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    Small Rack Mixer: Alesis Multimix 12r vs Behringer RX1202FX

    On the more expensive side, Ashly might be an option. I couldn't afford it so I'm using a used Kawai rack mixer I found on ebay. Here is a link to the Ashly at Sweetwater:
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    Yamaha MSP3

    Looking for small powered monitors for around $300 or so and was considering these. Anybody have any experience with them? Recommendable? Alternatives? Thanks.
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    Laptop users (Garageband, Reaper, etc.) - what are you using for a audio interface?

    I'm also using the Apogee Duet, which seems pretty great, but I haven't compared this to anything else, and probably won't since I'm perfectly OK with the Duet.
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    Speaker Simulators???

    I recently was researching this, and wound up getting the PDI-03. It, to me, sounds good, and seems to capture the basic qualities of the amps I'm using through it (Clark Beaufort and a Princeton Reverb), but not exactly like the real deal through the speaker, but still sounds good IMHO. For...
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    SDC's? What are you guys using?

    Just wanted to thank everybody for taking the time to provide comments. Sorry for not being more clear on context, intent and style - I guess I was looking for input on an all-rounder in a home recording context that could cover solo stuff, fingerpicking, strumming in busy mixes, etc., and...
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    SDC's? What are you guys using?

    Thanks everybody for your replies and input. I suppose what I'm looking for most is something that is accurate and natural, something that best captures what I'm hearing without much exageration. Based on the descriptions above, maybe the Oktava is where it's at. I also hear that the Shure...
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    SDC's? What are you guys using?

    Hoping for thoughts on small diaphragm condensor microphones for acoustic guitar applications for home studio - the guitar is a Gruhn 0000-18. Wondering about a pair in the $700 to $1000 price range. There is a pair of AKG 451b's in the emporium that seem nice (I can actually get a new pair...
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    Good Rack Mount Mixer

    This looks great - I'll check this out - thanks for the suggestion !!
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    Good Rack Mount Mixer

    Looking for a good quality rack mount mixer as an upgrade to a Kawai MX-8R mixer possibly with 1/4" or xlr inputs, aux sends, headphone output and maybe 2u to 4u. I really like the features on the Kawai, but just wondering if any better options were available. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Mixer on 500-600 budget.

    Yeah, I also had a 16x2 for a long time with no problems - a very good sounding board. Wish I never sold it.
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    Tascam Portastudios

    Agree on the new digital portastudios - I have the DP-004 (should have waited for the DP-008), and the interface, as TNO notes, is similar to the old cassette models. File/song management is a bit of a challenge for me, but it's pretty easy to use and the process is similar to the old ones.
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    2010 Recording Gear Christmas List

    I want a Lunchbox full of good stuff.
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    easy to use multi trak recorder

    I'm using a Tascam DP-04 to record ideas - it's easy to use like the old cassette-based porta tracks. I just wish the screen was back-lit - I think the DP-08 is.
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    Small, Compact but High-Quality Mixer

    How about the Soundcraft stuff? Not sure. I'm interested in this as well. I heard that the Zed's were not that great, which is a too bad since I once had a Mix Wizard that I thought was pretty good.
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    How I Recorded My First Two Records

    Yeah, I also started on a Tascam 02 - that fuzz was awesome. The Tascam was so easy to use, I wrote so many songs on that thing, and then, for some reason started to focus more on GAS rather than writing. Now, just using the new little digital Tascam 4 track (dp004? forgot the model number) to...
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    Tascam's DP-004 4 track for putting down quick ideas?

    Dr. Tweedbucket - I edited my original post, but yeah, it should be good to catch whatever it is that's happening at that moment. Very easy to use, just have to manage the internal mic sensitivity (low/mid/high - I think) and it should be OK. Yeah, let us know what you think after you have a...
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    Tascam's DP-004 4 track for putting down quick ideas?

    I'm not sure what kind of quality you guys are looking for, but I find it to be pretty decent for recording quick ideas. The quality with the internal mics is not that bad, not super great, but pretty good - probably better than your Panasonic because the mics are reasonably detailed, if not...
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    Boss Micro BR Digital Recorder

    I thought about getting the Boss, mostly for recording ideas on a four track at home, but I finally went with the Tascam DP-004 because it seemed easier to use - like the old portastudios. The Tascam is really easy to use, for sure, and the quality, I think, is pretty good. You can export the...
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    Basic Home Recorder

    Was going to suggest the Tascam DP-004, which I just got and think is pretty great. Has internal mics of pretty good quality and can export WAV files. And then you got the multitrack to add more stuff if you like. Its also super easy to use, like the old portastudios, and the quality of the...