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  1. fridgit

    MIDI programming help needed (MS-3 & 5153)

    I posted this in the Amps & Cabs section and I’m not sure that was the correct place? Mods, I apologize for the double post. Please delete whichever thread is in the wrong spot? Thanks! So, after many internet and TGP searches I am still having issues programming my Boss MS-3 to channel...
  2. fridgit

    MIDI channel changes for MS-3 to 5153 (MIDI experts please help!)

    So...... after many internet and TGP searches I am still having issues programming my Boss MS-3 to channel change my EVH 5153 amp. I'm pretty sure it's user error (being a first time MIDI user and all...). I have been attempting to program the channel changes via the instructions provided by...
  3. fridgit

    Positive Bogner experience

    Just thought I’d post another positive customer service experience. Called Bogner today to ask a simple question regarding running a 12AX7 in V4 of my Goldfinger 45 (in place of the normal 12AT7 per the manual). I’d been curious about it but was hesitant to call for such a simple question...
  4. fridgit

    GC not accepting coupon codes via phone?

    This is not intended to be a GC bashing thread - just looking for some information. Today I tried to purchase some Fender single coils via the GC website using a coupon code I received via email. When I tried to use the code, the representative told me that Fender is excluded from this coupon...
  5. fridgit

    Bass set up/repair in Austin TX?

    Anyone have any recommendations for a bass repairman/technician in the Austin area? The nut on my bass broke at the E and G string slots. Thanks in advance!
  6. fridgit

    PA head repair in Austin TX area

    Hey all, Any recommendations on a repair shop for my PA head in the Austin TX area? One side of my speaker output has stopped working. Thanks a million!!!
  7. fridgit

    Austin peeps - tech needed to set up Floyd Rose

    Hey all, I need to get my EBMM Axis set up and am seeking recommendations for a good & competent tech and/or luthier in the Austin/Pflugerville/Round Rock area to set up my Axis w/ Floyd Rose and D-Tuna. Thanks in advance for the help!
  8. fridgit

    Vox AC50/100CPH reliability

    Hello, I've recently had the pleasure of trying out both the 100 watt head and the 50 watt 2x12 combo. Anyone have any experiences they'd like to share? Any reliability concerns? I love the way the both of them sound. Sure, they're not an AC30 clone, but they have that Vox vibe on channel...
  9. fridgit

    Is there any way to change the ohm impedance on a THD Hotplate?

    Is there any way to change the ohm impedance on a THD Hotplate? Like a resistor change or capacitor change? Just curious........... :beer
  10. fridgit

    12AT7 in V1 (5153 content)

    Hey all, Last night I swapped out my preamp tube in V1 in my quest to lower the gain and in the 5153 50 watt. To my surprise, it really didn't alter the levels of gain very much at all. I tested it afterwards at low volume levels as well as with the volumes on each channel at 10:00 - again...
  11. fridgit

    Belated NGD from the wifey!!!

    Ok, first of all, I have the bast wife EVAR! She gave me this on Saturday as an early "Xmas/Anniversary/could not wait to give me this present" present. :dude Anyhoo, I've been having a BLAST playing this thing all weekend! Plays like butta!!! :rockin
  12. fridgit

    Is there a higher powered Fender Princeton?

    I apologize if this has been asked before. It might sound like a stupid question to some, but I don't hear or feel the same sweetness that a PR has from a DR or other Fender amp. Any builders that make such a beast? Be gentle.............:anon
  13. fridgit

    Curious about Korean made Wolfgang...

    Just came across a pretty beat up Wolfgang EXP in a used music shop for $200. The fretboard was slightly detached from the neck around the 18th-22nd frets, neck felt kind of sanded, there were stains on the fretboard (up by the 20-22 frets) & there was a (what seemed to be a superficial)...
  14. fridgit

    Pedal builders & modders - output resistors?

    So I want to mod my TS9. I was in my local electronic supply store and was about to buy the resistors for the output resistor mod, and saw there were 1/8 watt, 1/4 watt, 1/2 watt, etc, etc! Which resistor wattage is the correct one???Or does it even matter? Found the info here...
  15. fridgit

    Vocal PA Recommendations <$1000

    I posted this over on HC as well, just looking to get as many opinions/options as possible. I am currently looking for a vocal PA to cover my needs for a rock cover band as well as a prog rock/metal (LOUD) band. This would be mostly for rehearsals and potentially for small gigs. I need...
  16. fridgit

    How to test a tube amp..........

    Hello, I'm curious as to what would be the right/proper way (per se) to test drive a tube amp. My guess would be to jam with a full band in order to really see what a tube amp can do, but what if you can only try the amp out in a store - where you can't turn it up to get the power tubes going...
  17. fridgit

    Austin TGPers - recommend me a good guitar tech!

    Alright my fellow Austinites, I'm pretty new to the area, having just moved here in January. I bought my acoustic brand new a few months before moving from Arizona and it's now in desperate need of a pro set up - my intonation and action need to be set. I don't feel completely confortable...
  18. fridgit

    Finally figuring out what kind of amp I NEED! Suggestions welcome!

    In the never-ending search for any tube amp....... Lately I've been jamming through my Tonelab ST with a mix of some of the songs I've written and am really surprised to find that the AC15/AC30 models really seem to fit my writing style best. The surprise being that I have never...
  19. fridgit

    Using lower gain tubes on a 6505/5150 - how much of difference?

    Does it tame the gain a lot more, or just slightly? Does it make the clean more usable (not pristine, just less prone to breakup)? Does it improve the tone at all - take away any top end fizz? I know not a whole lot of TGPers use 'em, but I was just wondering in general as these amps have...
  20. fridgit

    Running a tube amp though a power amp......

    .... and then out to the speaker cab. What kind of power amp is needed? Solid state? Tube? How many watts are appropriate? Could one use a PA power amp as opposed to a guitar power amp? Lastly, would this allow you to get power tube saturation at more manageable stage and studio volumes (NOT...
  21. fridgit

    Speaker for my Laney AOR 30 combo!

    I love the basic tone of the amp, but I'm wanting something a tad bit tighter with no mushy low end. The stock speaker is the Fane (#125558) which sounds nice, but when the gain is turned up the low end turns to mush and is nowhere near tight enough for my likes. I swapped it with a CL80 and...
  22. fridgit

    Rebel 30 users - questions

    So I was in my local GC today and had the great fortune and opportunity of playing the Tweaker, Rebel 30 (which I used to own), and the Renegade - all side by side, and all in the GC isolated amp room. Long story short, the Rebel 30 is IT for me. This was also the case a few months back before I...
  23. fridgit

    Biasing a Hughes & Kettner Edition Tube

    So, after extensive searches on Google, here and HC forums, I have not found any info on biasing an H&K Edition Tube (the older oxblood colored one). I see where the bias pots are at, but no test points. I guess all I really need is to know where the test points are so I can bias the amp...
  24. fridgit

    Pedal techs/experts: Marshall Bluesbreaker (BB1) problems-FIXED!

    So, I love my BB1 & unfortunately it started having issues yesterday. Here's the problem: When off, the output is very low, and cuts in & out. When on, it works okay, but also occasionally cuts in & out as well. I checked my cables & it's not them. Checked my amp, that's not it. Changed the...
  25. fridgit

    Am I crazy? Hughes & Kettner Edition Tube vs Fender Hot Rod Deluxe???

    Sorry for another "help me choose an amp" - "amp vs amp" thread, but..... I'm in a state of GAS limbo and it really sucks. Today got the chance to play through a H&K Edition Tube (1st version oxblood grill, not the 20th Anniversary model). The cleans were so nice, full and chimey. Not exactly...