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  1. fridgit

    EVH 5150 Combo Power Soak Feature?

    Honestly I’ve always used my THD Hot Plate with my 50 watt head. Not to get power amp breakup, but the tone does become fuller the higher you turn up the volume, IMHO. I have my volume set at around 9:30-10:00 with my Hot Plate adjusted as needed. I like the sound and feel better with each...
  2. fridgit

    The best of the best of the best lines in songs, EVER

    “You can surrender Without a prayer But never really pray Pray without surrender” “She give me her monkey hand And a rambler sedan I'm the king of Milwaukee Her juju beads are so nice She kissed my third cousin twice I'm the king of Pomona And I've got something to say”
  3. fridgit

    MIDI channel changes for MS-3 to 5153 (MIDI experts please help!)

    Thank you so much again! This totally fixed my issue!!! :dude:dude:dude
  4. fridgit

    MIDI channel changes for MS-3 to 5153 (MIDI experts please help!)

    Thanks! I will try what you suggested. Question (for anyone): when doing a MIDI reset on the 5153, how long do I hold down the button for? Also, do I power up the amp with the standby on or off?
  5. fridgit

    MIDI programming help needed (MS-3 & 5153)

    I’ve actually watched your video! Thank you for replying and helping. I see that you take it out of programming after seeing each channel - I may try this. To answer your questions: 1. Why do you think it's staying on the green channel if the leds are changing colors? Not sure TBH. I’m not...
  6. fridgit

    MIDI programming help needed (MS-3 & 5153)

    I posted this in the Amps & Cabs section and I’m not sure that was the correct place? Mods, I apologize for the double post. Please delete whichever thread is in the wrong spot? Thanks! So, after many internet and TGP searches I am still having issues programming my Boss MS-3 to channel...
  7. fridgit

    MIDI channel changes for MS-3 to 5153 (MIDI experts please help!)

    Hump day bump! Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  8. fridgit

    MIDI channel changes for MS-3 to 5153 (MIDI experts please help!)

    So...... after many internet and TGP searches I am still having issues programming my Boss MS-3 to channel change my EVH 5153 amp. I'm pretty sure it's user error (being a first time MIDI user and all...). I have been attempting to program the channel changes via the instructions provided by...
  9. fridgit

    Did You Ever View a Particular Guitar as Being Completely Out of Your Wheelhouse (no matter the reason) Only to Find That It Played/Sounded Great?

    I just picked up a Dean Z (Eric Peterson model). My first Explorer type guitar and my first Dean, first time EMGs and my only 24.5” scale length guitar. The fit and finish are flawless. The guitar is a little bit on the heavy side (not a bad thing). I didn’t expect to enjoy the EMGs so much...
  10. fridgit

    Mesa ..anything new on the horizon

    A smaller 50 watt Mark V with 6L6s...
  11. fridgit

    Your favorite 6v6 amp?

    I second this. This amp takes drives and fuzzes as well as delays and any modulation effect I’ve thrown at it. I now play mostly at home and the ability to switch it down to 15 Watts is a huge plus. Gigging - no issues keeping up with a hard hitting loud drummer and using the post fx knob as my...
  12. fridgit

    Positive Bogner experience

    They verified that it is ok to substitute the tube and will not hurt the amp. So far not a huge difference tone wise and still feels and sounds great - maybe a little smoother feel? I only had about a half hour playing time with the 12ax7 in V4. I’ll get to play a little more today...
  13. fridgit

    Positive Bogner experience

    Yeah unfortunately the conversation was pretty quick and I didn’t catch his name but he was VERY helpful!
  14. fridgit

    Positive Bogner experience

    Just thought I’d post another positive customer service experience. Called Bogner today to ask a simple question regarding running a 12AX7 in V4 of my Goldfinger 45 (in place of the normal 12AT7 per the manual). I’d been curious about it but was hesitant to call for such a simple question...
  15. fridgit

    Why did albums start to sound so incredibly clean around 1985-1986?

    Great thread! Now I don’t feel so alone! Also, anybody notice the lack of bass on albums around this time? OU812, AJFA...
  16. fridgit

    Most versatile amp you have ever owned

    I've been renting pedals via a local "Pedal of the Month" program here and it's becoming clearer and clearer to me that I can cover a WIDE range of tones with just my stock Ibanez TS-9 and my Bogner Goldfinger 45 (original non-superlead version). I agree with the post about the Fender Mustang...
  17. fridgit

    Iron Maiden - Equipment of the guitarists after 1980

    Wow! Thank you for this wealth of info!
  18. fridgit

    Not so great Guitar Solos which are guilty pleasures anyway.

    One of my favorite Ace solos of all time.
  19. fridgit

    What guitar parts in rock n roll define AC30 "chime"

    This song comes to my mind under the category of AC30 chime. One of my favorite AC30 tones with a little delay (not masking too much of the amp IMHO). Awesome riff too!
  20. fridgit

    Boutique Marshall JTM45 with master & channel volume?

    Oh, plus it’s power switchable from 45-30 watts in full mode and 22-15 watts in half power mode without tonal loss or tonal character changes.
  21. fridgit

    Boutique Marshall JTM45 with master & channel volume?

    My Bogner Goldfinger 45 fulfilled my quest for this. I still use an attenuator - it’s a loud amp but able to cover a lot of Marshall DNA on both channels. Takes every pedal I’ve thrown at it VERY well. I’ve seen them go for ~$1300 on the used market. All IMHO... ;)
  22. fridgit

    GC not accepting coupon codes via phone?

    Thanks - this kinda makes sense. Maybe Boss is a little more lenient with coupons and discounts? IDK... :rolleyes:
  23. fridgit

    GC not accepting coupon codes via phone?

    This is not intended to be a GC bashing thread - just looking for some information. Today I tried to purchase some Fender single coils via the GC website using a coupon code I received via email. When I tried to use the code, the representative told me that Fender is excluded from this coupon...