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  1. Nonvintage

    Delay Pedal For Lead Guitar

    Mainly playing old school Rock/Blues with a Princeton, Deluxe or Super Reverb amp. Clean boost used are EP or RC Boost. What delay pedal will broaden my lead tone and what settings should I try? Thanks.
  2. Nonvintage

    My 1x12 Cabinet needs a Cheap Tube Amp Head

    Recommendations under $250 appreciated. It will be used in a 5 piece Blues Band. It needs to be as loud as a Deluxe reverb amp.
  3. Nonvintage

    3rd Power Clean Sink, Giggable?

    I've had this amp for about 3 months now and it's really growing on me, especially with my R8.
  4. Nonvintage

    Broadcaster 0084 at Norman's

    Thought I'd post this. Saw a video of this guitar which was photographed by Leo and used in the first Broadcaster/Telecaster advertisement. Someone just bought it. I don't know who. It has a very specific grain pattern. Can someone please post the link?
  5. Nonvintage

    Larry Campbell vs. Mike Campbell

    Two great ones betcha can't pick one.
  6. Nonvintage

    Amp Sounds Great

    But will it be compromised? I have a matched set of 6V6GT tubes that were in my 1970 SF Deluxe Reverb Amp. They are one gray smoked bottle RCA 6V6GT and an older EH 6V6GT, they were biased at 417 PV @ both are @ 26ma in my Deluxe. I have a new amp that came with JJ 6V6 tubes that the...
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    Speaker Sensitivity Question

    How much clean headroom would I get going from a 25 watt WGS 12" Green Beret speaker at 99.6 sensitivity to an 50 watt Eminence GB128 speaker with a sensitivity rating of 101.3. Also the Green Beret is too dark sounding. The amps is approx. 22 watts.
  8. Nonvintage

    WGS Green Beret vs. Celestion Ruby, Gold or Cream

    I just bought a 3rd Power Clean Sink. It comes stock with the WGS. I'm wondering how much more clean headroom I'd get with any of these Celestions. I love the Blue in my SF Princeton Reverb amp.
  9. Nonvintage

    NAD 3rd Power Clean Sink

    I just got this today. Not sure I'll keep it. Has cotton stuffing with preamp tubes in the tube shields. Is this a common precaution with shipping?
  10. Nonvintage

    Fender Dave's Guitar Shop Limited Edition 1962 Reissue Stratocaster - Vintage Blond

    Looks like a Dave Alvin Tribute Strat. Nice specs.
  11. Nonvintage

    Fender Custom Color Gas

    I'm jonesing bad for a 62 Sherwood Green Strat that looks like Lake Placid Blue that has yellowed.
  12. Nonvintage

    Louis Electric Columbia Reverb Amp

    I have a bad back, is it really 30lbs?
  13. Nonvintage

    Has anyone compared a Morgan PR12 with a Louis Electric Columbia?

    I tried a PR12 and thought it sounded like a louder warmer Princeton Reverb. But I've never had the pleasure of trying a LE Columbia. Thoughts????
  14. Nonvintage

    Fender Custom Shop Body with Crafted in Japan Neck

    I'm thinking of buying a 2 tone Sunburst body to pair with my CIJ 54 Strat neck. The CIJ body sounds good but has been given the steel wool treatment to give it a relic (not by me) look. It maybe could be buffed out, but the grain is non existent. The Custom shop body is 2 tone chocolate...
  15. Nonvintage

    JD Newell, Is He Still Making Cabinets?

    I'm considering a lighter cabinet for a Peavey Solo Series Bandit 65.
  16. Nonvintage

    How good your guitar is has nothing to do with it's value!

    I have a great playing refin 63 Tele that's now worth less than a Danocaster T Style!!! Not that I'm selling.
  17. Nonvintage

    54 Strat finish question?

    I bought a 1996 crafted in Japan ST54 2 tone Sunburst Strat. The previous owner, when trying to relic it used what looks like steel wool to dull the finish. Is there any compound I can use the remove the scratches?
  18. Nonvintage

    Question for DiPa

    You seem to have a few similar IMHO sounding amps. A 64 HW Deluxe Reverb and a Louis Electric Deltone or Columbia (I'm not sure which). I have a 70 SFDR with a GASC64 speaker. How would you compare the HW and Louis Electric amps to a vintage DR amp? TIA for your help.
  19. Nonvintage


    I have a soft spot for Fiesta Red. So I pulled the trigger for a new Fender '60s Classic Lacquer Stratocaster. I'm partial to RWRP middle pickups so I had the magnet on the middle pickups reversed and copper shielded the pick guard to buck the hum in positions 2&4. Sounds great with my DR, PR...
  20. Nonvintage

    2018 '60s Classic Lacquer Strat Fiesta Red

    Does anyone have one? Thoughts?
  21. Nonvintage

    David Holt - Perpetual Motion

    What a great record. Incredible songwriting and playing. And sublime harmonies to top it off. Damn!
  22. Nonvintage

    Rare Combo Amp

    I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard a V2 Lindy Fralin Amp with a 12" speaker?
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    '63 Tele Refin broken down by Vintage Dealer

    Well it was picked apart bit by bit. I get the feeling if it was for sale by the dealer it would be a different story. Anyways, it's 6.5 lbs sounds great and won't be for sale while I'm alive. LOL
  24. Nonvintage

    Speaker Break In

    I bought a Eminence GASC64 12" speaker for my '69 Deluxe reverb amp. Right out of the box it sounded very good. It's been in the amp for about 6 months now and I noticed damn this amp sounds so big and full now. I guess the speaker is fully broke in now. Thanks to the many recommendations for...
  25. Nonvintage

    Eternity Burst, Soul Driven & Timmy. Which one?

    I'm kind of leaning towards the Eternity Burst. I wonder if there is much difference between the PCB and the Handwired? I have Fender Reverb Amps for base tone and use an EP boost on all the time. I also have an Archer Silver and a Spark Mini. I'm looking for a little more grit and chime but...