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    The "I am not carrying around heavy amps nor cabs no more club", who is in ?

    So who hauls the PA, racks, speakers, subs and lights? 'cause we can't afford a roadie. What's one extra trip to the truck?
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    A question for Orange RV50 owners...

    I just put in a quad of Tung-Sol reissues and am quite satisfied (original, non MKII).
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    Does anybody play live with the amp facing backwards?

    To get the tone I'm looking for in a live gig setting my amp needs to get pretty loud. The problem becomes making my volume match the rest of the band. I prefer not to use pedals with this amp but rely on the amps circuitry and tube distortion. Does turning the amp backwards and miking it...
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    Quidley 22 New 2009 Version....Two Big Thumbs Up!

    And this is one great amp! Thanks for selling it to me and good for you to get another one. It just goes to show that we know a good thing when we hear/see it. Ed's great to work with. He's got a Facebook site and he sent me a message about the new 2009 mods. Active EQ mods and converting...
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    Does your amp pick up RADIO SIGNALS?

    Paris (sigh!) I remember it well..oh no, that was a movie. I'm 30" west of Ocean City,MD.
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    Does your amp pick up RADIO SIGNALS?

    Almost a year later I'm briefly reviving this thread. Playing straight through my PRS Standard with Darkburst/Goodwood's into a Mojave Coyote head into the matching 2x10 cabinet - dead quiet. Run through the pedal board with the KOT and/or Timmy engaged - NPR, Masterpiece Theatre and...
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    What's the single most 1+ improvement to Blues Deluxe???

    I've put an Eminence Texas Heat into my Blues Deluxe at the recommendation of my local amp tech. It sounds better than the stock speaker. But since I've been playing the Quidley 22 112 combo, the BD isn't getting a lot of attention.
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    Quidley 22 - My new best friend

    Sure, I get the name of the amp right and the the name of the designer/builder wrong. It's been one of those days. My most sincere aplogiy Ed Quidley. Great, great amp.:bow
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    Quidley 22 - My new best friend

    New amp in the house. My house. While it's still got that new car, er, new amp smell, here's my first impression. The Quidley 22 1x12 combo is simply a fantastic guitar amplifier. Ed Quidley's parents should be very proud of his accomplishment when he created this beast. This is a single...
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    Vintage amp store in MD?

    Nothing on the Eastern Shore - except the PRS factory. And that's only for drooling.
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    The Amp You'll Never Sell

    Mojave Coyote. It's a plexi thing.
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    Orange Reverbrocker 50 = Incredible tone

    Am I hijacking this thread if I ask about "reliability"? I spent close to 2 hours checking out a Rockerverb 50 head into an Orange cab w/ V30's. I LOVE this amp. Brought my guitar and Timmy pedal and put it through some paces. This is the next amp for me, but... HC reviewers, FWIW, give...
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    Orange Reverbrocker 50 = Incredible tone

    So how does the rockerverb sound at practice room or small clubs/private party levels (where the bar manager is constantly having us turn down)?
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    Roland Cube 60 OMG!!

    Had it for a while. Didn't make me smile.