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  1. FredW

    If you could listen to only one artist for the rest of your life

    Who would it be??? For me it would probably be Albert Collins
  2. FredW

    NGD - Steve Harris/Dave Murray inspired p-caster

    I just finished this new Partscaster. I have wanted an 80's metal superstrat for the longest time. It has a Steve Harris/Dave Murray vibe to it. Kind of a cross between both of their guitars (and Bass). I have to say that this thing has far exceeded my expectations. It just rings and it won't go...
  3. FredW

    Interesting ToneRite discovery

    I just recieved my ToneRite yesterday and hooked it up to a Collings D2 with an adirondak top. I tried a few stands and I finally settled on this Hercules dual stand I needed another guitar so I put a Martin D42 on the stand as well. I hooked the...
  4. FredW

    My new project with Jamie James

    Here is a new project I just completed with Jamie James formerly of The Kingbees. I Co-produced and played guitar on this. Here are a few samples. Thanks for listening! Let me know what you guys think. Fred
  5. FredW

    Throbak SLE-101 vs Dt-102

    Has anybody tried both? I have a pair of Dt-102's and love them. I took the covers off because the bridge was squealing and they sound unbelievable. I was thinking of buying another pair, but i'm not sure whether to get the SLE's or the DT's.
  6. FredW

    NGD - 50th Anniversary R9 Lemonburst!!!

    Recieved this yesterday from Wildwood. I am blown away by this guitar!! They finally got the neck right!! The neck, fretboard and fret work remind me of my Gustavsson. The attack, snap whatever you want to call it is unreal. It is unlike any histroic I have played.
  7. FredW

    Spinal tap is back!!!!!!!!

    Oh Hell yea!!!
  8. FredW

    Briggs Classic!!!!!!!

    Here's a sneak peek I gotta run, my family is screaming at me to go to dinner, but I will post the specs tonight. Maybe Jack can chime in at some point. Jack you are amazing!! One of the very best!!!
  9. FredW

    So This is where Tyler got it

    I was cruising YouTube today and came across this JB clip. Check out the pickguard. I wonder if this was the inspiration for the Tyler pickguard.