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    Marc Bolan is Incredible!

    Love so much about this guy, but on The Slider, particularly, he really drew a beautiful balance between both acoustic and electric guitar. That's was a big part of his genius.
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    Was "Nothing But Flowers" a shot at Joni Mitchell?

    Yeah...check the video for that one. Perhaps JM's last outright jingle-jangle 12-string line.
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    Looking for new listening suggestions - style

    Go right to the source and check out the Flying Burrito Brothers.
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    Five most influential Rock albums ON YOU?

    Smiths>The Queen is Dead Suede>Suede Neil Young>Tonight's the Night Velvet Underground>Third Album T.Rex>The Slider
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    Why don't I get the White Stripes? Am I alone?

    Jack White "...looks like Zorro on doughnuts."
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    Nick McCabe and Si Jones of The Verve have returned: The Black Ships

    That's cool to hear, thanks for that! Nick's an original, for sure.
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    Duffy! Seriously!

    Nice array of choices of BB's prior stuff. Of course, there's quite a bit more he puts between the 355 & Vox - but you've nailed the essentials in those two.
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    Mark Ribot fans?

    That's THE quintessential Ribot + Waits tune for me. Good call!
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    Suggest superb music with Acoustic leanings ?

    Johnny Marr's signature moves with the Smiths: "Bigmouth Strikes Again" "Stretch Out and Wait" "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" "Cemetry Gates" "Unhappy Birthday" "I Know It's Over" "William it Was Really Nothing" "Rusholme Ruffians" "Frankly, Mr. Shankly" "Well I Wonder" "Half A...
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    James Honeyman Scott -- anyone else miss him?

    Johnny mentioned in an old issue of Guitar Player that James was really his last influence before going out and starting the Smiths, at what, 18 or 19? The chorused tones of the Smiths' first album (and even subsequent albums) and JHS influence seems very obvious to me.
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    Phish fans...Fenway Opener Predictions

    Billy Joel's "For The Longest Time"; a capella, of course.
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    Who is the Most Underrated Guitarist?

    Bernard Butler.
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    Exile on Main St. - best rock album of all-time?

    It's up there, to be sure.
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    TGP any respect for The Edge ??

    Yep, lots. He gets a lot of mileage out of the fewest notes.
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    Gillian Welch & David Rawlings

    Heavy, heavy stuff. Just found them recently but am digging up more daily. BTW: I too was stumped on the guitar David plays with her. I'd heard them before I ever saw them and thought he was playing a mandolin with just four strings instead of eight. It's a thin, tinny sound to me - but he...
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    Robby Krieger

    I thought he was a pretty eclectic guy across the board. And if you're one of those loons like me who rates a good/memorable solo that you can whistle none-for-note; the guy picks the right ones, for sure.
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    Great Live U2 Performance w/ Gretsch Country Gent

    He played a Gibson ES-295 in the video for "Desire".
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    The Cure

    Was into them for a long time, very cool. I remember seeing them (too late in their career) and during "A Strange Day", Robert Smith clearly lifted the bass line from Joy Division's "She's Lost Control". During the 80's - he was never afraid to experiment and everything he did at the time...
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    Best Live album EVER !

    Portishead at the Roseland Ballroom, NY.
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    Leonard Cohen Touring again

    :agree Primakurtz -- name dropping Nick Cave to boot? You've got style written all over you!!
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    Leonard Cohen Touring again

    For me, it's just the deep low-moan of a down and out blues-monk, but I think you're close too as he's definitely all those things. "I was born like this, I had no choice - I was born with the gift of a golden voice..." Going to see him outside in June at Redrocks.