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    Kirn and Whitfill players - convince me on which one to buy!

    I've never played a Whitfill. I had a killer 67 Tele that I regretted selling for years but I think my Kirn is as good as any Tele I've ever played.
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    Tele builder up to $2399?

    Ron Kirn
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    Your Favorite Boutique Instrument, 2010-2019

    My McKay Sunrise '59 (335) , followed closely by my Kirn Blackguard Tele.
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    Who would take a Collings I35LC over a '65 or later 335?

    So 3 1/2 years since I started this thread. I found a used McKay that I like so I bought it. Best 335 I've ever played, though I haven't played very many. It's a copy of a '59 with a pretty chunky neck. I don't know what kind of pickups it has but they sound good.
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    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    That makes at least two McKay's that have found their way here. Love mine!
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    NGD Collings Soco 16LC

    Sweet One! I think this is the closest you can come to an old 335 with a Collings. It's the one I'd get. With Throbaks, which are plenty close enough to PAF's to make me happy!
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    Who makes a great semi-affordable (sub $3000) hollowbody?

    If I was looking for a semi-hollow and had $3K, I'd consider a Guild Starfire from the '60's or '70's.
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    Tele Recommendations?

    I love my Ron Kirn Blackguard.
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    I want a les paul that isn't a gibson.

    I've never owned a Les Paul. I needed a humbucker guitar and wanted something vintage-ish. I wound up scratching my itch with a '73 Guild Bluesbird and it does all I need. Sounds great, plays like butter, and is super versatile. Really great value too....
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    I'm glad that boutique owners here don't spend time bashing non-boutique guitars

    My Kirn was $1650 shipped. Is it boutique? Can a Tele be boutique? IDK. I also have a '73 it vintage? I'm so confused.....
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    Yaron Bolt-T... Holy Crap!

    I've been a fan of Gil's guitars (from a distance, way out of my league price wise), and I'm a Tele guy as well. My first reaction to this design was "how unfortunate!". But, just like the Bone, the more I look at it the more it kind of grows on me.
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    Corsa LP-Style Guitars

    The Pure Player looks like a smokin' deal.
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    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Love the outline! Looks like a rock and roll machine to me!
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    An LP style guitar for $4000-$5000?

    Vaschenko is in your price range.
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    Gustavsson has disappeared from the map?

    Is that Cebu? I think I've been to that club.
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    Blackguard Teles

    I have a Kirn Old Blackie that they'll have to pry from my cold dead hands....
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    Which custom strat?

    I can't believe nobody's mentioned Ron Kirn.....
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    I'm more comfortable with acoustic players than ukulele players...!

    Ukelele's are the gateway drug to poetry tattoos and white people dreadlocks....
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    NGD (Kirn Content)

    No. Missed it. Getting old I guess.