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  1. mmrxcsr01

    What's your secret to the bluesy strat tone? (Clean and overdrive)

    Homebrew 5E3, with a 100 watt Carvin 12", and 12AX7's in both slots. Using the normal input, vol on about 4, bright vol off, no effects... homebrew strat with Lace Golds, but the Powerhouse Strat electronic setup. More useful range of boost vs the EC boost, even though I rarely use it. Tip the...
  2. mmrxcsr01

    Judy Box amps - clarification need/some questions

    If you haven't seen this spot, check it out. No affiliation...
  3. mmrxcsr01

    Tell me more about Allen amps..

    And I can tell you first hand that David is a class act- get in touch with him, and discuss your needs- not affiliated, just sayin'...
  4. mmrxcsr01

    '59 Tweed Tremolux (5G9)

    JDJ- Weber has them (the chassis) as a limited run now. Just sayin'...
  5. mmrxcsr01

    Two Vox Pathfinders in stereo....Loud enough for gigs?

    I've been bringing one to gigs as a backup for a tube amp (5E3) with an intermittent issue. Used it twice, and was complimented by both band members and owners on both tone and volume. I DID swap out the stock speaker for a Jensen 10"; big difference. Thinking of adding a second Pathfinder, and...