like...
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    Sold Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS6 Low Profile Power Supply

    In excellent working condition w/ all cables, $105 PP'd and shipped ConUS:
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    Sold Vintage MIJ Analog Delay DM-3

    DM-3 $115 PP'd and shipped ConUS: DS-1 $old PP'd and shipped ConUS: SD-1 $old PP'd and shipped ConUS:
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    Add EQ to a speaker line out

    Stupid question: how can I add a variable high pass filter to a very simple circuit like a speaker line out? As well, can I add a low pass filter? I have it in a tiny enclosure to take the speaker signal out of an amp to line level to feed a second amp with a looper, or 100% wet signal.
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    Sold SubDecay Super Spring Theory Reverb

    Great reverb pedal, both Spring and Room are superlative, $150 PP'd and shipped ConUS:
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    Sold Vintage 1967 Gibson Firebird III Golden Mist (refin)

    Fantastic guitar, this is an old nitro refin according to the previous owner, done somewhere in the early '70s. It is nicely checked and looks the part. Typical neck profile of the era, .750" deep at the 1st fret and .900" at the 12th. Great neck, plays like butter with super low action and no...
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    Sold Vintage 1968 Fender Stratocaster

    This guitar is 100% original except for: - body refin in black nitro-cellulose lacquer (slight relic to match the neck) - refret with Jescar EVO 47104 fretwire (very close to Dunlop 6150) & polished bone nut - a few replaced pearloid fretboard dots - 5-way switch (I can install a vintage...
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    Saturday February 1st 2020 - Freeport, Maine - "The music of Jimi Hendrix" feat. Satori

    Doors open 7PM, tickets available here. Laurent Brondel: Guitar & Voice Chris Parent: Bass Cameron Lopez: Drums
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    Sold Vintage 1978 Celestion G12H Blackback 8 ohms

    100% original, 1777 cone, sounds great, no issue whatsoever. $165 PP'd and shipped ConUS:
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    Is this possible with minimal fuss?

    I'm in the process of either changing my main rig, or putting together an alternate version. Simple 2 amps dry/wet set-up, but with a looper (Boomerang). I am trying to figure how I can have the wet effects (delay & reverb) go into the "wet" amp (full up, no direct signal) while also feeding...
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    Michael Landau

    I see him discussed here once in a while, the most underrated living guitar player IMHO. No flash or apparent virtuosity, but full of style and musicality and complete command of the instrument. There are not a lot of interviews, I'd love to see a current rig rundown, the variety of tones he...
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    Sold Klon KTR

    $215 PP'd and shipped ConUS: