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  1. bluesdale

    FSOT Gorgeous Grosh SuperJet (similar to an ElectraJet)

    Insanely beautiful guitar in all respects. I can vouch for Don's quality. I have one of his semi-hollow teles and it is a very fine build and tonal quality. GLWTS!
  2. bluesdale

    Anderson Appreciation Thread

    That looks like it could get pretty loud :rockin
  3. bluesdale

    WTB Tweed 5E3

    I think I'd like to jump into the 5E3 world. Let me know if you have one you'd like to sell. No kits built by DIY's please. I prefer known boutique builders.
  4. bluesdale

    FS Fender CS Clapton "Blackie" - Amazing!

    Custom Shop 2014 Fender Eric Clapton “Blackie”. Extraordinary in every way. $2750 shipped for TGP members only. Buyer pays PP fees if applicable. · The lower tone knob operates Master Active Mid-boost (0-25db) that NAILS the Clapton tone. Great for times when you want to go direct-to-amp...
  5. bluesdale

    My americana band's latest video!

    Nice playin' and singin'. Liking the tone. Sounds like what we do here in Colorado as the sun sets on the mountains and moon's comin' up. Sweet hat too.
  6. bluesdale

    WTB Lollar p-90 Bridge

    Anyone have one of these they need to sell? I think I want the regular wind version.
  7. bluesdale

    Sold 1996 Gibson ES-335 Cherry Dot Neck- SOLD

    Thanks for your interest but I'll pass.
  8. bluesdale

    FSOT 2013 MIJ History Limited Edition Premium Strat - Price Drop - $950

    Looks like an Anderson. Very nice.
  9. bluesdale

    WTB Anderson Icon Classic Pickguard - Aged White

    Anyone have an extra Anderson pickguard lying around? Icon Classic in aged white is what I am looking for.
  10. bluesdale

    WTB Glaswerks Zingaro 50 or 100 combo

    I have a 25W w/ 6L6's boosting it to about 30-35W I'd consider selling. I can't imagine one any louder.
  11. bluesdale

    FS Anderson classic S (Sold)

    Boom! Such a steal.
  12. bluesdale

    WTB looking for a nice set of strat pickups

    I have a couple of options I'll be selling soon: 1) Gold anodized guard loaded with aged white Fralin Blues Specials - $325 shipped 2) Aged white guard with aged white Clapton setup - Noiseless Fender pups and a boost preamp. Assembled by 320D. - $270 shipped
  13. bluesdale

    FS 1999 Les Paul R9 - Collector grade with full package

    I'm departing with some of my most prized guitars this year. Gotta thin down and raise some cash. This is an incredibly rare opportunity to acquire the full 1999 40th Anniversary promo package for the most sought-after 1959 Reissue R9 models in Gibson history. These '99's were the peak of the...
  14. bluesdale

    Sold 1996 Gibson ES-335 Cherry Dot Neck- SOLD

    Parting with an old friend. This 335 is in excellent condition and is all original. I bought it used from Wildwood guitars when she was just a yearling back in '98 or so. It has stayed in my collection longer than most all the beautiful guitars that have come and go. The tone and playability of...
  15. bluesdale

    Sold Two Rock Classic Reverb 50W head and 2x12 Signature Cab

    Looks like a killer deal here. I have this amp and they're awesome. Reasonable size to maneuver around too.
  16. bluesdale

    Sold Dr. Z Carmen Ghia, Blonde, with Harvey Reams Valance.

    With wood like that you sure it's not Harry Reams? :rotflmao
  17. bluesdale

    Cool to play Dead songs at bar gigs?

    Next time a purported Christian complains about the GD, tell them to read this: Who'da known?
  18. bluesdale

    Help me decide: EJ Strat or PRS Sky

    I have a SS and recently sold a thinline EJ. It was a great guitar in every sense and I miss it. Wish I could have kept both. I agree that the SS is a way better build. The deciding factor for me was the tone of the SS pickups. But I agree the aesthetics of the SS are sorta weird in a way. But...
  19. bluesdale

    Warehouse Speakers- too good to be true?

    Excellent speakers. I've had a few of them in various F-style amps. Order direct from their website and shipping is free. At least that was the case this week. Makes them a no-brainer to give a try.
  20. bluesdale

    WTB WTB: Gibson Les Pauls - See List

    I have a '99 R9 with all the goodies - 2 cases, book, and strap that came with the Anniversary package. I'm the original owner. Only 7.8 lbs non-chambered. I also have a 98 R8 that is super nice. Either of those interesting? PM me if so.