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  1. J M Fahey

    Full Service JBL reconing prep and why it's worth it.

    So JBL DID use protective plating on what you call "bare metal" parts ... which they are not and never were. Of course, they lasted 40/50 years BECAUSE they were plated. Yes. CADMIUM was discontinued, but it was replaced by other platings, usually Zinc. NO JBL speaker ever left the Factory...
  2. J M Fahey

    Full Service JBL reconing prep and why it's worth it.

    Just curious ... and worried: I see you scratch rust off those magnet plates ... so far so good .... and then you only mention "applying some gun oil" to protect them? :eek: Did I hear well? Applying oil only protects them for a short period while "mechanical" manufacturing (think turning in a...
  3. J M Fahey

    I build and sell custom heavy-duty power cables for tube amps.

    Truckload of crap. If the amp does not function with a regular 18ga cable, it will not work with a 14ga or a 10ga one, period. Although I agree with the "test mule" issue, a well fed mule can produce a bucketful of manure a day.
  4. J M Fahey

    Ted Weber 8-14-09.. a cool honor for him tomorrow.

    Ouch!! Sad but it's Life reality. Glad you keep the Flag high and proud, your Dad must be happy and very proud of you :)
  5. J M Fahey

    Is this apreciated? or considered a waste of time..

    Same here. Not sure what you exactly mean by "appreciated", because we can have 2 opposite meanings. 1) If you mean "do you think it's cool"? Yes definitely. :) Love the visual design and the handpainted letters applied in a tasteful way. :) Nobody will disagree with that. Appreciate the "no...
  6. J M Fahey

    PIX ADDED * We will build your amp or pedal kit for FREE!!!

    Great initiative. Can you accept overseas kits, then ship them to an US address, to somebody who is not the original sender ? How is such shipping managed ? Do you have a size/weight/quantity limit ? Is there a problem if you get, say, 10 to 20 identical kits and then you send those, when...