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    2005 ‘62 AVRI Stratocaster: Worth It?

    So, after many years away from electric playing, I’m looking at a 2005 (Corona plant) nitro sunburst finish with Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups. Refret w larger fret wire less than 5 years ago. I haven’t played it yet; about an hour away. How does a $950 price tag fair for one of these? I’m...
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    Johnny Marr Signature Jag Out At January 2012 NAMM!

    Yep...that and LOTS of Roland Jazz Chorus.
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    Gibby 335 or Rick for Chord Work?

    Johnny Marr used a wagonload of Rics (12's & 6-strings) for much of his stuff with the Smiths and he was HEAVILY chordial w/ tons of wierdo tunings and arpeggio's wrapping in and out. You'd probably get more work out of a 335 though, but Rics are really zingy rhythm guitars.
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    Post your 335's (or similar)

    I've had quite a few guitars. Now I only have one acoustic and one electric. This one:
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    Jaguar, Mustang, et. al. Players List

    Johnny Marr is playing a black '63 Jaguar with Modest Mouse. But really, what vintage guitar hasn't that guy been seen playing at one time or another?
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    Any Other Bigsby Fans?

    I'll vouch for that! Mucho mojo with no added weight notice. Man ~ that guitar and a Space Echo....supercool.
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    Gibson ES-330

    Jack's right...those knobs are off and Gibson's numbers got a little overlapped during the late-60's didn't they? *There was just a massive steal on the sale page for a '61 sunburst that went for $2900.**************** BTW: I had an absolute killer '65 that I loved and I think the neck...
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    What guitar best invokes the beat movement?

    I think Dylan played a Nick Lucas to say it.
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    Since when was lighter better?

    I'll simply add +1 :AOK
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    SG's with repaired headstocks?

    I bought a '64 Special (the neck's to die for!), that had a repair from the Gibson factory. I've never blacklit it but with naked I in full light I could never see the slightest mention of a crack. I've asked the guy I bought it from at least twice: "are you sure?" Plays and sounds like a...
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    Which One Guitar is Versatile for Both?

    Exactly....345/355. Although I think that the 355 & ebony board give it more bite.
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    335-type shaped like a Strat

    That's right! The Fender Starcaster!
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    What kind of gear did you have when you were 23?

    A newish ('93, i think) Martin D-28. At 24/25 I bought a '66 Gibson ES-345. When I was that age I couldn't stand 'gear'. I don't think it can make you a better player or songwriter whatsoever.
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    1962 gibson es-330 what's it worth??

    Agreed. Plastic/nickle/chrome covers make up a cosmetic difference only to collectors as they signify an earlier version to the next but offer very little, if any, difference sonically, IMO. Great looking guitar that would have been pulling even more money half a year ago (but wouldn't they all?).
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    SGs with P90s are incredible!

    Not only the P-90's but my '64 has got the greatest neck i've ever held and don't forget the thing that just can't be recreated is that OOOOLLLLDDDD growth mahogany.......
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    post your vintage gibson thread.

    Diggin' it!!!!!!!!
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    Vintage Guitar Price Guide

    Cool of you to offer, Nick.
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    Any love for 60's SG specials?

    I just picked up a '64 and am really, really loving it. I'll say this; i've never played a more comfortable neck in my life -- just absolutely PERFECT! Pick-ups don't seem at all noisy but i play thru small 'practice' amps and a rattle 'n hum works great for me! One of the last 'affordable'...