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  1. warren3333

    NPD: Ground-Breaking, Game-Changing - THE Best Pedal Made Thus Far ???

    A New Way Of Thinking, Playing & Creating ? Every so often in all forms of life, creativity, culture and technology, something comes along which changes how we think and act that is unique. It’s often not always brand new in origination (think the iPod) but a combination of existing ideas made...
  2. warren3333

    UAD OX - Which Monitors Do You Prefer ?

    I had an OX previously and ran it into Genelec 8010s, and loved the sound. Ive since sold them all, amd come full circle (as you do). Which monitors do you favour with the OX ? Thanks in advance.
  3. warren3333

    Audio Kitchen - The Big Trees Review - A Journey Of Autumnal Joy...

    I'm not sure where I first saw The Big Trees; some years ago, I recorded with a band at a studio near Amersham, and it may have been there... wherever it was, I fell in love with the looks of it straight away... I mean, just look at it... it's gorgeous, crazy, simple, beautiful, zany and...
  4. warren3333

    Which Boss OD To Use With My Matchless Nighthawk ??

    I love my Matchless Nighthawk, and have decided to build a small Boss pedalboard. I recently purchased a Analogman Modded GE7 and been amazed at i.) How good it sounds ii.) How versatile it is iii.) how easy Boss pedals are to physically ‘stomp’ on, esp live Ive just purchased a BD2w to try...
  5. warren3333

    Crowther Hotcake XLF - For Guitar ?

    Ive just bought a brand new Hotcake, which is very VERY impressive into my Matchless Nighthawk... I fancy a second one... does anyone know if the Bass version XLF, can be switched inetrnally to be a regular Hotcake ? Thanks in advance.
  6. warren3333

    Show Me Your IKEA Gorm Pedalboards !

    I’m thinking of making one to house my Kemper Stage plus a few choice pedals. I’ve found some old threads, but most are missing photos... Anyone care to share photos of their IKEA Gorm boards ?! Thanks in advance :)
  7. warren3333

    Analogman ARDX20 - Old vs New Shape - Are they the same ?

    Hi all, I miss my old ARDX20. Is the newer flat current model the same as the older rounded ARDX20 ? Will the newer AMAZE1 work with the older rounded model ? Cheers in advance :)
  8. warren3333

    So, GFI Cabzeus Cab Sims vs HX Stomp IRs: Which Are Better ?

    Well, the HX Stomp has well and truly surprised me... I’ve embedded the HX Stomp into my (now mainly ‘live’ focussed rig), and find that some of my effects are now not being used at present (Future Factory, GFI Specular) - even though they are superior ! Im now, with gigs emerging for our...
  9. warren3333

    HX Stomp - How To Run TWO Separate Pedals Through It ?

    Id seen this quote from Matthew at Disaster Area... Id like to place two ‘real’ pedals into the Stomp, and have the ability to move them around in a Stomp preset. How would I set this up ? Thanks in advance.
  10. warren3333

    Carr Mercury V Owners - Best Boost/Headroom Pedals ???

    The Carr Mercury V is, by any standards, an outstanding amplifier. I love mine, and its one of the few amps that work home, rehearsal and live. But like most of us, I wish I could pedal switch the boost options ! Im currently finding on the more OD settings, Im getting lost in the band mix a...
  11. warren3333

    Gigbag For Rickenbacker 330/360WB ???

    Anyone know of one that fits a 330/360WB ? cheers :)
  12. warren3333

    Suhr Alt T Pro - Pickguard - Where Can I Buy One ?

    Ive just bought my first Suhr, an Alt T Pro... A stunning guitar, and instantly a keeper. Anyone know where I can buy a scratchplate/pickguard ? Id like a Tortioseshell one for my Dakota Red model :)
  13. warren3333

    Kemper And UAD Ox... Anyone Used Both Together...???

    Is this possible, and would there be any advantages ?
  14. warren3333

    Music Man Valentine ??? Any Good ?

    Now, Im pretty traditional and my main geetars are two heavy reliced Masterbuilt Strat and Tele, and a Ricky 12 string. Im not a fan of ‘modern’ looking guitars... but... In this months Guitarist, there is a review of the Music Man Valentine. Anyone played one ? Its caught my eye, and Im...
  15. warren3333

    Redplate Amp - Channel Switching Help ?

    So, if I want to channel switch on my CDS2 with say a Helix HX, do I simply just need an adapter ? Is it possible ? Do I need something like this ? Thanks in advance !
  16. warren3333

    Redplate CDS2 - Speaker To Mismatch With V30 ?

    Hi all, I own a Redplate CDS2 which has a V30 fitted. Happy with that, but Im thinking of getting a small 1x12 cab extension. Any ideas of the best mismatch speakers to run alongside it ? Thanks in advance !
  17. warren3333

    CS Tele: Hand Wound Twisted Tele vs HW Nocaster...Help Needed !

    Ok guys, I'm about to buy a Tele again... I'm after some chiming bridge pick ups with plenty output. I played a Postmodern today (which I really liked - PUs and that wonderful RSD bridge) and really liked the pick ups. I do prefer a heavy relic though, and have my eye on a double bond custom...
  18. warren3333

    Strymon Zuma - Can It Double Up ???

    Quick question - can you double up a Puma (like a Voodoo Lab, for example) to power more than 500ma ? I'd like to power a Gigrig G2 (about 650 ma I think) Cheers
  19. warren3333

    EQD Tone Job v2 - Need Some Info...

    So good people, can anyone help me with the following please ? 1.) What are the differences between v1 and v2 ? 2.) Is there a way to physically identify the differences ? 3.) What serial numbers did the v2 start at ? Thanks in advance ? Warren
  20. warren3333

    Johnny Marr Jag: Staytrem or Mastery ?

    Lots of threads I know, but Incoming Jag, and I'd like to know Staytrem or Mastery as an upgrade ? - which is easiest to fit ? - where can I buy one (UK based) ? - which models/spec do I need ? Thanks in advance, Waz
  21. warren3333

    So, Is There An Advantage Of Buying Helix LT Over The Floor Model ?

    Aside from price, of course :) Size wise, they seem pretty close... and the LT does look less cluttered to me. Thoughts ?
  22. warren3333

    Thorpy FX - The Veteran - An Initial Review...

    Background Let me say right from the outset that I'm not a fuzz fan; I played very few I like, and it's not really my genre of music. I tend to go for clean/break up/Tom Petty kinda sounds... I have found that, for my needs, that high power OD/Fuzz pedals often seem to give me the best low...
  23. warren3333

    Line 6 L2T - Any Good ? Work With A Kemper/FX8 ?

    Yes, Im a huge real valve amp fan who has amazingly dipped his toe into the modelling world ! I love my FX8 and have just bought a Kemper Power Head. I am using and enjoying using it with a real 1x12 cab (V30) but Im wondering about a Line 6 L2T ? I owned an Atomic CLR with an AX8, but it...
  24. warren3333

    Ok, Redplate RP50R Head - Which Speakers ?

    Im not new to Redplate, and have a RP50R Head incoming... I'd like a 1x12 and/or maybe a 2x12 cab. Which are your fave speakers for the RP and why ? Also, anyone mismatched the speakers in a 2x12 ? Thanks in advance :)
  25. warren3333

    Fender Princeton Knotty Pine - A Few Questions

    I fancy a Princeton. Love the look on these... 1.) What are the advantages of this particular (12") model over the standard 65 RI ? 2.) What advantage does the 12" speaker have ? Thanks in advance.