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  1. Billion81

    Oh nuNO!! Ear Fatigue

    The tone in Nuno's fingers are being held hostage by his toneless rig. There's no excuse for such dreadful sounds. Did evil win? 9oHDpw4aTtc
  2. Billion81

    Thx Pandora.. New Music finds from..

    My StereoLab channel.. Check it. AslPYSm7jfg and A5wZ3cP-5EE
  3. Billion81

    New Colordao Welcome Vid This is a long one.. some sections might be considered NSFW or NSFTGP..
  4. Billion81

    Sebago Sound Dphonix modded Bassman Part II

    Proper Section this time.. Just got the amp back from Bill after installing a loop. This clip is with the Les Paul. Pretty insane clean and OD tones. I'm floored at how this sounds with the Les Paul. Crazy! Yarp. EKGGe-Qyt_Q
  5. Billion81

    Can we make it so that non gear posts don't count?

    Just my opinion. I am down for the pub and whatever else but some other forums I participate in do that and it is a bit helpful or clarifying about what folks are there for. I actually thought I had an embarrassingly high post count and I still do but damn... humbly- b81
  6. Billion81

    Sebago Sound Dphonix modded Bassman

    Some chord and single note stuff. clean and dirt. No effects.. Guitar---->Amp--->Cab Simple edits.. No talk. EJ Strat Petersen 2X12 with Creambacks YNto3fWQT_w
  7. Billion81

    Amazing Strat tone + More amazing playing and arrangement

    James Santiago is totally on point with every recording I hear. This recently dropped on YT. This cut hits on every cylinder and tone is so amazing and simple (does that make sense?) Anyway- Check it- Higher Landrons indeed. k37MXXyaaTk
  8. Billion81

    Voodloo Labs James Santiago..

    Killer tune here. Talk about lesser known killer players...He cops EJ better than anyone too. 2MQ4JMYn9oA
  9. Billion81

    Big Big Train..Dig!

    Clearly a heavy Genesis influence- Even to the point that the Vocal is almost a marriage of Collins and Gabriel.. Still- Gotta love that Prog is still alive somewhere, and it's done proper! Big Big Train yZVgqB0rkRk
  10. Billion81

    This is what it's all about...

    Seriously- I wandered upon this slugging around YT for licks to steal and ruin and found this absolute GEM!! I started watching and was like "alright this guy is total crap, I'm outta here". Guitar out of tune, shite tone, and still has training wheels on. But why am I still watching? I...
  11. Billion81

    The Flaming Lips...

    Are F'n amazing.. l9cBm1EzQ00 qwfUk2IDc1E Floyd Cover
  12. Billion81

    Action Bronson is Dope!!

    If you don't dig rap/hip hop, you won't understand.. Flushing, Queens straight up.. uiAQ9xQQHeQ
  13. Billion81

    The Muzz presents: The Welagen Steel String Singer

    We put some time into this one..Featuring Muzz Co-Pilot Felipe Arroyo. Ears are still ringing. 4fW-gTRYBiQ
  14. Billion81

    Sick of mindless licks and riffs in these Demos?

    I'm not... Quinn HDO Amp with HBS Pedal through Golds- I used an electric guitar..
  15. Billion81

    Why hasn't Phantom Power been adopted in the Pedal world

    @ NAMM, the guys at Triad were showing the P3 (Phantom Power) running on all there various pedals that had been converted. TRS based cables and bam, no more batteries, Power Supplies, wallwarts. I can't figure the logic out as to why this has not caught on..Assuming you are running a BBE or...
  16. Billion81

    Henderson Rig Question..Suhr Amp and PB

    Curious about the rig in use here.. YEXcTqB5fAQ Crazy good power and tone here. Love to see someone still using big rigs with aplomb.. Anyway- curious as to the details on the Suhr amp here. Did this one have a Loop as the delay sounds uniform regardless of guitar volume? Is this an MV...
  17. Billion81

    Has this made the rounds? Guthrie's a Freak

    I just decided to give up the guitar.. oaIzEo013iI
  18. Billion81

    Welagen Steel String Singer

    Hey now.. Just got this up..After uploading (and encoding) a whole bunch of clipping showed up..It was perfect on the master so I may go and re-edit and drop the audio. The last thing you want on a clean demo is a bunch clipping (that wasn't there) Brilliant Amp..Jelle is an artist and one of...
  19. Billion81

    Quinn Hot Buttered Scotch..Redux...

    OK- with a few more edits this time.. Very short, no talking. Have a nice day. Lovin this pedal... p3aa71D1D0g
  20. Billion81

    Quinn Hot Buttered Scotch..New Fave OD with Single Coils

    Clip thread here... it's a really short clip. Love, love this pedal..More clips coming. crazy cool vowel like quality.. Look for my OCD and AC Booster soon on the Emporium...they're useless now that I've got this and the Dirt and Ernie pedal. 'atta boy Shad!!!
  21. Billion81

    super quick IPAD Teaser clip of a Welegan SSS and Quinn Hot Butterd Scotch

    Just did this quick clip for a buddy who wanted to hear this pedal since I've been raving over it. He thought it was worth posting it so here it is.. Just clicked the IPAD on and went..NO editing here. OD starts around 1/2 way..It's super short so not to tedious on the noodles.. More clips of...
  22. Billion81

    What rig during the Powers of Ten sessions YT Clips??

    I know about the SS amps he used. Curious about the rig on these legendary clips. There is a panning shot to a lone plexi head..Insane tones here. Anyone know? Also- the piano playing is otherworldly. UV5IczyDYQU
  23. Billion81

    Lighting Suggestions

    So- we are going to really step up our Gear Demo Videos and are looking at getting some lighting to really bring the quality up.. We are looking at the the The CowboyStudio 4500 kit- Any thoughts on other solutions would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Billion81

    Holy Cow. Curt Mangan Strings

    So- Yeah, I ordered some of these forever ago and finally strung them up on a Les Paul of mine..Seriously impressed. Never thought much about strings and have been happy with Nickel D'Addario strings for years- Straight up blown away at how these feel and sound. Seriously looking forward to...