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  1. mikesch

    Tyler Guitars......Why won't they do Stainless Steel Frets?

    And yet he seems to sell every guitar he can build. I prefer stainless too, but love my Tylers and would rather have a guitar that the builder will stand behind than one they’ll build because it’s marketable. At $5k what’s an eventual $400 fret job if it means that much.
  2. mikesch

    Thoughts on Basswood body MIJ Strats?

    This. Electric guitar woods were historically selected for availability, price, ease of working, etc. "Tone" was never a primary concern. Millions of great sounding guitars have been built using basswood in the last 40 years. This strat has a good chance of being one of them.
  3. mikesch

    Tuners for Floyd Partscaster build

    I still put hipshot locking tuners on my guitars with locking nuts because I like having easier string changes.
  4. mikesch

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Sometimes I wish I were a bassist. Experimentation and departure from tradition seems to be much better rewarded over there.
  5. mikesch

    WTB USA Schecter Nick Johnston Atomic Orange

    There’s a used USA version at the San Francisco GC right now apparently. No pics up yet but might be worth a call:
  6. mikesch

    Some of these "relic" jobs are way out of control, IMO.

    Or people could just like the way they look even if they know they're not realistic. I know exactly zero people who try to pass their relics off as real vintage guitars. Sunburst Les Pauls look nothing like old violins either, but that doesn't stop people from buying them. Anyone get super...
  7. mikesch

    What order do you restring in?

    Thin to thick. I really hate changing the unwound strings on non locking tuners so getting to the easy wound ones is kind of a present in the end. This habit has continued through even when most of my guitars have locking tuners.
  8. mikesch

    Best of the builders outside the US - who do you recommend?

    Claudio Rustignoli in Italy, Corrado Carpinteri in Italy (who does amazing Red Special tributes)
  9. mikesch

    Best of the builders outside the US - who do you recommend?

    Ted Stevenson in Montreal, Tao in Belgium, Aristides in The Netherlands, Vigier in France, Michael Springer in France (who posts here pretty frequently), Thanakorn in Thailand...
  10. mikesch

    Short scale, 24 fret neck on a Superstrat?

    Tom Anderson Lil' Angel as others have said. Suhr doesn't do a short scale Modern. Caparison Horus. The Kramer Nightswan is a recent reissue at the cheaper end. The Buddy Blaze Kahuna is what the nightswan was based off of on the boutique side. Ted Stevenson will do 24.75 and he builds great...
  11. mikesch

    John Cruz Custom Guitars

    Apologies for the lack of clarity. At work everyone's welcome to complain, everything should be equal with HR, and if it's not, there is a problem. I was talking about the broader societal issue about why one form of humor is generally regarded as acceptable and another is not. There's a lot of...
  12. mikesch

    The straw that broke my Reverb Shop’s back

    I've seen less of what I want show up on Reverb for a while and prices seem to be higher overall, but the market is going to be what the market is going to be. The emporium has always been good, but it's been a bit dry for the sorts of things I've been looking for recently (or I've just bought...
  13. mikesch

    John Cruz Custom Guitars

    Sometimes it's even more overt than Mad Men, sometimes it's more subtle. I work in tech and there's a huge problem with recruiting and keeping women in technical roles. Which is important for some things, like the health app in the first release of the Apple Watch (I do not work for Apple), not...
  14. mikesch

    John Cruz Custom Guitars

    The whiteface situation is kind of bizarre and complicated and I agree that on occasion things will go too far. There are some cultural biases around white skin in various communities that need to be navigated around however. But there is a continuum between that and overt racism in the...
  15. mikesch

    John Cruz Custom Guitars

    I was responding to what I quoted, not the larger matter of Cruz getting fired. Nobody outside of Fender and Cruz knows the full story of what happened so anything talking about any patterns of misconduct is just speculation. He could have been the greatest most generous coworker anyone has ever...
  16. mikesch

    John Cruz Custom Guitars

    And if you have that rapport with some of your coworkers, great. Take it to the bar after work or a barbecue on the weekends. To someone two cubicles over or someone walking by on their way to the bathroom who isn't on the inside it's understandable that it could be offensive based on their...
  17. mikesch

    I'm way behind on this... why might I dislike SS frets?

    I get SS on everything I possibly can. The way I look at most "new" things on guitars is "If this thing were invented first, and someone introduced the original thing, would people think they were nuts?" Like if Leo had introduced SS on the Broadcaster and someone came along in 2006 and...
  18. mikesch

    John Cruz Custom Guitars

    Exactly. It was always wrong, people were always offended, it's just that now the wind has shifted to where they don't have to deal with it anymore. It's entirely possible to crack jokes at work. I do it all the time. People around me do it all the time. Everyone laughs. The jokes people...
  19. mikesch

    John Cruz Custom Guitars

    What's considered OK has changed in the last 30 years. I manage a lot of vendor relationships and there have been a few times where I've needed to have long term sales people pulled from my accounts because they still bring 90s attitudes into the office and nobody wants to work with them...
  20. mikesch

    John Cruz Custom Guitars

    I order a lot of custom guitars and a good part of the experience for me is getting along with the builder. I don't expect them to be my best friend but I do expect to like them as people and ultimately feel like the money I'm spending is valued. I've never met John Cruz, but based on the...
  21. mikesch

    Proliferation of Signature Model Guitars

    I like them and own several. Sometimes you find a set of specs that just works for you, but I generally appreciate that they're designed with a point of view in mind. Off the shelf models are often such an amalgam of specs designed by committee that it's nice to see something a real person plays...
  22. mikesch

    Luxxtone Machete or Friedman Cali?

    I have two Luxxtones and have played a few of the Friedmans. The Friedmans are good but the Luxxtones are special. They feel perfectly broken in right away and have some of the most comfortable necks I’ve played. They nail the old Charvel vibe.
  23. mikesch

    Ted Stevenson no more?

    I have one that's coming in the next couple of weeks and another that arrived about 6 months ago (and another that I had built about 18 months ago). He's really communicative via email and we chat pretty often. Shoot him an email. His guitars are incredible.
  24. mikesch

    Ibanez: Always Doing Something Cool

    I love what they're doing. They're never quite at the forefront of design, but they take a year or two and see what works before coming out with something new and well refined. They saw how the market responded to fanned frets before introducing their own. Same for roasted woods, stainless frets...
  25. mikesch

    New Ibanez AZS line (tele inspired)

    I think it's only better because it's familiar. Looking at it on this guitar, it looks like a high school metal shop project. If the original tele had come with a curved control plate we'd all be looking at the straight one like it's a bad AliExpress knockoff.