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  1. BMX

    Lower efficiency Celestion Vintage 30 (or heavy magnet Celestion/Eminence etc.)

    I like the vintage 30 I have in a combo but looking for a less efficient speaker so that is quieter. I like heavy magnet celestion speakers, also open to Eminence, WGS or whatever. I know greenbacks are less efficient but I'm more into H magnets. Any ideas? Would the eminence governor be...
  2. BMX

    When an amp you want is listed on Craigslist but it’s priced too high and seller is “firm”

    Aargh! An amp I want was just listed on Craigslist but the seller has priced it too high (IMO). The seller also notes in his ad that the price is “firm” which I have to respect so I didn’t send him a message. I would have offered him $75 less than his listing price so not a huge way off. At...
  3. BMX

    Nobels ODR-1 and MXR Micro Amp combo?

    Does anyone use a micro amp with a Nobels overdrive? I’ve got the new odr-1 bc coming in the mail. Wondering if I should boost it with a Micro Amp or if it would sound better with an 808 tube screamer. Also should the micro amp go before or after the nobles overdrive? Going in to a 60s style...
  4. BMX

    Who has gotten into using and ab box to switch between channels on vintage Fender Reverb Combos?

    Thinking about getting an ABY box to switch between channels on 60s style fender reverb combos. Has anyone used that feature regularly? I think I have to get an aby box that allows me to reverse polarity on one side. What I’m thinking about doing is having the vibrato side with a light...
  5. BMX

    Non-boutique overdrives that aren’t tube screamer or sd-1 based?

    I’ve gone through a ton of overdrives looking for my favorites that do low and mid overdrive well with Fender late 60s style amps. I’ve had and liked some of the most liked boutique ones (kot, Klone, miab, many others). I've realized that I really like relatively inexpensive, simple (like 3...
  6. BMX

    Did Fender ever make a Blues Deluxe with a pine cab?

    Interested in trying a Fender Blues Deluxe amp but not a fan of mdf or whatever the cab is made of. Did they ever do a special edition in a pine cab? Also are all Blues Deluxes basically the same over the years? I know the Hot Rod Deluxe has changed over the years but my understanding is that...
  7. BMX

    Best 20 watt amp for Billy Gibbons tone- Friedman Runt 20?

    I‘d like to get a thick sounding Marshall 20 watt combo that sounds similar to Billy Gibbons’ tone on the Live from Daryl’s house show. Would the Friedman Runt 20 be a good choice? Looking for something under a grand used and something that pops up on Craigslist so Magnatone is probably out...
  8. BMX

    Best 6v6 amp. 20-35 1x12 combo with overdrive channel or master

    I’ve been looking at a million amps trying to figure out my next longterm gigging amp. Here’s what I want: 1. 6v6 tubes, 20-30 watts give or take 2. 1x12 combo 3. Must have ability to overdrive without pedals, so need 2 channels and or master volume (or a dirt switch of some kind) 4. $1200...
  9. BMX

    Pedal to make Fender amp sound like Mesa clean pushed?

    Is there a pedal that Mesa (or anyone else) makes that gives that thick clean/Mesa pushed sound? I’ve tried a couple of recto’s (25 and 50) and others, and for all of them I like that thick Mesa clean or pushed sound. I tried a Mesa flux-drive and that wasn’t it. An eq pedal and overdrive...
  10. BMX

    1x12 combo similar to Mesa ta-15 or ta-30?

    Do any companies make a similar amp to the Mesa Transatlantic ta-15 or ta-30? I like that it can do a sound similar to an ac-15 but can also do tweedish and higher gain Mesa sounds. It also has a switch for chosing different wattages. The ta-15 and ta-30 go for relatively cheap so would be a...
  11. BMX

    Why so few 1x12 combos with top controls?

    I’ve been looking to pick up a versatile 20-30 watt 1x12 combo that has a master volume, gain knob or some way to get overdrive at reasonable volumes without a pedal. Most of the ones I’ve seen from Mesa, EVH, Orange etc. have the knobs on the front, and not even at an angle. What is the point...
  12. BMX

    What to stack with (boost) an MXR distortion +?

    Looking for ideas for boosting an MXR distortion +. Essentially my rhythm sound will be a distortion plus into a silverface style amp. Should I try a tube screamer? Or an mxr micro amp? Looking for something to kick on for solos. Also do more people have their boost before overdrive so it...
  13. BMX

    Peavey Classic 30 vs Fender supersonic 22 vs??

