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  1. cygnusx1

    Creamback 65's vs Creamback Alnico's

    So I landed a set of Alnico's for short money. I wired them up tonight and did the A/B Test. I do like the Alnico's for sure as the nuances are a bit more balanced, and the highs are not as pronounced, but am honestly wondering if the extra money is really worth it? I still have to play in a...
  2. cygnusx1

    Brown Protein vs king tone duelist

    Hey guys. So, Iam on the Brown wait list but have recently also started being curious about the Duelist. Being that I play out of a JTM45 platform, sometimes pedals that kill it on a fender style platform, do not on a Marshall style. Does any one have any real world input or thoughts on these 2...
  3. cygnusx1

    GFI Specular reverb v3

    So I have tried so many verb pedals over the years. I just got this after hearing my friends. It is perfect! It sounds like real reverberation. Though I never owned a strymon product, all the others had something in the tone that was just not right for me. I have a lot of tweaking time to spend...
  4. cygnusx1

    amp recommendations

    Hey there my bass people! I am looking for a rig for my jam set up. I love old swr 4x10 goliath cabs. also love gallien krueger 700 and 800rb's. It's been a while since I was in the loop for bass gear. We play at a good volume and I want tight, defined, warm tone. Any suggestions past what I...
  5. cygnusx1

    Good amp kits?

    So I want to build a 50 watt twin head. Are there any kits out there better than others? I will buy my own glass. Don’t need speakers. Anyone have any experience?
  6. cygnusx1

    Pedal board effects that are useful, no OD's please

    So I have re thought the whole pedal board thing over the last year. I have stream lined down to 3 OD's. I am now focusing on actual effects. I have phase, leslie, delay, mutron. Buying a specular reveb V3. what else is actually useable without being a novelty you use like once a year etc...
  7. cygnusx1

    New Zappa docu on youtube.

    Fantastic watch about the man and who he was. just barely scratching the surface of his body of work, but its focused on him and his career. Worth the 6.99.
  8. cygnusx1

    JHS Youtube reviews of amazon pedals

    Just watched the video and it was pretty cool to see his take on it. Not taking a side and trying to do an honest understanding and assessment of them and whether or not its good for the overall pedal business. Nice to see something like that in such a ploarized world we live in now.
  9. cygnusx1

    Logic 9 Issues with sierra 10.12.6

    So up until a week ago, Logic was working. Now there is an erro message saying cannot boot etc. My mac is running sierra 10.12.6. My copy of Logic is obviously older. Does anyone know if I can pull the logic program off this computer and put onto say an older one running older software? I really...
  10. cygnusx1


    Anyone still using these? I remember when they were the latest greatest thing.
  11. cygnusx1

    Its official, I'm famous! yep this is me and they got it wrong. It wasn't a demand more of a please don't let a 3 ring circus happen and I also included Wolf! I can't stand tributes with a million guitar...
  12. cygnusx1


    Hey guys, so my Artinger I installed Klein PAF's and just love em. I have another brand single coil in the middle but the output is just too low. I love the Tone. Think Jerry Garcia's Tennessee Jed. It's got some nice midrange growl but remains clear. Soooo, I don't want to loose this tone and...
  13. cygnusx1


    So, I have used Kleins in different builds over time. Single coils, humbuckers etc. I recently swapped a set of P.A.F's in my main guitar for my set of Klein P.A.F's that I had kicking around in an Ibanez artcore. Like the rest of us, I am always listening and deciding whether I am happy with my...
  14. cygnusx1


    like the rest of y'all, I'm always poking around checking stuff out. Saw these on Stew Mac. Anyone ever use them? vids had some decent sounds. Just curious as they are dirt cheap in comparison.
  15. cygnusx1


    Ok, so I am curious. What is everyone using these days that still plays an amp? 1x12, 2x12, etc. I am partial to 2x12 for the tone I get. Love to use a 1x12" for ease of use and weight, but it just lacks so much dimension for me. Anybody?
  16. cygnusx1

    Compliment of the day!

    So I had practice tonight at church, I play there as well as outside too. I got to play with a drummer tonight that I have been dying to play with. Great player and all around nice guy. After practice he came up to me and said, "you have great tone and I can tell you have put time into it. You...
  17. cygnusx1

    Jimmy page wiring?

    So I am going to wire up my own because I want to. I can buy the pre-made one sure, but this is more fun. So here are 2 diagrams. Which one would you use? They have subtle differences.
  18. cygnusx1

    Pettyjohn Iron MKII

    Anyone have any experience with this? I have watched some videos and like the what I hear. I currently use a jtm 45 based set up. Most vids seems to be using fender based amps. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  19. cygnusx1

    Pedals like keeley caverns v2

    I am really digging the demos on this pedal. Curious if anyone else has something similar to compare it with. Like to see what else is out there.
  20. cygnusx1

    Finally doing it!

    I have finally started downsizing my drive pedal collection. Listed 4 on reverb sold 2 already and got good money for them. Feels great! I realized I had to many options that basically were variations on each other. My pedal board has now been re-organized for effects. It's a wonderful thing. I...
  21. cygnusx1

    listing an item on reverb

    Has anyone noticed as soon as you list an item on reverb, there is immediately someone watching it? I listed 4 pedals today and all 4 had this as well as the "someone has it in there basket predicted to sell soon" thing. And yes, before this becomes another bashing content thread about fee's or...
  22. cygnusx1

    Reverb Listings For Smae Items Way Different Pricing

    So a while ago I bought a Jimmy page wiring set up. Pre wired, soldered etc. for my les paul. It was $89 has bournes pots, blah blah blah. I need another one for a project and man!!! There are so many out there that are exactly alike and the prices are all over the map. What gives?
  23. cygnusx1

    Humbucker Neck Pickup Orientation

    So over the years, most neck humbuckers via a Les paul, 335 etc, no matter who makes them and what the circuit layout, always have a bit too much bass to them for me. Height adjust, etc. so months ago on my les paul, I turned it around like Peter Greens. Problem solved! It became so balanced...
  24. cygnusx1

    Speaker help

    Hey guys. As always, keep trying new things. I have a jtm45 that I play out of an avatar vintage 2x12. I actually have 2 of them. One has 2 creamback 65's the other has a creamback 65 with a vintage 30. Both 8 ohm cbas. I am feeling the need to try out alnico. So what ones have people used...
  25. cygnusx1

    The dirty guv'nahs

    best sounding straight ahead rock I have heard in quite some time. Anyone else dig em?