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  1. kimos55

    Sold Corndrstone Gladio 2020 Sliver

    Sold Shipped and pp IMG_1774 by Alan, on Flickr
  2. kimos55

    Sold Germino Lead 55 LV RED

    What can I say, I am getting another amp and selling this amp to fund another. SOLD . No trades , as I am funding another amp. I love this amp but I have to get a combo IMG_1411 by Alan, on FlickrIMG_1412 by Alan, on Flickr
  3. kimos55

    What is the best Combo amp for all around gigging clubs

    I play R &B, Blues, Jazz and country, pop and have to be ready to play almost anything, I Just want to get the best all around Combo 1 X 12 . I still gig a lot and am moving in and out of clubs means weight does matter, I have been using a Rivera Venus, She sounds better then my Fender...
  4. kimos55

    Sold Ibanez TS9 Japan 80. Plus shipping or trade for Carbon Copy

    I could use a Carbon Copy Or 80 bucks plus shipping.. I put Velcro on the bottom again. I have had this pedal for a long time on and off of boards IMG_9724 by Alan, on FlickrIMG_9725 by Alan, on FlickrIMG_9726 by Alan, on Flickr
  5. kimos55

    Fractal is discontinuing the AX8 and making a smaller floor unit

    April 2019: The AX8 has been discontinued. We have also announced a new Amp Modeler / Multi-FX pedalboard unit, the FM3. Kinda looks like a HX Stomp
  6. kimos55

    Sold Brand New 1999 Fender Deluxe Strat

    This guitar was in storage since 1999, she is basically new. I took the plastic off the pick guard myself 2 weeks ago and then gave her a test play, I have 5 strats so I am just flipping this beauty...SOLD I adjusted the whammy bar and put new stings on her, plays and sounds great. This is...
  7. kimos55

    All my strats have hummers in the bridge

    Just bought a Stratocaster #4 The bridge pup sounds thin, It’s wired with CS Texas Specials. The bridge pup is direct wired with so that the tone knob is bypassed, it sounds really thin. ( no Balls ) I have never bought a stacked pup, I want to keep the same pick guard, I was thinking Stacked...
  8. kimos55

    Sold Dunlop Echoplex EP-103

    Great Delay with box and power supply like new, with Velcro on bottom Sold IMG_8144 by Alan, on Flickr
  9. kimos55

    Sold Gibson LP Custom Shop GO 60's

    You simply will not find one in better condition. I’ll give it a VERY conservative 8.5/10. If you you look CLOSE, in the right light, you can find some superficial scratches on the back. The top grain is awesome and SUPER clean. It's a 60's profile neck not slim actually perfect. 2800.00...
  10. kimos55

    Sold Shure Wirless in ear system, transmiter, battery pack, and 425's in ear,

    What I a have is,,,a DEAL 300 Shipped and pp. I will post photos leater Shure PSM600 Transmitter Shure P6r HE Receiver, The wire belt clip is bent but it works fine, It's just from a few years of me using it and clipping it on to my belt every night. Shure 425's in ears, I have...
  11. kimos55

    Chickenfoot does Highway Star,,OMG They ROCK

    Anyone know what pedal JOE used for the organ solo?
  12. kimos55

    Sold one control Honey Bee and Wampler Dual Fusion Priced to go

    I have the box too. Includes shipping and pp as usual Honey Bee SOLD Wampler Dual Fusion, SOLD IMG_6412 by Alan, on FlickrIMG_6413 by Alan, on Flickr
  13. kimos55

    Just finished 2.5 years playing full time

    Wow what a ride. Joined a Vegas type show and played my ass off 5-6 nights a week. Last week the show closed, I am back home. WOW. I bought a 5 killer guitars, a new car, and remodeled my house over the past few years. Now I am just home! I need a game plan of what to do next.
  14. kimos55

    Anyone know of a easy tube tester I can use?

    I have 9 amps, I have swapped tubes around but I don't really know how to test my tubes, Anyone know of a good not too expensive tube tester that is easy to understand and use?
  15. kimos55

    Sold Strat plus 700 Shipped and pp

    She is a 90’s USA strat, the tone control is a push pull tone bypass. she has a Duncan PAT 3 in the bridge and Carvin AP11 om the neck and middle, re-fretted by a local Luther, the little T thing that holds the strings in the head-stock is not there, she stays in tune and plays great. Top...
  16. kimos55

    Sold Gibson Les Paul Custom Blackie w COA After this weekend she goes back to my collecton

    She plays so nice and sounds killer. I am going to relist this for XXX Final price drop After this weekend She goes back to my collection. Thanks weevilcaster it has it's scuffs and indentations. But in person to me I would give her an 8.5 condtion if your looking for a good GP deal on a...
  17. kimos55

    Sold Fender pink pasiley FSR Telecaster

    Sold, This is my weekend deal no case Pink Paisley Telecaster MIJ / FSR. Trades would be acoustic guitars. or pedals no amps at this time I will ship her Fed Ex 2nd day air and pack her well. I have shipped lots of guitars. I bought this for an Elvis gig, It is in NEW condition. Just...
  18. kimos55

    Sold Ceriatone OTS

    Great amp, Ceriatone OTS $850. pp, Free Shipping , 50/25 Works as she should, KILLER AMP. Of course I have the foot-switch. I will put the word Dumble clone as this is Nic's verson of a Dumble amp thumbnail-1 by Alan, on Flickrthumbnail by Alan, on Flickr
  19. kimos55

    Sold Fender 60th USA FSR GOLD STRAT, priced to move

    Fender USA fender special Run 60th anniversary American Strat, GOLDIE, $700 + pp fees and Shipping, No Case. I am an expert at shipping guitars. I can use US mail or Fed Ex your choice, I will pack her very well. She is just sitting around along with 15 other guitars. Ha ha. For me I just...
  20. kimos55

    Sold Fender Eric Johnson loaded pickguard 175.00 or trade

    IMG_4536 2 by Alan, on Flickr Trade value is 240 what I paid for it, Cash value 175.00 Not really sure what I am looking for as far as pedals, But hit me up if your interested
  21. kimos55

    Sold Fender Eric Johnson loaded pickguard 175.00

    Trade value 240. Cash Value 175.00 I took the plastic off the pick guard. Gear Page price pp and shipped IMG_4536 2 by Alan, on Flickr
  22. kimos55

    Brad Pasley Road Worn Telecaster

    Anyone getting this at full pop? It is a Mexican teli, I love the color it is just the price is 1199.00 Any thoughts
  23. kimos55

    Just changed my speaker to a 72 Rola Celestion, WOW!

    I am always trying to improve my sound and get the best tone out of my amps. I started playing a few small gigs with 2 Blues Jr's . Last Sunday I played with a louder band in a bigger club and I noticed that they were a bit mid-range box sounding cranked up. Yesterday I pulled the...
  24. kimos55

    Ear Protecton, using in ears and loud stage volumes, Help!!

    For the past 2 years I have been playing with very loud stage volumes 5 sometimes 6 nights a week. I use in ears, between stage volumes and my in ears, my ears are starting to feel the effects and I am going to be screwed if I don't change something soon. I am using Shure in ears with a...
  25. kimos55

    Pedal board size, any thoughts?

    HERE IS WHAT I THINK I AM GOING FOR, I have had huge pedal boards in the past. For the last 6 years I have had anywhere up to 14 pedals on my boards. I always change pedals over time depending on the band or project I am working on. I need to finally make the ideal board that works for...