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  1. foxyguitars

    FS vintage SYLVANIA USA 6CA7 VAN HALEN / EL34 FAT BOTTLE Tubes for Marshall Plexi Amp QUAD

    THESE VERY RARE TUBES are the missing link for the true EVH tone, same tubes he used in his Legendary 12 series Plexi Marshall SuperLead. See pics below of Eddie's amp. They do not sound and react like 'normal' EL34s FULL MATCHING QUAD with MATCHING DATE CODES (label RCA) +1 Spare ! ( spare is...
  2. foxyguitars

    FS 1982 DIMARZIO USA Strat Head ‘Super Strat’ Charvel San Dimas

    DIMARZIO Strat Head ‘Super Strat’ from 1982 Back in the late 70s/early 80s Dimarzio supplied Charvel, Charvel supplied Dimarzio, and this is an early, and possibly unique and complete Dimarzio Strat Head ‘Super Strat’ from 1982 based on the appearance on a 1960 Slab Board Stratocaster, This is...
  3. foxyguitars

    FS 1995 original CESAR DIAZ TEXAS SQUARE FACE w/ BOX PAPERS built by Cesar himself

    the HOLY GRAIL early Diaz Texas Square Face, built by Cesar Diaz himself. See Pictures. ALL ORIGINAL FULL SET, BOX and PAPERS. AMAZING. $2250 Paypal shipped Free USA
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    FS 1980s DIMARZIO Charvel San Dimas " Wood Burn Logo " Stratocaster Strat Body

    Very rare Body. I have seen the same type of strat body ( with the distinctive flat botttom in the bridge pickup cavity with no worm route) on early Schecters, some San Dimas Charvel Strat Heads, early 80s Sadowsky Strats, and of course on Dimarzio Parts Super Strats. this particular body has...
  5. foxyguitars

    Sold 1980s Gallien-Krueger GK 250ML Vintage Guitar Amp + Bag + Footswitch + Manual !

    Gallien Krueger 250ML Vintage Guitar Amp in Rare Complete set: +original GK Carry Bag +Footswitch +cables +Manual this rare one is from the same series as David Gilmour 's GK250ML transitional Series I with the pre production speaker disable switches in the back, this is the same amp he...
  6. foxyguitars

    who can identify this old electric guitar case?

    found at garage sale, need help from the knowledge brothers here !
  7. foxyguitars

    I just spoke to Al Di Meola over the phone... it did not go well

    I was a star struck Blabering Idiot . just felt the need to share the fact that no matter how old you are: when you speak to your guitar hero in real life, chances are you will blaber utter nonsense like a 6 year old.... still feel blessed it happened :)
  8. foxyguitars

    Sold vintage original 1987 FULL STACK Marshall 2555 Slash Model 100W 25/50 Silver Jubilee

    vintage original 1987 FULL STACK Marshall 2555 Slash Model 100W 25/50 Silver Jubilee this is the complete set, but also the very best sounding Jubilee we ever got our hands on, very warm midrange, bouncy, harmonically rich. HEAD: 2555 100W model - the big daddy of Jubilees, favored by Slash...
  9. foxyguitars

    Sold $20 fun pack : bunch of knobs for pedals etc

    14 knobs ! I'll accept $20 from TGP members (+shipping)
  10. foxyguitars

    let's see your ***** 5 ***** string guitars !

    to kick this off sharing with you this original Schecter CelloBlaster serial number 1 built by the USA Custom Shop in 1998 paved the way for the A-5x and Cb-2000 used by Robert Smith of the Cure and many others.
  11. foxyguitars

    Any Mark Knopfler or Pete Townshend fans ? Old Schecter guitars

    let's take a moment to honor early schecters made in that little shop in Van Nuys that made guitars for Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, and Pete Townshend of The Who and many more ! this near mint 100% original stunner is a first year 1979 Schecter Stratocaster Dream Machine factory S serial...
  12. foxyguitars

    Sold Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive 1983 yellow Made in Japan

    Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Made in Japan. serial 296500 dates to April 1983. all original, this one sounds great. $sold
  13. foxyguitars

    Sold vintage 1969 Fender Stratocaster

    Original 1969 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst Vintage Electric Guitar Strat Original 1969 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst Vintage Electric Guitar built just after Woodstock in Sept of 69 ! if you are looking for a killer 69 Strat, look no further: this one sounds REALLY amazing, BIG Hendrix sound...
  14. foxyguitars

    Sold Morgan Shadow Fuzz - the original silver body #005!

    Morgan Shadow Fuzz - the original silver body serial number #005! $sold, shipping is $9 paypal is aok.
  15. foxyguitars

    Sold 1969 Marshall Plexi BasketWeave 4x12 Cab with its orig. Celestion speakers

    FS: Original 1969 Marshall Plexi BasketWeave 4x12 Cab w/ FLIGHT CASE ! Honest cab still with ALL its original components: original celestion greenback speakers model T1511, with their original heavy duty 34 102 014 cones, all 4 speakers date to March 1969 All born together, original basketweave...
  16. foxyguitars

    Sold 1980's Hiwatt Lead 30 Combo CS-30 - Sterling : killer sounding amp

    FS: Rare HIWATT LEAD 30 CS-30 Combo from the early 1980's made by Sterling USA. not many were made: Lead 30 Head in a combo package with original 12in Celestion G12K-85 and Reverb circuitry. Very good condition, a few scuff marks, all original as far as we can tell. All functions tested and...
  17. foxyguitars

    Sold original Roger Mayer OPTICAL Octavia ... holy grail alert :)

    original Roger Mayer OPTICAL Octavia $1250 obo PP and shipped USA 48 states The holy grail of Hendrix legacy effects: an original Roger Mayer Optical Octavia, from the original series 1970s, Autographed and numbered #42. Roger Mayer was Jimi Hendrix guitar tech and he is the one that created...
  18. foxyguitars

    Sold HoloGram Electronics Dream Sequence ! (SOLD)

    HoloGram Electronics Dream Sequence ! BRAND NEW, ships NOW :p $SOLD
  19. foxyguitars

    what kind of strange 12AX7 is this ???

    It came inside a Sterling Hiwatt amp from the early 80s, no markings other than the red 12AX7 marking, it's fatter than a traditional 12ax7, and has this weird additional top mica layer, like a table top ! has high output , bass, treble, very little mids. anyone know what brand / model / who...
  20. foxyguitars

    solution to split guitar cable into 3 or more pedals ?

    I dont know how to feed the inputs of 3 stompboxes with my guitar cable, is there a minimixer of some sort or a splitter on the market that can do this? guitar into a) reverb b) delay c) distortion , all in parallel