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  1. BJW

    Eddy Shaver

    I haven't seen this footage, good stuff.
  2. BJW

    Mr. Reed & Mr. King

    I've never seen this pairing before, pretty cool!
  3. BJW

    New Marty Stuart

  4. BJW

    Strat spacing question

    Hello, I'm gathering parts for my next partscaster strat. I orderered a Gotoh 510TS-SF2 bridge. It has the vintage 2-7/32" mounting spread and spacing, but 2-1/8" string spread. Looking at necks would I be better off with nut width of 1-11/16" or 1.650? Or is this a non issue for the string...
  5. BJW

    Another Fuzz Face question...

    Picked up the EJ Fuzz Face yesterday. When I adjust the fuzz level there is noise as I turn the knob either direction. Is this normal or does the unit have a bad pot? Never owned a fuzz face before so didn't know if this is normal. Thanks!
  6. BJW

    New Amp/Victoria

    Picked up a 5112 yesterday.Loving it so far, what I was looking for in a small toneful package.I'm a fan of the less is better approach so the 1 knob works for me!Checked out a Valvetrain Tallboy, Victoria Ivy League, and a Swart STR-Tweed as well and the 5112 won out for my needs/wants.Off I go...
  7. BJW

    Going to see Pete Anderson!

    Heading out the door to see Pete play tonight at a small club!Pretty jazzed to say the least as he is one of my favorites.Off we go:rockin
  8. BJW

    Hello Hello!

    Hello, Been checking out this site forever figured I would join up.Been into Tele's for about 15-16 yrs, getting back into the Les Paul.Play through a blackface Deluxe most of the time.Probaly lay back and learn as I have been and add what I can when I can!