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  1. Jesus freak

    Sold Martin 000-15 Special

    Selling my like new Martin 000-15 Special. I believe these were a special run and are no longer made. It’s a solid spruce top w/mahogany back and sides. It’s in great condition with the exception of one small finish check by the low E where the neck meets the body (pictured). I bought it new...
  2. Jesus freak

    Sold Chase Bliss Dark World

    Selling my week old Dark World. I bought this mainly for the sub octave shimmer, but I prefer the sub on the OBNE Dark Star. $400 PP & Shipped Cont. US only No trades please 70D613D5-C494-475F-A43B-A50C8A2568BE by Jesus freak posted Nov 30, 2018 at 12:57 PM
  3. Jesus freak

    Sold *Price Drop* Analogman TS9 808 Mod and True Bypass

    Selling a few things I’m not using. All prices are PP & shipped. Analogman TS9 w/true bypass, 808 Mod, and bright yellow LED. $125 Trade interests include Octave pedal, EHX POG/Pitchfork SUF Rams Head Reverbs Delays Belle Epoch ($130). Sold Mr. Black Dark Echo. $85 SOLD...
  4. Jesus freak

    Sold EBMM Majesty

    Selling my Majesty. It's in great condition besides some marks on the case. Has an amazing Piezo system, locking tuners, and Petrucci's signature Dimarzio Illuminators. 1800$ pp & shipped Cont. US only Trades? I'm pretty open, + cash to me is always cool too. Things I like: Explorers Mesa...
  5. Jesus freak

    Sold PRS Custom 24 *$1900*

    Selling a 6 month old CU24 30th anniversary. Comes with all case candy, almost perfect condition with the exception of two small oxidation spots on the bridge where your hand touches. •$2100 PP & Shipped Cont U.S •Vintage Yellow •Pattern Regular neck •85/15 pickups Would possibly do a partial...
  6. Jesus freak

    Sold Wren & Cuff TFR Muff

    Selling a practically new TFR clone from Wren & Cuff. The only issue is, it has a few scuffs on the bottom plate (pictured). It's literally only been used 4-5 times at home. I bought it new from PGS last December. $140 PP and shipped Cont U.S. 0nly
  7. Jesus freak

    Sold Kingsley Minstrel & Empress Tape Delay

    Selling some stuff I'm not using lately. Prices are PP & shipped to lower 48. Kingsley Minstrel: $285 SOLD Less than a year old, sounds amazing, comes with the wall wart. Empress Tape Delay: $170 SOLD It's about 18 months old, I had it on my board for a little while, it has two small pieces of...
  8. Jesus freak

    Sold Stomp Under Foot '73 Rams Head.

    Selling some muffs. All prices are PP & Shipped. All have original boxes. W&C Box of War....$170 SOLD Great condition, barely used. SUF '73 Rams head classic...180$ $old. (aka brick muff). Great condition. BOE Blunderbuss fuzz...SOLD 130$ Great condition.
  9. Jesus freak

    Any 7 String Users?

    I don't see many post on 7 strings here. I'm curious about them. I've only played one, many years ago. I'm a big fan of Via's use of them. Me and a bandmate/friend are going to get one (each) soon. So how are you using them, tunings and types of music?
  10. Jesus freak

    Sold Avatar 18 Watt Head

    Selling my Avatar 18w head. It has new JJs in the power section, this is the 6V6 version. It's two channel (not foot switchable) but you can run them at the same time. 625$ shipped (Cont. U.S. Only) Hears what Avatar says: Channel 1 (the right input) is based on the Normal channel...
  11. Jesus freak

    Dual Rec woes, I'm about to admit defeat.

    I've wanted another high gain amp for a while now, so I recently bought a Dual Rec and 2x12 cab (new). The first two days I was loving it, but then I noticed a certain bassy lack of definition in the low E and A strings on my LP (Burstbucker Pros) and overall darkness I can't seem to dial it...
  12. Jesus freak

    Sold Fs: Oddfellow Caveman.

    In great shape, no Velcro. Lower 48 only. Would trade for a Turbo Tuner or a ISP Decimater II Caveman V1 great condition w/fuzzy box and papers. 110$ pp & shipped.
  13. Jesus freak

    FS: SG Original w/Lyre trem

    Selling my 2013 SG Original. It's in great condition with one exception, one of the screws that hold the Trem "harp" plate on broke, just the head of the screw. It doesn't affect anything other that the look of it. The plate still has three screws holding it on. Other than that it just has some...
  14. Jesus freak

    FS: AnalogMan, SunBender fuzz, Maxon.

    Selling off some stuff I don't really need. All have boxes, all prices are PP'd and Shipped. All but the OCD are less than a year old. Pics below. No Trades AnalogMan SunBender....SOLD (Has spots by the footswitch, hard to see.) AnalogMan modded Maxon SD9 W/mid knob....SOLD (200$ from AM, has...
  15. Jesus freak

    Jack Bruce R.I.P

    Also on If it's true that sucks.
  16. Jesus freak

    FS: Fulltone Catalyst...57$

    Sellng a Fulltone Catalyst. It's in good shape, (no box or docs). 57$SOLD PP & Shipped.
  17. Jesus freak


    MojoPedals K2 klone for sell. $150 PP & Shipped.....SOLD
  18. Jesus freak

    What pedal is this? Blurry pic inside.

    I saw this pic about a year ago, the robot graphic cought my eye. Anyone know what the orange pedal in the upper right corner is? I can't read the logo. Google didn't help me out on this one.
  19. Jesus freak

    NPD: FB score! That's right Facebook.

    Last night while scrolling through the baby, dog, and food posts on FB, I ran a cross a guy selling a few cheap pedals, the only good one being a Boss CE-2 (Someone around here made a FB page to "Buy, Sell & Trade" gear) I message the guy, and we arrange a meeting today. He was only asking 40$...
  20. Jesus freak

    FS/FT: Way Huge Fat Sandwich.

    Way Huge Fat Sandwich, great condition with box, docs, and pins. $75 PP'd & Shipped SOLD Selling my Space, it's a few months old with no issues at all. Comes with a Digitech 3 button aux switch and TRS cable. Box, docs, and power supply included. $385 *SOLD* PP'd & Shipped. Tades...
  21. Jesus freak

    Dumb 6v6 question

    Can I replace two 6v6GT with 6v6S? What do the letters indicate ? Thanks. Edit: the amp is a Morgan "Princeton" type (cathode bias)
  22. Jesus freak

    Ibanez Tube Screamer Deluxe (W/Boost)

    Looks interesting... :munch No Affiliation.
  23. Jesus freak

    FS: Keeley and Ibanez dirt.

    Selling off some stuff I'm not using Ibanez SD9M "Sonic Distortion Mod".....50$ Has one ding above the word Sonic Keeley DS-1 has a few marks here and there....70$ SOLD! Boss Harmonist............................sold. Dr. Scientist Mini RRR.......175$ Mint...traded.* All have boxes and...
  24. Jesus freak

    FS:2012 PRS Custom 24

    SOLD my '12 custom 24 in "Blue Crab Blue" however it is very much a Teal color, and not Blue like a lot of the BCB PRS. It was bought new in Dec 2012 I am the 2nd owner (I've had it since May 2013). Comes with all the case candy Pups are 59/09 and sound great with lots of options via the 5...
  25. Jesus freak

    Which LEDs do I need?

    Looking to replace the LEDs in a few Boss and Ibanez/Maxon pedals. I know they are different sizes, but what "value" would be a direct replacement for them? I just want to change the color of them. So I'm looking to only unsolder and resolder in new ones. I want to buy them here...