    Looking for a cheapish 1x12 combo that’s able to do overdrive and light crunch without pedals and without being cranked. Want a grab and go for small gigs that’s easy to adjust on the fly on stage, is cheap enough that I don’t worry about leaving it at a venue overnight. I’m thinking...
  14. BMX

    Looking for thin wall, short length glass slide- does it exist?

    Looking for a thin wall, short length (~51mm) glass slide. Similar to the dunlop 218, but with thin (or medium) wall thickness Instead of heavy/thick. any ideas? Not sure why all the shorter length glass slides are thick ones. I don’t care what brand it is.
  15. BMX

    1x10 Combo that can do Jazz to Stones/Petty? (Not looking for a Princeton)

    Looking for a cool 1x10 combo amp that I'll mostly use for Jazz with a hollowbody but will occasionally use for overdrive-Stones/Tom Petty etc. without pedals. Also needs to have reverb. Any ideas? Not looking for a Princeton. Looking for something cheaper than a Princeton and a little...
  16. BMX

    Princeton Reverb w/12” speaker vs Deluxe Reverb

    Are these amps pretty much the same? I’m talking about for an all a rounder- jazz to crunchy to allman brothers leads, whatever. I’m looking for a 1x12 Combo I can put a Celestion into and use an aiab pedal when needed to crank it. I’ve already got my normal 2x12 rigs, just looking for...
  17. BMX

    Aargh, all my favorite guitarists have terrible singers (themselves)

    I wish the reality/economics were different but all my favorite blues/rock guitarists have decided they want to be Clapton so they do the singing themselves and it’s just not good. I wish there was a model where they could tour and record with a real singer like Derek Trucks does and still...
  18. BMX

    Looper pedal with good battery life?

    I’ve got a digitech jamman looper pedal. It does exactly what I need- very simple layout, easy to use. The only problem is it eats batteries. I have a 9v adapter I can use, but would prefer to find a pedal that’s similar that I could run off of batteries without running out of power so...
  19. BMX

    Same guitar for jazz and rockabilly? (Neck hum, bridge filtertron?)

    I’ve got a big hollowbody L5 style guitar that I’m really digging for jazz. All maple ply I think. Sounds great on the neck humbucker for jazz. I was thinking about getting a traditional alnico II set like Seth Lovers to take it up a notch. But as I’m thinking about it I’m only really going...
  20. BMX

    Does Dimarzio make an Alnico 2 Seth Lover style pickup?

    I'm looking to get a pair of Seth Lover pickups, but just wondering if Dimarzio has started making an alnico 2 Seth Lover style pickup. I've searched in the past and they didn't, wondering if that changed. I'm not interested in 36th anniversaries again (liked them but this set is for a full...
  21. BMX

    Why no 20 watt Hot Rod Deluxe IV?

    I've been looking for a 1x12 combo lately and I like the features of the Hot Rod Deluxe IV (pine cab, 2 channels, effects loop etc.). But I'm already covered in the 40 watt 6L6 space. A 20 watt 6V6 1x12 combo version of the HRD IV would be perfect. It seems like this would be a big seller--...
  22. BMX

    6V6 version of Fender Hot Rod Deluxe? (Doesn't have to be Fender)

    Looking for a 6V6 version of the Hot Rod Deluxe or similar. Not interested in EL84 amps. Essentially want a 1x12 6V6 amp that has 2 channels or at least a drive knob. Also, needs reverb and a footswitch would be nice. Also want to keep this under $500 used (in the $300-$400 price range would...
  23. BMX

    Looking for cheap practice amp for Jazz practice ($25-$35), Fender Frontman 25r?

    I'm looking for a cheap practice amp to leave plugged in. I don't need any bells or whistles--only need clean sounds for working on jazz songs at lowish volume. I've played a Fender Frontman 25r and it would be fine for what I need. Would the other Frontman amps (like the 10g) be as good as...
  24. BMX

    Sold Want to buy Inexpensive Jazz Guitar

    Looking to buy an inexpensive Jazz Guitar (~$300-$500 give or take). Something based on an L-5/ES-175 etc. Not looking for a thinline like an ES-335. Ibanez AF155, Washburn J-6, etc. Let me know what you have and price shipped to Minneapolis.
  25. BMX

    Best Gibson L5 alternative for around $750 used?

    Looking for a jazz box, prefer the rounded cutaway style, deep body, don’t care if it’s neck pickup only or two pickups. What companies and specific models fit this description best? I want a decent guitar, not just a good looking guitar. I checked out the D’Angelico Excel but then I read...